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Being a community of hackers of sorts, it is strange that the subject of Law hasn't ever been mentioned.
Does any lain here know something about the legal system? Roman law? Any of that?
Perhaps I'm just getting ideas from The Rainmaker and Ace Attorney, but at least some of it seems interesting.
Anyway, does anyone here have a good pointer to maybe a book for someone who knows jack soykaf about this? I want to dig a bit into it and see if I like it.
Thanks a lot lains.

Also discuss Law here, but please keep your political views out, politics kills communities. And yes if you keep the conversation within technical terms, we can avoid spiraling down to calling others see-you-see-kays. After all, this is a forum of tech-savvy people isn't it?


Law is often mentioned indirectly in the concern about Free Software, and the GPL v.3's viral structure can be considered a kind of legal hacking, so it's around.
For books- Plato's Dialogues, Machiavelli's the prince, and the Tao Te Ching are good places to start. They each illustrate a different culture's ideas about legal frameworks by considering different rational focuses of moral consideration. Such a varied approach is a useful way to jump in if you're just starting to think about law, since it illustrates the way that law is a logical enterprise by extrapolating from crazy different premises.
Recently I've also discovered Eben Moglen, who's a lawyer and a technologist who gives very interesting talks.


I recommend Bastiat's aptly named "The Law". It's rather opinionated, but it lays down pretty clearly the basis of enlightenment legal philosophy, which formed the framework of America's legal system (and portions of quite a few others).

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