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cyberpunk food

I need to broaden my horizons.

What are some new dishes I should try??
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japan culture mixed with other culture and other media

I see how weird this can get .
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Cyberpunk Food, Lifestyle

It's an established fact that the botnet wants us to starve, and with even pizza being non-free it's hard for a cyberpunk to sustain his/herself in the meatspace. You can't survive on stims alone, and traditional food is just a waste of time.

So how do cyberpunks get their calories?
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Would anyone be down to create a Lain/cyberpunk themed chatroom-website?
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/fa/ Thread

>/cult/ - culture and media
>anime. fashion. film. games. lifestyle. literature. music.

Can we get a schway /fa/shion thread rolling ?
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Favourite audiovisual cyberpunk works.

Hi, how about sharing your prefered cyberpunk audiovisual works (series, animes, movies, ovas, etc) and the works that you think deserve more love? Present Day, Present Time! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I'm intrested in knowing which are most poppular, and… who knows, maybe discover new hiden gems.

I'm not going to post my favourites in the OP to avoid conditioning the answers.
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Passionate pyromaniac works

Anyone here know of works where a pyromaniac passionately expresses their love for fire? Can be anything, a poem, a music video etc
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Video games

What video games are my fellow Alicesotians playing now? I'm currently on this game called Chaser( It's a decent FPS, but the voice acting is subpar. There are a lot of weapons in the game and with some guns you get an alternative firing mode(such as having a nade launcher on the FAMAS). Level design is okay, not the best, but it's nothing I can complain about. The story line I just have no clue what is going on at this current moment because I'm a quarter of the way in, but it starts off with you discovering you've lost your memories when you wake up on a space station and it's being attacked. The thing you will notice when you start playing is that this is a sci-fi video game that uses real life modern weapons.

If you're a fan of late 90s/early 00s FPS games I could recommend this if you get this cheap(and need something to hold you over till you play/get a better game). Keep in mind that I'm currently still playing the game and have not reach the ending yet. According to howlongtobeat( this game is averaging at around 15-18 hours.
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I first learned how to play xiangqi (Chinese chess) and didn't learn "mainstream" chess until a couple years later. Once you learn the rules of one type of chess, learning another version of chess isn't hard—but getting good at it is very difficult, since playing strategies vary across the different versions. I'm still a piece of literal soykaf when it comes to playing, since I rarely ever play. (I do wish to start playing more often, though.)

Does Alice play chess? What kind of chess? For how long have you played?
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until /lit/ is a thing can we post books?
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Runescape Thread`

Anybody here play Runescape? Specifically OSRS? RS3 is acceptable as well, but I've personally never played it.
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Japanese Youtube has permeated into the international scene with the popularity of virtual youtubers. This thread is about the discussion and appreciation for our vlogging digital idols.

>What is a virtual Youtuber?

Virtual Youtubers are content creators that hide behind personas, often using animations and body rigging software to control 3D models.

>Why are they significant to our culture?

Depicted in many cyberpunk movies, novels, TV shows, and artworks. The use of virtual idols to sport advertisements and to use as personal assistants is a common theme. The rise of virtual Youtubers is a step in the right direction for character assistants to become popular.

>Where can I keep up to date and find new Youtubers?
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Kyoani was set on fire today and a lot of people are dead or injured.
Here is the fundraiser to help them recover.
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What do you think of Malice@Doll?

Hey there arisu chan, have you seen Malice@Doll? Its pretty good and written by the same guy as SEL, also shares a few themes as well.
If you haven't seen it, it's on YouTube and only three episodes so no excuses…
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SHARETHREAD - Let me introduce you to...

- Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, year of release, cover art, the file type (v0, 320 mp3, FLAC, etc), short description, YouTube sample, link)
- Send thanks if you have downloaded something to let them know they did a good thing
- Soulseek / rutracker are your friends, too - just don't argue in this thread about it

>I have a request! Did I…
- Share something first?
- Google "blogspot + artist name + album name"


I'll start off this thread by sharing something and give you an example of the format this thread ideally will follow… (apologies in advance for using Youtube)

813 - Dusty Bubbles (2011) (320 mp3)
>spacey electronic
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Audio interfaces?

I've been experimenting with home recording music for a while, I've been using a very old cheap 1/4" to USB on my laptop. Personally I don't like my recorded music partially to the loads of interference my setup generates.
It's time to upgrade my caveman rig and start off right with an audio interface for solo home recording. I've done some research and I read the pictured interface is pretty much the way to go but what are your opinions and recommendations for an audio interface?
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wired sound, for wired people

does anybody know the original track's name?
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website dedicated to Hackers (1995)

Holy fuck this is so cool. I thought the fandom was too sparse to create something as awesome as this.
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Flyer Thread

ITT: Drop event flyers. Adding a short description of what to expect music genre wise is a good thing, too.

On pic related:

>Are you tired of mainstream? You want to go outside and break all the rules? Does heavy experimental sound like Drum 'n' Bass, Jungle, Hard DnB, Breakcore make your heart beat faster?

>If you answered these questions with 'yes', then you are right here.

>Come join us when the system gets fractured!

>We all deserve some high quality music to escape the world for a little moment - this is exactly what we want. All that in an amazing, dark atmospheric location called Arena Club, accompanied by a massive, high-resolution d&b audiotechnik soundsystem.

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All About Lily Chou-Chou

have any of you seen this film? what are your thoughts? if you haven't, it's on kissasian currently. I feel like you all would like it, since Lily is comparable to Lain in a way.

I've been listening to the OST pretty frequently after watching it, and i appreciate the effort that went into the soundtrack, and making sure Lily actually had a discography of her own.
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Can we do sharethreads here? I'm not sure if that's against the rules.
Normally I'd go to 4chin's /mu/ via, but it'd be nice to have a designated space that's, y'know… not 4chan.
The format that's used on /mu/ is nice, though. It's very organized, and things are normally shared via, so there's no need to torrent.

Is that something we can do here?
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What happened to einchan?
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Primitivism vs. Trans-Humanism

What does technology have to offer society as a whole, and can a trans-humanist utopia be achieved without corporate oligarchs dominating the world? On the other end is there any sense in rejecting what we have already built in favour of regression? Can the mass death of that process also be justified? Let's debate!
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http://clockwise3rldkgu.onion/index.php - Clockwise (supports ODPS! seems to be undergoing maintenance)
http://xfmro77i3lixucja.onion/ - Imperial Library of Trantor (appears to be undergoing maintenance)
http://c3jemx2ube5v5zpg.onion/ - Hidden book club (currently down) - Library Genesis (Tor users may have issues downloading because of a per-IP download limit)

So I guess this list isn't that helpful at the time of posting, but yesterday and for the past year everything has been up so hopefully it will all be back soon.

If you haven't read the foundation series by Isaac Asimov yet drop everything and do that right now.

(rebooting this thread on the new and responsibly run Lainchan, this is really sleek guys.)
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It looks stupid. It's goofy. The shadows on his belly were obviously made by a guy who never colorized anything in his life before. From what we hear, it's bad design "on purpose", it's a show of irreverence. Just like not washing oneself is social irreverence. It's public autism.
What's the point of even making a mascot if it's done by people who don't understand what are the purpose of mascots. Why are those ugly, stupid FOSS mascots even a thing?
Where will the worldview of people who believe in ironic ugliness lead us?
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//An Audio-Visual Event//


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Let's All (not) Love Lain
I saw this very interesting video about Lain and how by unironically worshipping, making a meme out of Lain, and projecting whatever they want onto her, the internet completely misses the point of the show and does her character a disservice. Bascially the video criticizes sites like this for seeing Lain and a complete disconnect from the real world as something to strive for. Because humans are only capable of perseriving our own internalized world, we need to be tied down to the real world to be happy because excessive use of technology seperates people from this tether and leaves us in a ditached void,. Therefore, the internet should be used as a tool and nothing else.

While I don't know if this video is right about the "true" message of the show, and I disagree with its conclusions about technological development, I do have to say they're right about people projecting whatever they want on Lain for the sake of escapism. Look at systemspace and its copy-cats.
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Requesting radio/podcast about /sec /tech /diy /pr /sci or other cyberpunk with female DJ and calls from midnight paranoidal lunatics.
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William S. Burroughs

I think he's a cyberpunk, albeit an analog one.

New book, The Revised Boy Scout Manual.

Cutup Machine if you want to play along at home:

Fun fact: he wrote a screenplay treatment for Alan E. Nourse's book The Bladerunner. The title got transferred to the adaptation of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

Language is a virus.
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Cyber vs Punk

A lot of cyberpunk franchises suffer from having too much Cyber and not enough Punk. Is there a spectrum of how much Cyber or Punk a cyberpunk book, movie, tv show, or video game is? Cyberpunk 2020 is more Punk than Cyber, SEL is more balanced between Cyber and Punk, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the modern Deus Ex games are a bit too much Cyber and not enough Punk.
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Twilight (Bôa album)
For those of you unfamiliar the theme song for SEL came from this album. If you have not listened to it already I recommend it. It is actually pretty great all around.

