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Kalyx ######

File: 1493622181555.jpg (1.54 MB, 4400x6222, lainzine04-thumb.jpg)


So, it's been about a year, but we finally got lainzine 4 together.
Here's a teknik link:
I've also updated the neocities homepage to include the link. I'm no longer sole maintainer of the site, so the beautiful new design is not my doing. I'm not sure if the designer wants their identity disclosed just yet.
Look forward to the /µ/ thread on lainzine 5, and text releases of lainzines 1 and 2.
A big thank you to everyone who stayed with us so far.


>beautiful new design
Images should have alt attributes.
But neat! I'm excited to read it later today.


Wow! From what I've read so far, it was definitely worth the wait. Fantastic job!


File: 1493646761086.jpg (47.72 KB, 428x600, a9b072db067cc577b1d7b33044….jpg)

>not sure if the designer wants their identity disclosed just yet
hi hi!

noted, thanks!


Just had a quick read and the zine looks amazing!
A big thank you to all the lains for their hard work.
I'm happy to see it finally out :D


Read the zine, great stuff, I enjoyed a lot it (and ended up learning some nice info as well), thank you for taking the time to create this.


Awesome job! Thanks to everyone who worked on this masterpiece.


just another comment saying how awesome this zine is, can't wait for the next issue!


Very well put together it amazes me.


Nice work, it is appreciated.


Nice work!


loved the content and the visual artwork, disliked the fonts. fantastic job all around, though. would love to see plaintext versions of all of them.


Any plans on making print versions?
If we pulled in support from lains maybe it would be possible
If not, i was planning on printing my own anyway


Wasn't there a project to do just that?
A lot of people jumped in and when the time of donating money came, virtually nobody did


looks like i'll be printing my own copies then
no big deal


there was for LZ1-3 but I have no idea how that worked out… if someone could update us on that we can at least learn what works if another print run is planned.

Contact Lainzine staff/Junk. They may have a high res version that's more suitable for printing if that one ends up looking blurry


the group buy is now over and a bunch of people now have zines,

i will be doing another group buy in the future, where there will be better infrastructure (some sort of site to take orders, etc) to make things easier for everyone

if you want the latest information, join the telegram chat:


btw, here are the files that were sent to the print company:


What company was it?


What's the future of lainzine now that the Great Purge has occured? Is the project done with?


The zine was always site independent. So I imagine it is all good.


Applechan claimed Lainzine as their own and are working on a new issue in parallel with the original.



Backups and you, the Autistic Guide.


[Citation needed]

Regardless, competition is good. Although futile since no zine can beat lainzine 3.

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