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File: 1504811384320.png (84.07 KB, 512x512, arisuchan-master.png)

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We're excited about arisuchan and we hope you are too!


redbubble stickers (markup is 0%)

banners for your website

If you have ideas for stickers or banners, please upload them and we will add them to the store or directory respectively.

Should you buy stickers please share pictures. We would love to see "arisuchan" in the wild!

Thanks, Alice.


Next payday, moar stickers!


>Next payday, moar stickers!
I can't wait to see it! Is it going on a laptop? ^_^


I just ordered one.
Can't wait to put it on my lappy.
I bet they're gonna look pretty neat!



Could we get a sticker that reads ""?


Stickers which look like the attached picture in >>1376 would be cool.

That's a good idea. Adding the extension would make it possible for outsiders to directly browse the site before they look up the name with your token search engine.


I agree, that >>1376 image would make a great photo. Can confirm I would buy one immediately if available


>Could we get a sticker that reads ""?

>Stickers which look like the attached picture in >>1376 would be cool.

I will upload higher resolution versions of the original stickers so that they can be printed in the medium and large sizes as well. For now only the new ones are available in all three sizes.

I also want to find another vendor that will print borderless stickers. They'd pretty much all look better without borders.


Rad, I will be buying them now. I've got a laptop to christen with


Seems like a razor would do just fine, I'd honestly just prefer to keep costs down.


Why do these stickers have product reviews from way before and even before it were even created? Those "reviews" don't seem to come from very /cyb/ people either… What is going on here?


The reviews are for the base material and not any particular design which is printed on it. Therefore the reviews are shared between every shop on the entire website.


I see, thanks.


File: 1507254371177.jpg (4.7 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_20171005_213438228.jpg)

ye boi i'm drinking tonight.


Regardless of the name change, I'd still love a sticker with Lain on it


>Regardless of the name change, I'd still love a sticker with Lain on it
I like this idea. I'll make one soon.

I would also like to find a different vendor to print stickers. Redbubble fucking sucks, honestly.

P.S. We can't use Stickermule as they are not accepting new signups for store accounts. If Alice has a store account, perhaps she could use it to upload stickers for us.


File: 1510315064256.jpg (551.55 KB, 2448x1836, berlin-arenaClub.jpg)

>Redbubble fucking sucks, honestly.
That's what I suspect, too. At least they sent me a replacement shipment when I complained that my order was a day late. I received the original and the replacement delivery with a delay of five days, each. It seems that they've got difficulties to keep their soykaf together.


File: 1510572778423.png (115.48 KB, 1532x782, 1.png)

made these;


File: 1510572809139.png (334.17 KB, 1047x534, 2.png)



dont just say 'meh'! critique! what makes these bad designs? do they do anything good, anything successful or interesting? why do you just say 'meh'?

I am not really a sticker designer person extra-ordinare, so take what I say as you will. BUT, it seems like these have a lot more colours than perhaps they should. Often times for printing things it seems to help to have as few colours as possible.

what if you could like, make all the bodies in the background like, faded B/W? that would draw more attention to lain, in colour. Or even just, lain in brighter colours, set apart.

Between the first and the second, though I like the sort of faded colours on the maroon name, that does seem, a questionable choice for a sticker. It should be identifiable, distinct. The second one does this far better.

I am not quite sure about the effect of the first one; just pixelization is like, very simple and very basic. sometimes perhaps that is apt, but in this case I am not sure it really, fits. it gives you a lot of shades of colour, (dithering might help to give the effect of different colours, while also adding another layer of cool pixelization). Whatever, but just by itself it seems to draw attention to an effect that you've done, but ultimately its not an effect thats really, worth that level of attention.


duly noted, was really just looking for interesting caps from the series but will do a bit more to make them interesting


Those pics are interesting as a concept. As an end result they're 'too empty', in my opinion. The next step would be applying the art of adding something without adding too much if you know what I mean. For example highlighting details or giving areas more texture are ways to work out further your material.


File: 1510764609155.png (971.93 KB, 2491x1643, arisuchan.png)

So I made this, I wanted something that looked hand drawn, naive even. Would love some feedback or comments


>So I made this, I wanted something that looked hand drawn, naive even. Would love some feedback or comments
That is incredible!


Any chance admin could put this on the redbubble so I can buy it?


File: 1510937881951.jpg (77.45 KB, 350x373, arisu1.jpg)

Sticker with side-face Lain, but opposed to Alices' would be great. Could stick the two facing each other



Nice, best sticker so far, bought


I am considering ordering some high quality, borderless prints of the existing designs from a different vendor. If anyone is interested in purchasing them at cost, I can provide an email/PGP key. I figured I would survey interest before I order a fuckton of them.


I would be, I hate the red bubble borders
Depends on the cost of course


File: 1511541052398.jpg (707.57 KB, 1273x891, DSC_3326.jpg)

Mine just arrived


File: 1511758390223-0.png (6.84 KB, 234x60, 234x60-pink.png)

File: 1511758390223-1.png (6.84 KB, 234x60, 234x60.png)

File: 1511758390223-2.png (7 KB, 234x60, 234x60-red.png)

We will be ordering a batch of higher quality, borderless stickers. They will be sold at cost via PGP encrypted email.

We will get a die cut of the art Alice posted in >>1667 and a rectangular cut of one of the three attached colors.

Help us decide which color and sizes to choose!