R: 4 / I: 1

aliases (buy) in Malaysia. Contact me if you have what I need. I have what you need.
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The countdown is finally over
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morality and how we should handle other humans.

So, I'm guessing that most alice' aren't normal people and I'm not either, so I was wondering about how your personal sense of morality and ethics stack against the rest of wider society.
What is the morally correct way to interact? is it alright to do certain things? should morality be disregarded entirely? etc. I'm mostly interested in whether there are things you believe in or disregard that contradict societaly norms and stuff like that! Also, does the whole "we are all connected in the wired" thing ever really affect your choices?
relatively new user, thanks 4 listening.
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Rumi's mistical poetry

no one exists in this world
except for one
nothing is ugly or beautiful
known or unknown
but merely that one
every arrow launched
is from the same bow
every word uttered
is from the same tongue
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Cyber Vidya

Hello there, Alice, a rather new poster on this site and I will hopefully stay here for long. Anyways, what kind of cyber video games could you recommend to me? I'll give some suggestions while you polish your gems:
Shadowrun (SNES & SEGA)
Shadowrun Hong Kong
Neocron (Multiplayer)
Deus Ex
System Shock
NeoTokyo (Fun with friends)
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Digital Hardcore thread!

The most cyberpunk music genre off all (maybe? idk).

It's a kinda forgotten genre actually. Usually it receives the 'nu-metal' treatment, for being soykaf music for edgy teens, skidies, etc.
Besides that I think it's one of the best electronic music genres. Atari Teenage Riot is great, their solo works has lots of variety also. Christoph De Babalon is a DnB god, releasing solid stuff almost every year. Shizuo is a breakcore classic. And still from DHR label we have lots of underrated goodstuff like Curse of the Golden Vampire and Sonic Subjunkies.

Outside the DHR label, I recommend the japanese label Fujimi Industry Records (very good DH and also gabber, speedcore and experimental stuff) and the band Machine Girl (best punk band of the 21st century IMO).

Does Alice like some Digital Hardcore? Any recommendations?
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Old Papers

Hey guys, I recently stumbled upon a collection (a rather large one) of old papers. They're sorted into three categories in large manila folders: Spirit, Machine and Synthesis (as titled on their collective folders).

The Machine one in particular intrigues me, it's the designs for what appears to be a computer, circa ~1980's, but has some weird features. For starters, it doesn't use any processor I can identify, and some of the documents appear to describe what I believe to be the CPU. It's got a lot of modernish features like a significantly reduced instruction set, and deep pipelining. I can't seem to find any reference to any of this online anywhere, it seems to be original work.

The Spirit collection appears to be a translation of Buddhist-esque writings, talking about rebirth, nirvana and some conception of the soul. I've yet to venture deeply into these documents, they seem very lofty and esoteric.

The Synthesis collection is just strange, I have no way to describe it. It bounces from computer code (resembling LISP, although I can say with confidence it isn't any LISP I've ever seen) to koans and back again.

These documents are all visually degraded with age, some of the text is faded, some pages are water damaged, overall just a strange old collection. My initial hypothesis is some buddhist-leaning programmer or system engineer devised all of this material, but to what end I don't know. A lot of it is vague, yet intricate. The designs and code in particular appear to be robust on their face (I have some background in computer science, although a lot of this does admittedly go over my head), while the spirit texts seem coherent and intelligent. I should note I'm only basing my observation that it is intended to be "spiritual" based on what is written on the folders that contain these texts, rather than merely their content; there may be something more to it that I'm simply missing out of having not read them all yet.

All in all, the collection is in a rather large file box, it takes up an entire shelf now on my book case.

I think I'll begin transcribing the documents for publication, and I might try my hand at working out and writing an emulator for this mysterious machine. There's no disks or any kind of digital copy of anything, so I'll likely take some time for either project to bear fruit.

Would other Lains be interested in this sort of content if I were to publish it?
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How does work? (does it?)
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Tool & Progressive metal thread

Tool & Progressive metal thread.

Your thoughts on Tool's effect on current progressive metal and the music industry in general?

I personally think that the band brought to light a new genre and paved a path of music defined by the theme and aesthetic of Alex Grey's psychedelic and out of body art and dark / deep narratives pushed lyrically and musically. These combined created an amazing blend of emotional while still upbeat progressive metal.

They also do very well with album composition, such as the difference between Lateralus and 10000 Days. Where 10000 days covers and narrates dark and more serious themes, Lateralus covers lighter topics, and Aenima is just crazy all around. Maynard keeps such a good balance of humor and intelligence while keeping the albums melodic.

Tool is a band where you don't listen to just one song, but more so entire albums to thoroughly enjoy the work of Maynard and the band.

Although very popular and lyrically dissected by everyone, I think Stinkfist is a great song that can seen relating to a cyberpunk theme. Myself and maybe others somewhat have an addiction to the cyber world, something we need more of.
"It's not enough. I need more. Nothing seems to satisfy." and "I can help you change tired moments into pleasure. Say the word and we'll be well upon our way." we find our escapes here, away from the real world. The internet and the culture of cyberpunk shows "love" to us and changes our weary, bored moments into something meaningful or pleasurable to us.

What are some bands and favorite songs of yours that relate similarly to this genre or theme?
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Dub are you?

Pull up, pull up jah man! Nice technology you got here, but a man still no free?! Dem sound here make you nice! Dem sounds that hail from Jamaica, heave dub, mellow roots. Wicked contrast and still as relevant, boom! Alice, you dancing along?
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music piracy

where do you get your music from?
im looking for a libgen but for music
R: 8 / I: 14

Anime charts by year

I don't remember exactly where I've found those, but some of us may find them interesting. Covering the 90s and some of the 00s.
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Linux Games

Linux users, what games have you been playing lately?

I've just got Hover, which is a nice Jet Set Radio clone. Pretty fun and well made. Also been playing some Kerbal.

Wish I could find a good space sim along the lines of Elite. Suppose I could play a modded out Freespace for the millionth time. Anyone have any good finds?
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FOSS Halo 3 Clone, Launching 4/20

Beginning to go viral a bit I saw today, looks really awesome and has a lot of people rooting for it's success and a decent community.
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Wild star is shutting down

If you're like me then you've never heard of this MMO before, but the greedy publisher is no one knows whether fans will be able to emulate it. But it has very creative art as you would expect after millions of dollars were spent on it, and so I have decided to make a new account and wander around it a bit before it dies. I'm not even level 10 right now and the servers are empty. Anyone else interested in playing it?
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Requesting music after 2000's with '''lyrics''' about tech, science, cyberpunk, nerds in general. I already checked NASA and CERN-related channels.
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Break the Border

Apparently some guys make a 98 Page Lain Fan Art Book, check it out here:

>The memorial fan art book for serial experiments lain 20th anniversary, "BREAK THE BORDER" includes the lots of great fan arts, the comments from special guests and the event report which are gathered for the unofficial fan event "club cyberia" held on July 7th, 2018.

>The essence of "serial experiments lain 20th" is in this book.

>full color 98 pages, B5 size

>The shipping date will be the middle of February 2019.
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The All-Embracing Library

Size 177.96GB. I dare to say contains among the best books of their fields and are supposed not to repeat. It is a extremely well ordered collection by topic, and if you compare the size you soon see its value. Topics range from mathematics, physics, psychology, self improvement, survivalism, the best science fiction and fantasy literature, comics, magazines, and more. Magazines takes about 75 GB and there are many youtube videos, documentaries and conferences so you can exclude these if you want to. All books combined takes about 40 GB or so. But i really recommend downloading other stuff too since you can't really find it somewhere else easily. Did I mention is well sorted and contains only the best books?


It has only one seeder left right now. Used to be many more months ago. Would you kindly share this torrent on places like demonoid, piratebay and other imageboards too? That would be good.
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Currently Reading

What are you lainons reading right now? I'm currently reading through the Dune series right now.
R: 5 / I: 1

Cozy Songs

Lets share our most cozy musics

This one is turkish and cover of a popular song:
R: 21 / I: 3
Is Alice a Lost Future by herself, thrown into this present? She's closing herself from contemporary mainstream influence while her own culture and behavior seems more based off what she saw from older media.
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Yoshitoshi ABe Interview

Yoѕhitoshi ABe Interview:

They talk about his recent works as well as how he got into the industry and what inspired him, of course there are some lain bits too. Haven't seen this being discussed anywhere yet on our imageboard so please check this out if you haven't seen it yet. Also please excuse me circumventing the wordfilter for our favorite character designers name.
R: 7 / I: 2

F.A.T Labs & Culture Hacking

Are there any current culture hacking groups that are out today. The only one I'm aware of is F.A.T, but unfortunately after the patriot act was signed to continue on in 2014 they decided that they have lost. And they're not wrong. As much as it sucks to know that the US government will never release their war powers I just have the urge to try.

