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Kalyx ######

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Can we do sharethreads here? I'm not sure if that's against the rules.
Normally I'd go to 4chin's /mu/ via, but it'd be nice to have a designated space that's, y'know… not 4chan.
The format that's used on /mu/ is nice, though. It's very organized, and things are normally shared via, so there's no need to torrent.

Is that something we can do here?


You start (:


I want to make sure it's not against any rules for sharing (potentially protected) files and data.

If a mod came in and gave it the okay, I would gladly start one. They're really fun, and a great way to discover new music, and I hope that if I start one people would be interested and want to participate. Otherwise, it's just some lone weirdo sharing some obscure music.


Lol, mods dont mind.



If this is something that can potentially be illegal in your country I would advise you, to not doing it. This website as an history with piracy unless our admin decide my judgment was wrong, This thread is free to proceed.

If you weren't aware, just to remind you,
you don't need to ask for permission. You can read the rule here




I went ahead and made a thread and started it off with some of what I have. I really hope this catches on. Arisuchan isn't really a busy place, but surely people here love music, right?

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