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File: 1495048479639.jpg (619.63 KB, 1234x777, hackmud-found_users.jpg)


So there's a few out there, Uplink being the most prominent but there's also HackNet and Hacker Evolution among others. I just picked up a copy of HackMUD which, while I haven't finished the tutorial yet, seems really promising. The music is shway and the aesthetic is really something I can get with. I believe it's a javascript-like interface, though I don't code so I couldn't say.

Anyway, the most promising feature of this is the apparent multiplayer in which players can steal each others scripts and money. That's the entire reason I bought this.

I realize I sound like I'm just shilling it but I had a lot of fun with it so far and It's got me excited so I wanted to share.


Saw the title "Hacker Video Games" and was gonna post Uplink, HackNet, and Hacker Evolution but you already did that lol. Haven't heard of HackMUD, looks cool. I like the idea of an actual in game scripting and the ability to manipulate other player's systems. TIS-100 is a game in which you use a very restrictive and dumbed down version of assembly to manipulate values to fix a corrupted machine, the TIS-100. There is a story narrative along the way that takes digging to unravel but the game in general screams late 60s MIT Compsci Department.


i know this is a bit of a long shot but could you upload both the game and soundtrack to laintracker? it looks hella shway


My copy has steam DRM and most likely would not be useful to anyone except experienced game crackers. Also it's only $15 USD. I understand pirating a AAA game like Battlefield where they make you pay extra to play the game you already bought, but this is a full game for less than the price of a AAA DLC.>>524


So it's closed source. Sometimes I feel no one here actually cares about technology. Everyone is using Windows. People only are into things for the aesthetics.


Heaven forbid anyone want to get paid for hundreds of hours of work. Also the game is on Linux and just about every other platform you can think of. You free software people take everything too seriously. Lighten up.


>just about every other platform you can think of
Is it on NetBSD for MIPS?


And before you think I'm joking, people who use Lemote Yeelongs are people too, so saying "wah they should just switch to x86" wouldn't solve the problem.
People can't run closed source software unless they run very specific hardware and OS combinations.


File: 1495159825319.jpg (425.57 KB, 778x4000, Cybergameslist.jpg)

I was going to add some of these but I see you beat me to it. I've personally played Hacknet and Hacker Evolution. Yet to start on TIS-100. Really good games. I'll attach a cyberpunk games list which might have some elements of hacking in them. Either way, matches the aesthetic.


i havent seen this game mentioned much, probably because its not out yet but it looks hella schway, unfortunately its only going to be available on windows though its made with unity so there may be hope for a linux port yet.

not really sure how well it fits into the cyb aesthetic/cutlture but seems to draw from it at least a little bit.


have any of you guys logged into telehack? that thing's a little interesting


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