I'm starting to create such a group at my university, but wondering if there's any more like them today.
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Lain in VHS rip

Dear Lainons, I share with you Serial Experiments Lain ripped in VHS!QYQFBDSA!4Ndk7Wb6eunQ2ioPJi_ovg

Unfortunately, with embeed ES subtitles. Hope if we can create a version with EN subs.
Credits goes to: Stigma.
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Cyberpunk Anime & Essentials

Let's tack one off the bounty board and discuss the many cyberpunk anime that helped influence the genre and some many anime in recent time that should be watched. Below I'll be naming the well known series and films.
R: 11 / I: 1

Invite to Redacted?

Hey I was wondering if anybody here has a spare invite to the music tracker Redacted,if so it'd be nice to get one!
R: 2 / I: 1

What really happened with Lain?

Just finished the series, and I would be interested in having a discussion on what people think happened with Lain at the end of the show.

I have a personal hypothesis, although my mind is still confused about all the things that happened over the series. Let's get started.

If you recall (I'm sure you do), people only exist if others have a memory of them; yet Lain wiped all memory of herself at the end. However, when Arisu should be April despite the voice acting meets her, there's a vague recollection. How is this possible?

If you're familiar with the work of Julian Jayne's; specifically ``The Origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind``, you might know about the idea of bicameralism of the mind. TL;DR - at one time an area in the right side of the brain gave early humans the "voice of god" since they did not yet have consciousness. This voice was responsible for what we see as "the gods" in ancient literature. That voice gave them something to accomplish when they were under stress or weren't sure what to do. You can read more by looking up "bicameralism psychology" with the search engine of you choice, if you care.

I think that this idea can help us understand how Lain can have erased everyone's memory of her yet still be present in the world. She hasn't really been forgotten- with her position as "goddess" of the Wired, she's now taken a place in the right hemisphere of the brain that was previously unused in modern society. In other words, people still remember her, but not on a conscious level. This remembrance, even if other people aren't aware of it, is enough to keep her around.

I'm sure there are other hypotheses out there and I'm interested in what others think.
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Ever since I opened up William Gibson's Neuromancer I was fascinated with the idea of mixing flesh with technology. The idea of going as far into these "Black Clinics" (Underground laboratories, clinics, and or hospitasl) to get the most cutting edge of treatments, and unregulated biological modifications is something I want to learn more about, follow developments in our world, and how to contribute.

This thread is meant to be a general for the idea for now. Post anything relating to modification and genetic manipulation.
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are thin ties still socially acceptable for situations where you have to wear a suit?
R: 6 / I: 0

Weird LoFi bible study thing

I do a daily bible study 7 days a week and a nightly bible study m-f.
Night M-F: 7:30PM CST-US

Its lofi, mostly takes place in terminal, music in the background, Dramatized NIV audio, arch linux, 900x540 res, and some nice music idk, i think this is the right board to share this…. sorry if i got it wrong.

Tonights Schedule ATM(more to be added):
Lords Prayer
Luke 4
Shine On Sweet Jesus - The Flaming Lips
Satan's Temptation of Christ Explained: A Verse-by-Verse Study of Luke 4:1-13 - True Riches Academy
Luke 5
Him - Lily Allen
Frustrations of a Worldly Christian - Joel Stevens
Luke 6
Luke 7
Lords Prayer
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New radio documentary on Kowloon walled city

There's a new radio doc on Kowloon courtesy of Ideas, a CBC radio program that does hour-long in-depth docs on various topics.
R: 14 / I: 5
Electronic Music.
Post & Discuses.
Keep EDM to a minimal.
R: 2 / I: 0

Beyond the Black Rainbow

This movie is a little arthousey but I think a lot of people here might like it. Granted it is slow paced with long periods of silence. But daaaaaamn, is it ever gorgeous and creepy and haunting and downright Kubrickian at times. Trailer:

And it has an absolutely amazing score.
R: 15 / I: 6
What would be /fa/ equivalent of Arisuchan ?
R: 7 / I: 5

Old stuff

What's a better place than this to share my old track, right? Hope you like it.
Want to make more, but I don't think I'm in the right state of mind right now.
R: 1 / I: 0


Iglooghost has a couple of insane new EPs out now. He hasn't even been in the IDM scene for 2 years and he's already on par with some of the greats if you ask me.

Have any of you guys heard him or his work previously? It's some good soykaf.
R: 11 / I: 0

William GIbson's Cyberpunk works

I'm fairly certain that everyone here has read at least Neuromancer (or knows the quotes/plot/tropes), but have you read the rest of the series or any of Gibson's other works? If you haven't given the rest of the Sprawl Trilogy a try yet, I recommend it. Count Zero gets ragged on quite a bit for being the weakest of the series, but your mileage may vary because I enjoyed it. I think Mona Lisa Overdrive is a stronger book than Neuromancer but not quite as influential. The writing in the first book feels a bit juvenile compared to the writing in MLO, and Gibson himself reflected on this in an interview. He said something to the effect of: "Neuromancer was a young man's tale."

I think a case can be made that the Sprawl Trilogy was Gibson's first, very basic ideas of what a cyberpunk world might actually look like. A lot of ideas about cyberpunk were updated and revised in the post-cyberpunk trilogy he wrote after it, the Bridge Trilogy. The Blue Ant Trilogy feels less like the cyberpunk of Neuromancer and much more like the cyberpunk of today.

The Sprawl Trilogy (Cyberpunk)
The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.

The quintessential classic. The cyberpunk tale that started it all. Like Gibson's other trilogies, the main cast changes with every book with a handful recurring characters making multiple appearances. The jump between Neuromancer and Count Zero can be a bit off-putting for people who really liked the first book, but the pay-off is worth it when you see all of the pieces fall into place.
>Neuromancer (1984)
>Count Zero (1986)
>Mona Lisa Overdrive (1988)

Short Stories
>Burning Chrome (1986)
>New Rose Hotel (1981)
>Johnny Mnemonic (1981)

The Bridge Trilogy (Post-cyberpunk)
He has long since come to prefer her in silence. He no longer inserts the yellowing audio beads. He has learned to provide his own, whispering to her as he fast-forwards through the clumsy titles and up the moonlit ragged hiliscape of a place that is neither Hollywood nor Rio, but some soft-focus digital approximation of both.

If you like Kowloon Walled City, don't miss this one. Gibson by this point has fleshed out his ideas about cyberpunk, which had become ubiquitous by the 1990s in the media. This was around the time people started saying "Cyberpunk is dead."
>Virtual Light (1993)
>Idoru (1996)
>All Tomorrow's Parties (1999)

Short Stories
>Skinner's Room (1991)

The Blue Ant Trilogy (Cyberpunk?)
We have no future because our present is too volatile. We have only risk management. The spinning of the given moment's scenarios. Pattern recognition.

This reads more like the world we live in today, but there are some Gibsonian cyberpunk tropes that make this story worth reading if you enjoyed his previous two trilogies. In particular, Pattern Recognition is excellent.
>Pattern Recognition (2003)
>Spook Country (2007)
>Zero History (2010)
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DIVTECH - Spit Blood

New album is out:

Honestly, I don't relate much to the lyrics but in terms with the sound, I can agree on this. I've also seen the guy live. It's definitely worth to check out if you're into ATR, Machine Girl and all the like. Also, feel free to discuss similar artists ITT.
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I love this theme
R: 9 / I: 2

Interview with Yoshitoshi ABe

An interesting video/interview with Yosoykafoshi ABe.
R: 1 / I: 0

mystery from wired

Recently I found a video on YT:
about CICADA 3031. Well, I heard about this organisation before, but this vid describes phenomen widely with some speculation. Maybe you have some other thoughts or know other mystery/occult stories from web in general. Feel free to share your thoughts, Alice.
R: 8 / I: 6

Urban Exploration

For all things exploration in the underground, the forbidden, inaccessible, and abandoned. We do not break in, we don't leave a trace, and we don't get caught.

>What is Urban Exploration?

Urban exploration is the exploration of man-made structures, usually abandoned ruins or not usually seen components of the man-made environment.

>How can I get started?

Start by protecting yourself legally and physically. Learn the laws in your area about abandoned places and your right of taking records such as videos and photos. You also need the get gear to protect yourself during your ventures. Wearing clothing that protects all skin, sturdy boots, and accessories that protects you.

>Where are some places in my area?

It's best to do research to find unexplored places, but to explore some known places, use UE's location database of known places to explore:
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Books like The Little Schemer?

