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Kalyx ######

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hey, all

so zine things haven't been moving forwards recently. basically everything, articles and art, is done and stuff just needs to be arranged. …and it's been that way for a while now. junk's off being super busy with school or work or something like that, and so isn't particularly responsive

am trying to contact the person who had been working on layout, but, in the meantime, if you have experience using scribus, have some time here and there to work in poking at a thing, and and are willing to play nicely with others, please poke me either at the zine's email address ( or my own email address (can be found via or, if it's easier for you, on rizon or freenode

i'll work out this stuff and do it all myself if need be, but am pretty busy with school as well and would be learning from scratch, so a helpful person could speed this up a lot

thanks ^_^


To clarify, I'm at school again and I have a job,
so I will not be able to push this forward like I used to.

Our layout person was almost finished with a design using InDesign, so if you have skill and access to that software it also works. You need to be willing to share the source files with the rest of the team, and communicate somewhat regularly.

I have a new email now, it's I sent out an email confirming its me to the lainzine mailing list. I switched because openmailbox ended their IMAP policy for free accounts.

If anyone else wants to help work on the magazine, please get in touch.
We have enough articles, but we could use more editors and proofreaders.


offer someone money.

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