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Kalyx ######

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Hey I was wondering if anybody here has a spare invite to the music tracker Redacted,if so it'd be nice to get one!


Why would I give something like that to a stranger?


It's supposed to be a really good music tracker, and i do a ton of music torrenting so i was really just wondering if anyone on here had some spare invites to share. I'd really rather not go through some interview to get an invite.


File: 1528976988393-0.png (50.44 KB, 586x490, Screenshot_1.png)

Don't fall for the private tracker meme.

The concept of bittorrent, just sharing cool stuff from my computer to yours, is long lost.
There is no real usermade interesting soykaf on it, not even just some cool stuff someone found. It's just an index of seedboxes filled with media ripped from a few sites by scripts. Maybe someone uploads an rip of an old CD he found somewhere, but some greedy fuck's seedbox immediately grabs it.
There is no real spirit of sharing. You can't seed back to anyone, because of the seedboxes, you are not motivated to share, and by the time the 2 week hit&run period expires you can't wait to delete it from your torrent client, because why should you share it, it's up on someone's seedbox.
But on public trackers, when you find some obscure soykaf, with one single peer, that's active for 2 hours a day, it feels so good when you see that you can share that back to other people, and you know that without you they wouldn't've been able to get the files they wanted.

The closest thing to just simple sharing is Soulseek. You can share folders, and others can browse your folders, and download files they like. There are some people with really huge collections of music and lots of other stuff.


Just do the interview, it's not that hard to get in.


seconding soulseek
private trackers are fine if you can seed but soulseek should have everything you're looking for


Main reason I appreciate redacted is it's somewhat strict guidelines on upload quality.
Would have to put my hand up as a seedbox user though. During university I had no capability to download on campus, so it worked well for me and then it just stuck around.


You have no idea what you're talking about. I literally can't find anything in your post that is true. Have you ever even been on a private tracker like OiNK or What.CD?


can you share the theme?


sent ;)

ok if you're a lazy soykaf, you can fuck yourself honestly



No one will give you an invite because it's against the rules to give invites to strangers, and if you are staff on a private tracker it will result in a permanent ban for the inviter because it puts everyone on the tracker at risk if you invite some random MAFIAA shill.

Just do the interview. You might have to sit in the queue for a long time but it isn't difficult if you can read and sit through a test.


dear saito
it is strongly advised even by RED themselves not to give invites to randoms. you give invites to friends if anyone, you need to be able to trust others, and i cannot trust you based on this post you made anonymously.

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