Do you know any books similar to The Little Schemer and the other "Little" books? Similar in format, with the questions and answers structure. The topic can be anything, it doesn't have to be about programming.
R: 3 / I: 2


Every now and then I hear it wondered,
"Why do moths fly into lights?"
It's because they find their way
by gazing at the Moon,
Heaven's most reflective body
waxing ever bright—

Until we came along, that is
Reinventing to our tastes
the night
Navigating by our silver orbs
To destinations never closer
Or so it seems until
A dusty wing collides with
the fallen sky: a pane of glass
the moth will never see nor fathom.

Every now and then I hear it promised,
"Shoot the Moon; and if you miss
Still, you'll land among the stars"
—I have to disagree.
My landing was in city streets
Lined with twinkling light

I look up towards the Moon
But closer skies are all I sight
Blind by towering glass and Earthly stars
I can but reflect
On what my destination might be like.

Your poetry. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece; it just has to be sincere.
R: 11 / I: 1

Why are bomber jackets cyberpunk?

Hey guys just a quick question i thought you might know this
Why are bombers cyberpunk? Why are they used in that aesthetic, especially on girls. I'm looking on some movies that were made like 10 years before ghost in the shell anime, and there already a girl cyborg is wearing a bomber jacket.

Can you explain? Where does it stem from? Was it natural flow, or did some protocyberpunk movie have bomber jacket on a character? Like I said, it has to be before like 1986 at least, because even B movie of cyberpunk category have bombers

Also, bomber jacket pockets are not even that practical to be honest. The outer ones at least. Inner ones also, you will drop things from there all the times.
R: 13 / I: 3

Cyberpunk reading Thread

Someone here please recommend me a cyber punk book to read that I will actually finish.
I need to get away from the city and the political garbage for a while.
I will be cross referencing this: and this:

I want a really cool book that is preferably long and NOT ender's game(hated it)
something that is closer to leo tolstoy or dostoevsky but not quite the fast pace of TRON

I know this is vague. I like a big city that you can escape into the shadows for a while like the slums of japan (kind of like tokyo drift)

it doesn't have to be particularly tech savvy or scientifically correct or captivating, but defininetly has to have the chill and mistique of K's apartment, but without the class warfare.

ok, thats it. get to work!

mod edit: the links are legit
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Kino no tabi

Did you watch the latest episode of Kino no Tabi? It was set in the land of the Arabs and was a commentary on natural rights versus female genital mutilation.
R: 15 / I: 1

Serial Experiments Lain discussion

It's strange seeing this hasn't been knocked out the bounty. Lets give thoughts, questions, critiques, and rants a chance! We are in this board together, so what made the show so good to you? As long as it relates to the show directly (Including behind the scene stuff, cosplays, games, etc) post it here.
R: 6 / I: 0

How do you find new media?

I have recently finished things such as Land of the Lustrous and the Nier and those two things became easily among my favorite in their respective mediums. Upon finishing them it made me wonder how else to find new media to enjoy and become a fan of when I dont know where to look and how you guys find things to enjoy and become fans of yourselves. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.
R: 23 / I: 3


Hey Alice,
We should do an community cover of Duvet, I think that would sound nice.
Here's a link to a piano version if you can read notes
R: 8 / I: 0

Visual Experiments Lain Translation

Hello Lains, I began commissioning a translation of Visual Experiments Lain, but for various reasons I basically ran out of money to spare and couldn't finish it (also I think they were ripping me off, but I'm not really sure). I was going to typeset it myself to save money, but I didn't get around to that either. So I only have about 20 .psd files with the English on top of the original unedited pictures. Figured it would be better to release it than to do nothing. Let me know if you need the rest of the untranslated pages if you want to finish it yourself.!8jpVWaSS!YCiwS4yZBP2qkds0hsjcM4V930jFL2CSxU8UvPCEWmI
R: 1 / I: 1
Does anyone else here /franxxx/
I think episode 15 was great how about you
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Anyone else read any of Kazuma Kamachis works?

Some very innovative scifi elements as well as witty batter over all fun story's.

I've read the zashiki warashi of intellectual village; which I think is somewhat over looked because it hasn't had a anime adaption I'm just getting started on both of the "a certain" series although I've already seen the anime adaptations.

Anyway getting back to the original question anyone else on read any of his works?
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anybody got any good webcomics? Kill six billion demons is the only one i'm reading right now. Pictures for sad children was alright. Sinfest was good before the author went insane
R: 19 / I: 9


Anybody else used to watch a lot of anime but now just stick to manga? I don't know why but now i barely watch anime but i read a lot of manga. What manga do you recommend? I read franken fran, Angel Densetsu and dead tube.
R: 9 / I: 6


Recently me and some friends discussed our love for arcades in japan, we came up with ideas for a clothing style that we decided to call Cabinetpunk. I made up this album of images as a starting point. Any discussion or suitable images would be nice to see.
R: 70 / I: 31

current song

I am really enjoying this song. In a negative sad way. Post what you are currently listening to..
R: 8 / I: 1

I found this cool site

there are thousands of cyber movies that you cant find on google. I think we should talk about them.
Whats your favorite and why does it make you feel good?

I like movies that are cozy and don't have any worries. The ones that are slow moving and peaceful.
I like to see the main character just really absorbing the strangeness of the world, enjoying his/her environment. Like in code 46 or lost in translation(the latter is not a cyber movie)

anyway, what do you guys like and how do you like to watch your movies?
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Music Production

Music production discussion edition

GIVE feedback and RECEIVE feedback. Upload WIPs on


DON'T post Soundcloud, YouTube, or any other links where you are not anonymous (unless somebody asks you for it). That's considered self promotion and will result in bad feedback.


Sound Design:
>SeamlessR (in-depth music production and sound design tutorials, based on FL Studio)

>Rocket Powered Sound (Constant quality uploads of various EDM sounds in Serum with explanations that help make something unique)

>Syntorial (widely considered the best place to go to learn synthesis)

>Mr. Bill (Ableton based, some of the best sound design tutorials on the planet. Aimed more towards IDM-type stuff. He also posts his music here)

>BusyWorksBeats (explains hip hop in very elaborate ways in FL Studio)

>Sadowick (explains old school electronic music in very elaborate ways in Ableton)

>ADSR Music Production Tutorials


>Point Blank Music School

>Pensado's Place

>Samori Coles (Compression, EQ, etc)

>Modern Mixing
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Ep4 00:06:58

Is this book based on a real book? Books were much more important in the 90s when it came to computing, Hackers (1995) also featured a scene emphasising the importance of books.
R: 13 / I: 1

中文 - Chinese Language

The thread for posting in Chinese and discussion about the Chinese-speaking world, culture, life, travel, economics, geopolitics, etc.

>Learning resources:!x4VG3DRL!lqecF4q2ywojGLE0O8cu4A

>Recommended TV Series:!type=tv&tag=%E5%9B%BD%E4%BA%A7%E5%89%A7&sort=rank&page_limit=20&page_start=0

>Recommended Movies:!type=movie&tag=%E5%8D%8E%E8%AF%AD&sort=recommend&page_limit=20&page_start=0

>Literal Chinese cartoons:

>Chinese Manga:

>Online Novels:
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Altered Carbon

Has Alice seen Altered Carbon, the new Cyberpunk Action/Neo-Noirish TV Show? Seems like something arisuchan would really dig.

For me personally it mixes the classic, neon Blade Runner aesthetic with a story that attacks slightly more modern problems with a really interesting premise and plot.

It sort of falls apart near the end, personally, but its worth watching just for the fact that not a lot of good /cyb/ is produced these days.
R: 5 / I: 1

I just watched Lain for the first time the other day!

I had such a confusing but amazing time watching this but I would like to know what does it all mean? can any old timers tell me or explain to me theories or symbolism on what exactly happened in Serial Experiments Lain?
I really want to get into this and learn more about this if you guys have any experiences or link I would be happy to know about them! thank you for you're time!
R: 2 / I: 0
I just leave it here:

This is a lossless (FLAC) doujin music library that you can listen on the fly with a browser or mobile device (Android, iOS).

The library is constantly updated, and you can add your own collections.

And of course the hunt for priority.

You can get into the library by receiving an invite in the telegram-channel @touhouchan

It's free.

We are glad to everyone who is interested.

Demo account:


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日本語 - Japanese Language

This thread is for those studying the Japanese language.

Read the Guide linked below before asking how to learn Japanese:
Check the Cornucopia of Resources before asking where to download X or Y:
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thoughts on these guys?
you might not like their style of music, but I would think that the lyrics speak a lot to many people on this board, or even normalfags of the 21st century.
R: 4 / I: 0
What is your view of an ubersmencht in the contemporary world?
Ignoring the surrounding culture and focusing in the question: how could a man be perfect itself?

Some may answer that only by living an illusion it is possible to reach perfection, fulfilling thyself with power;
Others may say that only by eliminating your own body it would be possible, replacing thyself with the precision of a machine;
And others may seen it as meaningless.

Lain is an example of being which became perfect by becoming part of the wired and latter, the world.
I'm curious about the opinion of this board about it.
R: 2 / I: 1

Le Mirroir Noir

Black Mirror season 4 is out. Cyb enough for a thread a far as I'm concerned.

