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Kalyx ######

File: 1505702991470.jpg (544 KB, 1020x1334, Bjork in a hand painted dr….jpg)


Post your favorite female singer-songwriters.


For aesthetic purposes Katy Perry,
For music purposes Bjork


What do you mean by aesthetics? As in attractiveness? Or as in her visual art?


File: 1505851124462.jpg (20.37 KB, 330x330, Sheena-Kalk_Samen_Kuri_no_….jpg)

please listen to shiina ringo


Any albums specific?


Souad Massi
(old) Zola Jesus
Lily Chou-Chou (heh!)




I don't understand you then. I never thought Katy ever looked that good.


If you like hip hop definitely listen to Little Simz.

She also has a really good unreleased track with Gorillaz. There's a video of them performing it live on youtube.

If you like pop type stuff probably check out Grimes? I like her aesthetic but don't enjoy her music much cuz it's not really what I'm into


File: 1506224187893-0.jpg (91.24 KB, 960x638, 1c8c4476ed0a46915e71d1d2ba….jpg)

File: 1506224187893-1.jpg (97.17 KB, 736x919, 59cef267f6a2d2a1ff66fb1618….jpg)

File: 1506224187893-2.png (291.37 KB, 704x396, campanella.png)



<3 luv wed. campanella


Emiliana Torrini
Lykke Li
Amanda Palmer
Regina Spektor
Sandy Denny
Janis Joplin

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