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Kalyx ######

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Music? Anyone into any of the recent Waves?

At the moment I am infatuated with Makeup and Vanity Set, the music just seems so very punk.

By far my favorite track is

I do love we are at the point where we have a massive selection in music available to us.

Anyone know anything in the same vain?


The recentish style that I like the most is glitch IDM, like Access to Arasaka and Tineidae. But I stopped listening to copyrighted stuff so, yeah. I'm not looking for new music nearly as much as I used to, sadly.

>Anyone know anything in the same vain?

Yeah, there's a big bunch of retrowave music, look it up and you'll find lots of it. The one I used to like was Dance with the Dead, but it goes over to the metalish side.

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