So, watched it all already ? Favorite episode ? How does it compare to the previous seasons ? And so on

As for me:
Just finished watching the last.

Overall found it good, because it's fucking Black Mirror alright, but it's the season that has the least impressed me. Like physically. After almost every season 3 episode, save for San Junipero, I wanted to scream/screamed into a pillow. soykaf was physically affecting me. Here I felt the unease you can expect, but far, very far from the previous seasons.

Since I'm in a talkative mood, a quick ep overview
Ep 1 : They blew the "trapped in virtual reality" card already + Futurama already made an episode like that, but was rather fun. The whole "hey were on the internet now" felt clumsy though Ep 2 : Like 1, we see the actuality references, scenario felt predictable though, save for the ending, but the tech had many better development possibilities than family drama. Ep 3: Saw it coming with the pet ! just feels like an ordinary thriller with techy elements but eh, liked how the ending was shown ep 4: Hands down the best of the season : fun, emotions, and it managed to create a real little alternate universe, far but not too much, really loved this one. Ep5 : Enjoyed this one too, the black and white felt nice, as well as the almost absence of dialogue and explanations Ep 6 : Pretty cool too, references were appreciated, wish we had more stories about the items though, the doctor pain dragged on for too long imo, but the progression up to the twist was nice

your turn
R: 55 / I: 4

Mr Robot season 3

What was everyone opinion on season 3 ep 1 on Mr.Robot?
R: 4 / I: 0

No-video experiment, day 1 of 365

I was re-reading Idoru, and the idea of a "media fast" caught my attention. So I'm going to try a variant of it, for the entirety of 2018: No movies, no TV shows, no youtube, no streaming services.

Anyone else here do something similar? How it turn out? Did you keep it up after whatever you set as your own first timeframe?
R: 6 / I: 0
Many descriptions of SEL says that it is avant garde. but what makes it avant garde and how does it compare to other avant garde works? is it only called so because of the relative low standard among anime fans?
R: 34 / I: 12

Cyberpunk Music

Hello everyone,

I am quite new to all this Cyberpunk, but I have always had a thing for it through my whole childhood and teenage years, well even today, when I am a grown up. My question is for the people of .jp, do any of you have some kind of Cyberpunk style music? I did find a few through many searches, but they don't quite have the cyber style over it.

R: 3 / I: 0

Why was this thread 404'd?
R: 8 / I: 0


How prevalent is abuse in the Hollywood and entertainment culture? I personally think that everyone in Hollywood is involved. Not like they all abused each other, but they knew that the abuse was going on and purposely covered the abusers tracks or just chose to ignore it. Does anyone remember the videos of Meryl Streep applauding roman Polanski?
R: 31 / I: 1
Blade runner 2049 is out. Let's do this.

Just coming back from it. To put it shortly: fuarrrking amazing
R: 18 / I: 5

Niche Cliques Zoo

I love the weird little interest groups you get online. I'd like to know about more. A lot of my list will be mental health people (not all of them), but please share any little weird online belief/interest-group you think is interesting:

> Tulpamancers - /r/Tulpas,

These guys are people who are self-inducing multiple personalities (tulpas). They seem pretty alright.

> Morgellons

They believe they have a disease where fibers are growing out of their wounds, and that doctors are just ignoring them. Doctors are saying it works the opposite direction, that these people have delusional parasitosis, they pick at their skin, and then fibers from clothes get caught in the wounds.

> Stolen Valor

These people are mad because there's guys who put on fake military gear to cruise for dates.

> Gangstalking/Targetted Individuals /r/Gangstalking

They believe they're being stalked by large groups of people. Undoubtedly most of them are schizophrenics, but undoubtedly some trolls have actually done this on occasion, on a limited scale.

> Sovereign Citizens /r/Sovereigncitizen

Most online sources are secondhand and mocking. I'd like a primary source. But these guys believe that national laws don't apply to them, and that through loopholes and legal kung-fu they can talk their way out of any legal situation, if they present the right string of legalese.
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Tales from the Afternow - Post-apocalyptic Cyberpunk Audio Drama

>Tales from the Afternow is a series of audio plays from internet radio station Rant Media, each one of which is approximately an hour long. Each "episode" focuses on a different aspect of the Afternow — either something that currently exists in the Afternow, or an event in the past that shaped the Afternow and the people living in it.

Welcome to the future, ladies and gentlemen - a future set some time after now. Government as you know it is a distant memory. In this world, everything is copyrighted, licensed, and strictly regulated by a multinational corporate agency known as the World Licensing Organization.

If you're lucky, you were born in a corporate arcology, where - in exchange for your loyalty to the company that owns the arcology - you will receive a standard education, the appropriate amount of nutrition, and a tolerable job. If you're unlucky, you were born on the fringes of an arcology, in a toxic wasteland populated by scavengers, organ pirates, and assorted criminals and terrorists.

And if you're extremely unlucky, you got kicked out of one of the corporate arcologies.

In this world, unlicensed information is pornography, sharing is theft, books are derezzed, breaking your licensing agreements is punishable by death, and even time itself is copyrighted.

And yet, in the midst of this Crapsack World, there exist anomalies. The best-known - and most wanted - of these anomalies is a man known as Independent Librarian Dynamic Sean Kennedy the Sixth. Utilizing hacked recording equipment and illegal technology, he broadcasts information back in time to the present day, so that the people in his past can at least prepare for his future.

These broadcasts are the Tales from the Afternow.
R: 21 / I: 0


Anyone got any podcasts to recommend? Let us know about them, and include a short description, if you don't mind. I'm running out of things to listen to.

I'm still loving the British History Podcast most of all. It's mostly chronological and tries to get into all the detail. It sounds dry but it's super listenable from episode 1.

Science Vs has been my new kick. In my opinion it's a better spiritual successor to P&T's Bullsoykaf than that Adam Ruins Everything show. There's an old feed and a new feed though, so try to find both if you end up liking it.
R: 1 / I: 0

Lain hardcore remix (old skool rave)

For what'll probably be the last thing I make under this alias.
R: 0 / I: 0

Localhost, the game

I've recently come across the game Localhost. Seems pretty cool, definitely cyb. Was curious if anyone here had tried it, had any thoughts on it, and if it would be worth checking out, since it's on sale currently.
R: 3 / I: 1


When do the books get bad? I've read the 1st and 2nd book and i liked them both. Should i stop there or keep reading them?
R: 2 / I: 0

Music Education

Use this thread to discuss musical self teaching and to share knowledge and [free] resources that will aid practical and theoretical music fluency.
R: 40 / I: 3

What do people without computers do all day?

I was talking to one of my classmates the other day and she offhandedly remarked that she didn't like computers and didn't use them. This caught me completely off guard as I've never heard anyone—especially someone in their early twenties—say something like this before. I was too stunned to know what to say so I lost the opportunity to ask her to elaborate.

I understand that I probably spend way too much time on the computer, but I still have difficulty wrapping my mind around what someone that doesn't like computers would do all day. Does lain know anyone like this? Please help.
R: 22 / I: 5

Transportation Thread

"The Deliverator's car has enough potential energy packed into its batteries to
fire a pound of bacon into the Asteroid Belt. Unlike a bimbo box or a Burb
beater, the Deliverator's car unloads that power through gaping, gleaming,
polished sphincters. When the Deliverator puts the hammer down, soykaf happens.
You want to talk contact patches? Your car's tires have tiny contact patches,
talk to the asphalt in four places the size of your tongue. The Deliverator's
car has big sticky tires with contact patches the size of a fat lady's thighs.
The Deliverator is in touch with the road, starts like a bad day, stops on a

Walk? Ride? Drive? We've all got to get around the Sprawl one way or another. This thread is for talking cars, bikes, or whatever else you alices use to go A -> B.
R: 11 / I: 2


When you play a vidya game are you looking simply to waste time, have fun or challenge yourself?
What would you say is your favorite in each respect?
>waste time
probably any multiplayer game that you enjoy, its easy to get sucked in as long as you arent getting btfo in game
>have fun
that really depends but its usually a SRPG or a flavor of the month game
usually a shoot em up or danmaku game, i play a lot of touhou
tl;dr thinly veiled recommendation thread
R: 3 / I: 0

Cyber Horror Stories

My friends and family stopped liking my posts. I'm 91 years old, and that is a death sentence for me. My mind is not yet gone, but if I don't keep getting Likes, I have little value in society. No role to perform. I'm just sitting here sucking oxygen.

I remember when things were different.

>Nurse walks in.

