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until /lit/ is a thing can we post books?


/lit/ is a thing. it's just hidden for some reason.


>until /lit/ is a thing can we post books?
If there is sufficient high-quality discussion here worthy of /lit/, we can bring back /lit/. You should not decline to to post something because you disagree with the letters in your address bar. I'm not suggesting that you do, but many others feel this way and without good reason. Literature is listed in the subtitle. So yes, you can post books. In fact, I would like to encourage it. Thank you.


File: 1492996277530-0.pdf (547.17 KB, [P._Kropotkin]_The_Conques….pdf)

File: 1492996277530-1.pdf (1.17 MB, [Gibson_William]_William_G….pdf)

File: 1492996277530-2.pdf (4.04 MB, hacking-the-art-of-exploit….pdf)

File: 1492996277530-3.pdf (5.42 MB, [Charles_W._Mills]_The_Rac….pdf)

File: 1492996277530-4.pdf (613.21 KB, peter-gelderloos-anarchy-w….pdf)

just a mix of different PDFs I have. My folders aren't really organized at the moment


File: 1508350304279.pdf (3.07 MB, SmithA_WealthNations_p.pdf)

Here are some books on Economics and Marxism in French and English. Does anyone have any introductory books on investing? I'm interested in starting more for amusement than anything


File: 1508350363525.pdf (5.03 MB, Les_Structures_Sociales_de….pdf)

more books


this is Classical Liberalism my friend. While Marx was heavily influenced by it, this is not Marxism.


File: 1508440857087.pdf (7.58 MB, Lire le capital [II].pdf)

m8 look at the very next post. I was trying to post like 4 things but files were too big. But thanks for letting everyone know you can distinguish between classical liberalism and marxism :o)
Here's some Althusser, anyway.


Do you have part 1 ?


In physical form yah but I haven't found a pdf for it yet


File: 1510234777009.pdf (13.45 MB, Althusser_-_Lire_le_Capita….pdf)

Found it. Here's part 1.



I've been re-reading capital w/ althusser's piece.

links for what im currently reading.


File: 1566355610118.pdf (209.16 KB, michail-bakunin-god-and-th….pdf)

Sharing some of the books that I've been reading lately.





File: 1566356701745.pdf (388.79 KB, kaczynski2.pdf)


The file didn't upload, it seems.


Does Alice have recommendations for fiction books that merge tech and nature? I'm thinking of woods with the occasional antenna or microwave tower, farms with random bits of tech, high tech rural life. I suppose non fiction books of this nature would be neat, too!


Ursula's Always Coming Home had an idyllic post-post-apocalypse society that lived in agrarian villages but the previous civilization also left behind a sort of internet that was self-repairing and nearly immortal. Their lives were low tech except for this one long distance messaging system.


>still no /lit/
>we get a /jp/ board despite there isnt a single jap on the entire site


How is /lit/ differenet from /cult/?


Build it an they will come, as they say, Or not, maybe, awell I feel ambivalent today let's go with who cares.


dont forget there are three times as many deleted than existing posts on /jp/ :)


>how is /all/ different from /cult/
big brain time


take that smiley and shove it up your soykaf hole


You can't post on /all/.


Big Brain


take that cancer of a post and go back to *chan


truly an unprecedented intelligence quotient

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