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there are thousands of cyber movies that you cant find on google. I think we should talk about them.
Whats your favorite and why does it make you feel good?

I like movies that are cozy and don't have any worries. The ones that are slow moving and peaceful.
I like to see the main character just really absorbing the strangeness of the world, enjoying his/her environment. Like in code 46 or lost in translation(the latter is not a cyber movie)

anyway, what do you guys like and how do you like to watch your movies?


Great list. I'm going to have to work my way through it.

Not really cyberpunk, but a good movie I'd recommend to any lainfan is Computer Chess. The setup is that a programming club is having a convention to see who can come up with the best chess AI. In the same hotel there's this newage spirituality group also having a convention. It moves slow and gets weirder toward the end. People who don't like it bail because it's slow, but that won't bother lainions.

Flipping through that list, I'm reminded how much I love Strange Days. In general I like movies that are a bit like a fever dream.

Max Headroom the movie still holds up. The show isn't great.

I wouldn't have thought of Manborg as cyberpunk, but I guess so. I had a great time, but was pretty high. I definitely recommend that entire experience. Oof, The Expanse is on there. That's a huge stretch, but a great show. I don't feel as offtopic for suggesting Computer Chess anymore. Videodrome is good. I love Cronenberg, but it's not his best.


There might be thousands. But how many are actually any good? I'm not going to sit through soykaf, just because it is supposed to be a cyberpunk film.


File: 1521976546843.jpg (544.09 KB, 1280x1024, d1af580437dd723340c64eac0b….jpg)

No kidding. Any list with "Overdrawn At The Memory Bank", which has actually gotten official MST3K treatment (, deserves some pruning for quality control.


does anyone know where i can get blade runner 2049 in dvd quality



Just because it was on MST3K doesn't automatically mean it's bad. There are, out of nearly 200 episodes, several very good movies and quite a few more that are at least OK. I've noticed that on IMDumB and similar sites with user reviews and ratings, anything that was on MST3K automatically gets panned unfairly because omg it must be soykaf, MST told me so. (I'm a fan of the show too though, don't get me wrong).

Overdrawn at the Memory Bank is a pretty cool story, produced badly. It's not entirely without merit and it fits the category of cyberpunk.


which cyber film has the longest playtime or most episodes


While it's true that being MST'd is no guarantee that a movie was bad (heck, I actually liked Diabolik and Gunslinger) you have to admit that the venn diagram of "was on MST3K" and "quality movie" doesn't really have much overlap. I'm not going to give Overdrawn at the Memory Bank a pass just because there were good ideas and a half-decent script. Implementation matters. Sure, it qualifies as cyberpunk. Unfortunately it's crap cyberpunk.

What I'd like to see is, instead of remakes of good movies, is for filmmakers to take crap implementations of good ideas and remake those. Don't give us a garbage Ghostbusters reboot, Hollywood. Give us a quality remake of Overdrawn or Kitten with a Whip or The Mole People or something. Heck, even Manos could be a really awesome super-creepy Netflix miniseries in the hands of a good showrunner.

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