>"Mr. Alice?"
>I knew it. They're finally going through with it.
>They're treating me like a baby in here. Google colors. Primary colors.
>Even the blanket has red, green, yellow, blue. Primary colors.
>"Mr. Alice?"
>I say, "Yeah?"
>"It's time for your injection. This one's going to put you down for a nap, okay?"
>Yeah right. I'm not going to wake up again.
>"Oh, you were born in 1990?"
>The wireless speaker in the room pumps out Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind.
>Needle goes in.
>"This will sting a bit."
>Am I going to wake back up?
R: 3 / I: 1

AIXI [arisuchan team]

Does Alice play CSGO? We are interested in starting an arisuchan competitive group. Nothing too serious, but competitive is a lot more fun when you have a full group. Let us know if you're interested.

P.S. Even if you don't play CSGO, you're welcome to join the arisuchan Steam group.
R: 0 / I: 0

SNES classic

The SNES classic launches tomorrow, who here is looking forward to it, what games are you planning to play first? I'll be camping outside Best Buy the following morning, if you happen to be going to the same store as me maybe we can talk to pass the time before the store opens, I'm going to the Best Buy in Santa Rosa California, hope to see you there.
R: 11 / I: 4

Female singer-songwriters

Post your favorite female singer-songwriters.
R: 5 / I: 2

Evolve & Decide Today (Realicide) Australia 2017 tour

Hey lainons! Earlier, I've seen how some of you are fond of digital hardcore so I share the dates of the coming Australia tour of Decide Today (breakcore) and Evolve (hiphop). This thread also serves the purpose to discuss the music of both, Decide Today & Evolve, and also chatting about how you've experienced the gigs that you've attended.

(I don't know what's the stance of the lainchan staff towards social media pages like FB, so I've changed some links. You have to replace the 'zuccbook' part.)


Evolve 23 (US) conscious hiphop, Realicide Youth Records

Decide Today (US) Cincinnati post-REALICIDE anarcho breakcore

Fri 22 Ipswich @ Coronation Hotel
Sat 23 Brisbane @ Betty's
Mon 25 Brisbane @ 4ZZZ radio
Wed 27 Nimbin @ Ponyland
Fri 29 Sydney @ Pyrate House
Sat 30 Adelaide @ Enigma

Sun 1 SA @ Port Noarlunga Footy Club
Tue 3 Melbourne @ Make It Up Club
Wed 4 Melbourne @ Tago Mago
Thr 5 Bendigo @ Musicman Megastore
Fri 6 Melbourne @ The Tote Hotel
Sat 7 Hobart @ Brisbane Hotel
Thr 19 Newcastle @ Hamilton Station Hotel
Fri 20 Sydney @ Valve Bar
Sat 21 Blue Mountains @ TBA
Mon 23 Ipswich @ Tone Town Music

We can SCREENPRINT and STENCIL your shirts anywhere that allows it. Bring shirts for free printing. Screenprint ink & spray paint donations accepted! It's like this…

For promoters…
A3 tour poster download
A4 flyer/lyrix (double-cided)
LOGO files download

Contact =
R: 12 / I: 2

Creative Writing

Anyone here do creative writing?

I personally work on the same piece of fiction everytime I'm bored and have a device. I've worked on it on and off for the past couple years, some of it good, some of it not that good. But it's a nice hobby. I get to create a world, characters and play out scenes. Especially since I create a movie-like narrative without a single dollar in budget.

Anyway, care to share some of your works and progress?
R: 5 / I: 1

Tea general

Any tea loving lains? I recently bought some 9 year old Da Hang Pao from Fujian province which is quite nice. What is your favorite tea? Any recent buys?

Pic is oolong bushes on Wuyi mountain, where the finest oolong is cultivated.
R: 5 / I: 1

Is vaporwave dead?

I think the general aesthetic of vaporwave is dead. The fact that it used to be this insider club on the internet but now there are vaporwvae videos with millions of views and I have normal people at my school who know about vaporwave. Post your favorite songs
R: 3 / I: 0 in Solidarity with Libgen and Sci-hub

>We have the means and methods to make knowledge accessible to everyone, with no economic barrier to access and at a much lower cost to society. But closed access’s monopoly over academic publishing, its spectacular profits and its central role in the allocation of academic prestige trump the public interest. Commercial publishers effectively impede open access, criminalize us, prosecute our heroes and heroines, and destroy our libraries, again and again. Before Science Hub and Library Genesis there was or Gigapedia; before Gigapedia there was; before there was little; and before there was little there was nothing. That's what they want: to reduce most of us back to nothing. And they have the full support of the courts and law to do exactly that.

>Share this letter - read it in public - leave it in the printer. Share your writing - digitize a book - upload your files. Don't let our knowledge be crushed. Care for the libraries - care for the metadata - care for the backup. Water the flowers - clean the volcanoes.
R: 13 / I: 4

Recommendations for "Cyberpunk" themed Media?

hey everyone it's pretty late at night so I think it's the perfect time to ask something from anyone who's on right now

what kind of "cyberpunk" themed media would you recommend?
it can be any thing anime, music, games I would just like to play or see something in that theme I really love the cyberpunk aesthetic

thank you for letting me know if you have anything!
R: 20 / I: 3

Prayer and Litany

Just phrases that are meant to be repeated to convey a consistent meaning. Doesn't necessarily need to be religious, my first example is going to be the Litany Against Fear, from Dune, read it if you haven't.

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

The next is the first section of Ecclesiastes, also something you should read if you haven't yet, and if you have it's worth a re-read.

What do people gain from all their labors
at which they toil under the sun?

Generations come and generations go,
but the earth remains forever.

The sun rises and the sun sets,
and hurries back to where it rises.

The wind blows to the south
and turns to the north;
round and round it goes,
ever returning on its course.

All streams flow into the sea,
yet the sea is never full.
To the place the streams come from,
there they return again.

All things are wearisome,
more than one can say.
The eye never has enough of seeing,
nor the ear its fill of hearing.

What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

Is there anything of which one can say,
“Look! This is something new”?
It was here already, long ago;
it was here before our time.

No one remembers the former generations,
and even those yet to come
will not be remembered
by those who follow them.

I guess we could include proverbs in this as well.
R: 2 / I: 0

Cyberpunk franchies with an emphasis on punk

Any Cyberpunk anime, manga, cartoons, movies, books with an emphasis on the punk over the cyber?

>Pic related. The UK soundtrack for this show fucking shreds.
R: 7 / I: 2
Does lainchan like Kurisu?
R: 0 / I: 0
Can anyone be cyb? How do you act in public vs alone? What does this trend believe in?
R: 23 / I: 1

lainzine 4

So, it's been about a year, but we finally got lainzine 4 together.
Here's a teknik link:
I've also updated the neocities homepage to include the link. I'm no longer sole maintainer of the site, so the beautiful new design is not my doing. I'm not sure if the designer wants their identity disclosed just yet.
Look forward to the /µ/ thread on lainzine 5, and text releases of lainzines 1 and 2.
A big thank you to everyone who stayed with us so far.
R: 2 / I: 0

Philip K. Dick

Just picked up these two books because I heard they were his best works. Do you have any experiences with Dick? I've been meaning to get into him for a long time now.
R: 2 / I: 0

call for lz5 layout-ators/atrixes

hey, all

so zine things haven't been moving forwards recently. basically everything, articles and art, is done and stuff just needs to be arranged. …and it's been that way for a while now. junk's off being super busy with school or work or something like that, and so isn't particularly responsive

am trying to contact the person who had been working on layout, but, in the meantime, if you have experience using scribus, have some time here and there to work in poking at a thing, and and are willing to play nicely with others, please poke me either at the zine's email address ( or my own email address (can be found via or, if it's easier for you, on rizon or freenode

i'll work out this stuff and do it all myself if need be, but am pretty busy with school as well and would be learning from scratch, so a helpful person could speed this up a lot

thanks ^_^
R: 2 / I: 0

Off Tje Hook Radio Listen Along
Wednesdays 8pm-9pm Eastern
Off the Hook is a hacker-oriented weekly talk radio program, hosted by Emmanuel Goldstein,[1] which focuses on the societal ramifications of information technology and the laws that regulate how people use them. It airs Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time in New York City on the community radio station WBAI 99.5 FM. It is also simulcast online via streaming MP3, rebroadcast on various other radio stations,[2] and has been made available as a podcast (since long before that term was coined).
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Esoteric YouTube Junk

Lain, I've always been a fan of discovering esoteric YouTube channels with low sub counts. Which are your favorites?


Absolute madman. His original channel was taken down but there are plenty of archives of his insane rants against Oregon's police and his avant garde blues songs on YouTube. Dude's a bona fide cyberpunk who lives out of his car.

Post your faves.
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Dressing in black-and-white monochrome

I'm curious if anyone else dresses in black-and-white monochrome, like protagonist of Pattern Recognition. On your average day I'm wearing a CPU (i.e., a Cayce Pollard Unit, or a complete outfit assembled of greyscale attire) consisting of a black cropped moto jacket, asymmetric charcoal tunic, black maxi skirt, black wedge sandals, and black satchel handbag. While I quite enjoy the aesthetic, I will add that my doing so is not only for superficial or cosmetic reasons. I feel that in working as a designer one will (unconsciously) attempt to avoid clashing too violently with the rest of one's visual field. I think it is inappropriate to allow your attire to influence your work so dressing in greyscale eliminates any risk of this. So this brings me to ask, what is lain's everyday wear like?
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Lain iwakura is watching you code

I printed this poster in order to decorate my room. Feel free to use it.
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Essential Cyberpunk Films

So I finally watched Ex Machina, and I loved it.
What are your suggestions for the (other) must-watch cyberpunk movies?
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Twin Peaks: The Return

Any of you lains watching Twin Peaks tonight?
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modern mythology

In this thread we discuss superstitions and legends and other mythology of the 21st century. Ive recently been thinking of the parallels of superstitions of the past and digitalization. Take hackers for example, the mystery around them is identical to what people would speak of witches in the past.
Take religion to some other place.
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death of the hpvac "scene"

were any lainons around in the early 90s scene? i feel like i may be
a little older than some of us but it may also be that i'm just not
into the same areas of entertainment.

i came across an onion address a couple of days ago that had a lot of
ezines from the early-mid 90s and it brought back a wave of nostalgia
mixed with some embarrassment for how angsty a lot of it was. it was
fun to see the results of exploration and to also see what we got
wrong. it felt like an age of invincibility.

i grew up in a nearly-rural area in north america so i was slightly
behind the technology curve. my first computer was a tandy 1000HX
with a set of minix disks. i was able to learn minix and dos with
that machine until i picked up a 486 and an acoustic coupler second
hand as well. that led me to bbs'es around the height of fidonet,
which led me to the text based internet.

our phone systems were older so many of the hpvac files i found still
applied to my area and i spent a lot of time snooping around places i
didn't belong to meet other maladjusted kids, form groups, and produce
our own texts.

somehow over time, all of that faded away. while i carried jobs in
tech and studied tech in school (i currently do infosec related work),
i somehow became disconnected with modern tech. i almost feel like
there was a second wave of eternal september or perhaps i just ran out
of time and couldn't find the old haunts anymore.

i don't have nearly the time and energy i once had. i've started a
family and i carry a couple of jobs but i still prod around the edges
of the wired that i'm able to find, looking for pieces of those
cultures that once prevailed.

where did those communities go? what did they evolve into? what
is the current curiosity fueled technical front that's not been

i feel like some image boards, especially lainchan, have a little bit
of that vibe left in them and it's been a lot of fun consuming

i also feel like maybe the signal to noise ratio is higher these
days. people are more technically inclined and there are tiny
computers all around us. we definitely live in a cyberpunk
dystopia. back then the curious and creative were easy to find
because there was a larger divide between "us" and "them."

to wrap up my rambling, a quick summary of where i think the "scene"

0. tech became more pervasive, which made it more difficult to find
others when it should've been easier.

1. many of us simply grew up and fell into the daily grind that we
were expected to fall into.

2. trust was broken on too many occasions.

3. eternal september continued and "users" became more technically

4. platforms changed and shifted. out with the old, in with the new.
see: land lines vs. cell phones.

5. exploration wasn't shared as often for fear of repercussions.
it's difficult to maintain anonymity these days.

lastly, thanks for lainchan. i don't often fit in but the threads
have been a lot of fun and thought provoking.
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"Glitches" in Life

so the other day I tried to get a good feeling about what Lain is really about seeing how I already feel as if reality is fake is it so hard to believe that we are in a computer ourselves? I don't mean to get all "Matrix" here but anything is possible it really does make me wonder.

I signed up for the TSUKI project back in January and just now the gates closed.
it's nice to find other who might believe me about this theory.

I think the world is just a bunch of nerves and wires because of all the "glitches" I see often sort of like de ja vu when you know something has already happened but never did or the feeling of waking up from a dream that felt to real.
Things keep changing for almost no explanation and it's really starting to bother me.

does anyone else experience a "glitch" in they're life every now and then? I'd love to hear about them in the replies if you have any.
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I purchased some decent titanium coated knifes for the kitchen today.
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Urban Techwear Thread

>What is Urban Techwear?
We wear clothes to be comfortable, to cover up our shame, and more importantly for our protection. Technical clothing goes one step further, focusing on incorporating functionality, using advanced textiles and construction to promote breathability, stretch, and waterproofness to name the least. Now Urban Techwear, refers to the presentability of such technologies. Often choosing function over form, however practical for a commute through the urban sprawl.

>Guide to Urban Techwear [Under Construction]
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Hey guys!

I've built a very minimalistic repository of knowledge from out community.

Right now it contains a collection of recipes from a couple of our users, but I plan to extend it to contains all sorts of guides and advice about trying to live as fruitfully as we can.

check it out!
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i recommend learning how to make these, great with hummus or salmon spread. make a bunch at once and freeze the dough, and thaw as needed.
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Haven't we forgotten someone?

Happy Birthday, Lain.
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idm/glitch music

I just created a new channel to share my love of idm and introduce more ears to the genre. I really don't hear how any other type of music could better qualify as cyberpunk. I hope you enjoy what I have so far.

Please share your favorite idm/glitch tracks as well.
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/EDC/ - Every Day Cary

Let's get a good EDC thread going. This is my gear from about a year ago.
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If there was 2nd season what would it be about?
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Being a community of hackers of sorts, it is strange that the subject of Law hasn't ever been mentioned.
Does any lain here know something about the legal system? Roman law? Any of that?
Perhaps I'm just getting ideas from The Rainmaker and Ace Attorney, but at least some of it seems interesting.
Anyway, does anyone here have a good pointer to maybe a book for someone who knows jack soykaf about this? I want to dig a bit into it and see if I like it.
Thanks a lot lains.

Also discuss Law here, but please keep your political views out, politics kills communities. And yes if you keep the conversation within technical terms, we can avoid spiraling down to calling others see-you-see-kays. After all, this is a forum of tech-savvy people isn't it?
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favorite sci/fi cyberpunk media

My favorite book is A Scanner Darkly. The battle with drugs, the overreaching hand of corrupt establishments. "Lets give it up for the Big Blur".

"D… Substance D. "D" is dumbness, and despair, desertion-desertion of you from your friends, your friends from you, everyone from everyone. Isolation and loneliness… and hating and suspecting each other, "D" is finally death. Slow death from the head down. Well… that's it."

"The pain, so unexpected and undeserved had for some reason cleared away the cobwebs. I realized I didn't hate the cabinet door, I hated my life… My house, my family, my backyard, my power mower. Nothing would ever change; nothing new could ever be expected. It had to end, and it did. now in the dark world where I dwell, ugly things, and surprising things, and sometimes little wondrous things, spill out in me constantly, and I can count on nothing."

"What does a scanner see? Into the head? Down into the heart? Does it see into me? Into us? Clearly or darkly? I hope it sees clearly because I can't any longer see into myself. I see only murk. I hope for everyone's sake the scanners do better, because if the scanner sees only darkly the way I do, then I'm cursed and cursed again."
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Music? Anyone into any of the recent Waves?

At the moment I am infatuated with Makeup and Vanity Set, the music just seems so very punk.

By far my favorite track is

I do love we are at the point where we have a massive selection in music available to us.

Anyone know anything in the same vain?
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Lainian vidija thread

What games you been playing lately, /cult/? I've been playing a lot of the original rogue (well, GNU's rogue-clone). Classical roguelikes seem like a pretty /cyb/ genre.
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Urban Techwear

>What is Urban Techwear
We wear clothes to be comfortable, to cover up our shame, and more importantly for our protection. Technical clothing, focuses on incorporating functionality using textiles and construction techniques to protect the user from their environment, to allow flexibility, and add comfort. Built to be presentable, and last through the treatment of ones daily commute whatever it may be we believe that technical clothing should be part in everyone's wardrobe.
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I've seen the topic of minimalism come up several times in cyberpunk circles, but I'm not sure I see anything particularly cyberpunk about it. I see it more as an aesthetic than a lifestyle and an expensive and pretentious one at that. Those that actually live "minimally" would probably identify more as nomads, but I could be wrong. I'm not very materialistic, but I do like my stuff and am not ashamed to say so. Lain's bedroom was anything but minimalistic towards the end.
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Hacker Video Games

So there's a few out there, Uplink being the most prominent but there's also HackNet and Hacker Evolution among others. I just picked up a copy of HackMUD which, while I haven't finished the tutorial yet, seems really promising. The music is shway and the aesthetic is really something I can get with. I believe it's a javascript-like interface, though I don't code so I couldn't say.

Anyway, the most promising feature of this is the apparent multiplayer in which players can steal each others scripts and money. That's the entire reason I bought this.

I realize I sound like I'm just shilling it but I had a lot of fun with it so far and It's got me excited so I wanted to share.
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Cyberpunk & Technology Documentaries

Need to fill my pocket with woolongs.
Lets share some interesting documentaries pertaining to technology, security and cyberpunk culture.
Here's a few that come to mind and probably already have seen:

>Beyond Human

Transhumanism and Robotics


An introduction to the term Cyberpunk, exploring those self proclaimed cyberpunks and the creator of the idea, William Gibson

>Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware

Exploring the hardware ecosystem that emerged in china and has put a staple in all residents lives living in the Chinese city of Shenzhen.

>Philosophy and the Matrix

Diving deep into the iconic cyberpunk film "The Matrix", going through its influences and philosophy that lead to its creation.

Please, share some more.
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music recommendations
Album I've been listening to a lot lately. Post any music you want people to listen to, cyberpunkish stuff preferred.
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Cyberpunk Novels

I just finished Rainbows End, by Vernor Vinge. It's a great novel imo, especially The Rabbit was quite entertaining. I recommend all of you to read it, even if you don't read that often.
As for other cyberpunk literature I've only really read Neal Stephenson. My favorites are Cryptonomicon and Snow Crash

So lains, what's your favorite cyberpunk literature?

>inb4 no gibson

I'll read some of him someday, I promise
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Extralegal trade

How would one go about planning ultralegal trade online? Any initial wired meeting place or advertisment would have to be semi public meaning that three letter agencies are probably lurking or getting friendly and becoming the other half of your super sekrit tox chat. Now you have given them the time and place to find you with evidence on hand. One solution is dead drops, but they're hardly secure and can still be fedded back to you. Depending on the nature of the trade it might not even be possible.
Is there any way to remove trust from the equation? I don't mind trust based trade sometimes, but cyberspace -> meatspace meetups are the optimal conditions for three letter men.
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Vapor wave thread

Post songs and albums
Is it finally dead since it hit the mainstream?
Will it ever be truly dead
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Judging Lainzine 4 by the Cover(s)

Hi, this is intron - cover artist for Lainzine 4 hoping to shed some light on these images posted.

So you may have seen one of these covers being posted about on .org. The attached image sums up how this thing went from a .org sticker to a .jp cover.

More in depth: back in Nov 2016 I approached Appleman1234 on .org with a prototype of a possible sticker design to help promote the site. Additionally, I asked his thoughts on what he thought Lainchan was to get some direction on the artwork. At the time he was still getting a feel for .org but I saw he had a very positive outlook back then - I can only hope that deep down he still feels the same even today.

However, it was decided then that stickers had too much overhead to produce so he had suggested that this could work as a cover for Lainzine. So, I got in touch with editorial staff at Lainzine 4 (Junk & Stopwatch) to get their thoughts on the design. After some tweaks, it was approved and submitted Dec 2016… yes 2016. Quite the delay there that I hope will be mitigated in future releases.

Fast forward to April 2017. Lainzine 4 finally comes out with the .org cover attached BUT shortly pulled after some mathematical typos in one of the articles. (the editorial process is another topic but errors in a technical article needed to be fixed as per the author's request). The initial release happens roughly around the delete/fork of .org/.jp - an event that is not possible to ignore.

To reflect this, I initiated and performed the change from .org to .jp which was then approved and included in the re-release for Lainzine 4 - May 2017.

I expected some controversy but whether it's .org/.jp/both or "Lainchan" omitted completely, people will find a way to take offense. As the fact still remains that Lainzine (as a whole) would not exist without the collective efforts of some admins at .jp. Go read the past issues and you'll know who they are.

>anyone can make x

but you didn't.

Hey, the more zines the merrier! At the end of the day, I'd still work with all Lainons regardless of the .org/.jp fantasy larping but I don't believe it's possible to make something non-partisan apart from just… not making the thing.

Will the cover change?
I presented LZ4 staff with options to run with the .jp change or re-release with .org. I feel editorial decisions are important but of course, they are not always popular decisions. I cannot speak for them but I stand by my own decision to change the so-called "endorsement" from .org to .jp .

Can you look past the ".jp" and read the actual book?
Depends on whether the Lainchan community is more than a domain name to you.

Fun fact: there are actually 3 "endorsements" on the cover. Look hard enough and you'll see 6. Look even harder and you'll see jesus-Lain-sama.

As far as I'm concerned, Lainzine 4 is over and done and I hope this post helps in some way for the Lains that are late to the party.

Looking forward, Lainzine 5 is your opportunity to be the change you wish you see. Get involved and create something.
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Tactical Clothing

ITT: Post /cyb/ clothing with practical applications such as anti-surveillance, techwear, etc.

This image is part of the Hyperface project. The Hyperface pattern works by feeding facial recognition algorithms a fuckton of false-positives in order to obscure your face, and can be worn in many styles ranging from bandannas to t-shirts to hats. Some would consider it a new form of civilian camouflage.
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Thought I'd make this thread. Here's a pic of my journal, and a piece I wrote. It's meant to be spoken-word.

the hardest thing I had to give up
Pray, wish, or hope
that you won't
lose your identity.

Ask who
you'd be without irreverence or
piety. then imagine losing
that too. Imagine falling forward
abruptly, into
lies or the truth, to slander, to
gain or lose your infamy.
or the slow widening of
a closet door + dissolution of

I'd love to see any pics or excerpts from your journal, if you want to share.
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The release date is apparently coming soon, but it's mostly just a schway cyb trailer with QT. Enjoy
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Orphan Black

I got into this about a year ago, but got through the second season last month. I'm not sure if I'll see season three, I think I liked S1 better.
Is anyone else watching this show? Should I keep going with it?
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I'd like to release the lainzine on this platform.

Until further notice, I've decided to release copies of the lainzine on here, through twitter, and the lainzine mailing list. That includes Volume 4.

I have not personally found much disagreement with Appleman, or really any reason to be angry with him. However, I think he wasn't put in a situation he was prepared for. How Appleman approached has already been spoken about, the necessary changes are also spoken for, and it's not a topic I plan on pursuing.

My disappointment with lainchan began about a year ago. Kalyx brought in many different sorts of people to as a balancing act of sorts - he tried to get as diverse a range of opinions as possible to take advice from, and he tried to balance all the sides against one another. If this doesn't sound stable, it's because it wasn't. It wasn't long before opportunism emerged in many ways. The first was probably "backupgate," which is some old drama in which someone hinted at couping the site away from Kalyx, but generally about backups being made of the site. I of course did everything I saw necessary to save the site, although I definitely made some mistakes. But it's water under the bridge.

What isn't water under the bridge is the incredibly recent opportunism I've seen in members of the staff - really, the only members of the staff still remaining after most of the old guard left. There are at least 2 members of the staff who wanted to seize Kalyx's reformatting of the site to drastically remake to fit their own standards. I have this quote to demonstrate how its gotten over there:

4月 16 15:54:19 <k> I actually figured that
| it was also because it is a good chance to make large
| changes.

4月 16 15:55:33 <k
> I'd feeling a little
| optimistic about "the event" because of that. We don't
| have to bring back every board, we can make large
| changes without incident, and it also helped remove a
| lot of the mods that don't care about lainchan without
| having to deal with the drama of talking about it.
4月 16 15:56:14 <l> It's similar to surviving a
| hurricane with all of the corpses having been washed
| away.
4月 16 15:56:26 <k
> That's a good way of
| putting it
4月 16 16:01:44 <l*> We're on the internet; ignoring
| things is a valid strategy if we intend to do different
| things.

This is the kind of behavior I've had to deal with for a long time now, and I honestly have no further desire to work with individuals who act this way. Whether that be on or, I don't want the admins of a community I'm a part of to be this unaccountable to the users.

You can say lainchan declined because of poor decisions Appleman made, you can say it's because of poor decisions I, Seph, Kalyx, nildicit, and others made. But the problems go much deeper than that.

I never had much desire to be a public face here, nor do I desire to represent one side or another in this recent event. I just publish the lainzine. Thanks for reading.
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Pop and Nightcore Thread

Because I know you're sick of that moody 3edge edm too. Post the aesthetic.

pc music:
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V for Vendetta pdf?

How's it going lains, I've been meaning to watch V for vendetta, but from what i've heard, the original comic is better than the movie. I generally prefer books to movies anyway, so if anyone has a pdf/scan of the comic, it would be much appreciated
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Music Thread

I've been on a real bender for Retrowave/Retro Electro/Horror Electro (or whatever the hell the kids are currently calling it) now that the Summer of Drum & Bass has pretty much ended for me and a group of DJ/Producer friends of mine.

GOST - Skull has pretty much been on repeat but plenty of Perturbator, Donbor, and others.

So what are lainons listening to at the moment?
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What do you lains do for work? What are your future plans for income? I find myself at a crossroads as of late and I'm taking a great leap giving up the security of my current job to do something a little more spontaneous. It's certainly making me realize how tough it can be to truly budget and plan ahead since I had a guaranteed paycheck before. Let's exchange advice and become multi-million dollar lains.