The die cut of >>1667 can be:

2" x 2"
3" x 3"
4" x 4"
5" x 5"

The rectangle cut of one of the three attached banners can be:

2" x 1"
3" x 2"
4" x 2"
5" x 2"
5" x 3"
6" x 3"




I'm interested, if you're still going to do this, I vote for the red alice at 4 x 2


Would also like to have red 4" x 2"


So, what about that 'better' stickers? Thread is dead and I would like to know if I should still wait for them to be made or just order from soykafbubble?


>So, what about that 'better' stickers? Thread is dead and I would like to know if I should still wait for them to be made or just order from soykafbubble?
I meant to do this a while ago, but figured that most here wouldn't be comfortable sharing their mailing address (even in PGP) anyways so I didn't prioritize it. Now that I've left the States it may be more difficult, but I'll see what I can do. I suppose I could still order from a company there and have it delivered to me here, but shipping might be more expensive. I'll get back to you on this in the next 72 hours.


I will be ordering a die cut sticker of >>1667 from Stickermule.

Please let me know which cut y'all think I should order:


I just ordered 100 die cut 3" by 3" stickers of the artwork in >>1667. They should be ready to ship out by the 18th of June.

Please see >>1901 if you would like one! ^_^

Also if this is of use to anyone, please feel free to use it:
Earn $10 toward your next order.

Share this link with your friends to give them $10 off their order and get $10 credit when they buy.


File: 1528575700207.png (88.6 KB, 1280x720, order.png)


Why is everyone buying soykafty Redbubble stickers right after I have a batch of 100x high quality, borderless stickers of >>1667 printed by Sticker Mule?!

If Alice would like one, please send an encrypted message to
with your mailing address. We look forward to seeing it on your laptop! ^_^



Before I buy, how much?


>Before I buy, how much?
Just the cost of shipping.

The stickers only cost $82 to have 100 of them printed. Don't think it is meaningful to charge $0.82 per sticker.


So, standard USPS rates for international letters? If so, that'd be under 3 USD (first class), correct me if I'm wrong.


>So, standard USPS rates for international letters? If so, that'd be under 3 USD (first class), correct me if I'm wrong.
Something like that. If you need a more accurate estimate we'll have to know where it's going first.


Also if someone sent us an email encrypted with a BCPG C# v1.6.1.0 key generated from Guerrillamail, we're having trouble opening it.

Additionally it is unsafe/obsolete anyways. See

Please try again.


GMX is censoring encrypted emails. Please use
instead. Sorry.


I second this, would be nice to have Arisu and Rain grace the two corners of my laptop.


I would love this as well! Any artists here?


Where did you get the one in the top right?


Sorry, to further clarify I mean the melting lain one.


I really want a sticker. Is eM Client good to send you an e-mail or should I find something else?


I'm having issues in getting the PGP key to work in ProtonMail. It doesn't appear to recognize it as valid.



You should look into your account, if I remember correctly Protonmail do not let you use pgp normally but generated a key pair for this particular account.


at the very worst you can encrypt locally and include the ASCII armour output of your PGP message in the body of an email, or attached.


Ugh… I don't understand how all of this stuff works, but I really want a sticker :(


so i emailed three days ago and there is no response. am I being impatient or did the email get lost?


You don't need to encrypt your email if you don't want to. It's just an option for your benefit.


>so i emailed three days ago and there is no response. am I being impatient or did the email get lost?
Sorry, I haven't been checking it every day. I read and replied to all new inquiries just now though. If you haven't heard back, then yes, it may have been lost. Otherwise, enjoy your new stickers! ^_^


so, is this free ?


it's been made pretty clear that the stickers and shipping is free




Thanks for clearing this up. Going to order my piece soon.


Anyone know if redbubble stickers stick to cars? And do they survive weather like rain etc?


>And do they survive weather like rain etc?
To me they appear rather sturdy.


Guess what came in the mail today.


Yo, my came in too. They look great!


File: 1535396569156.jpg (1.68 MB, 4000x3000, IMAG0019.jpg)

The sticker came in, looks great!


Post pictures, Alice!


Also received mine yesterday! They are lovely. Will be putting them on everything :) Thanks for doing this.


So you've received several stickers. Have you ordered them at Redbubble?


They are sending out much better ones for free. See >>1940 and the announcement at the top of every page.


I actually initially ordered a sticker off redbubble a couple months back. But yes, you can receive them for free. I received 3. They're somewhat smaller than the one I got on redbubble but are much better quality and have a clear instead of white border.


I requested one.
It's going on the laptop as soon as it arrives (if they are still in stock).


File: 1537345119939.jpg (1.44 MB, 4160x3120, stickers.jpg)

Got mine today. Left is an X200, Lenovo logo was a bit messed up so I covered it. Right is an X220. Thanks for the stickers Seph, they look really good ^_^.


Am I going to expose my address if I buy one of those things?


I've sent an email two weeks ago, but I haven't gotten a reply yet.



Yes you will expose your address if you do ask for one. There is another way to do so if you have family/friends or a box located far from your home where you can ask the delivery to be set will provide you a certain layer of protection.

Seph didn't respond to mine and it was sent it might just take time.


File: 1537603370178.jpg (222.18 KB, 4160x2340, 20180922_084401.jpg)

Got my Redbubble on in the mail, it's pretty nice, just sorta wishing I'd got a smaller one instead :3


>Yes you will expose your address if you do ask for one.
You will expose your address to me and one absolutely trusted moderator only.

>Seph didn't respond to mine and it was sent it might just take time.

I don't respond to the ones that just drop an address. Everyone that requests stickers will receive them. So you will still get them even if you haven't heard back from me.

>Got my Redbubble on in the mail, it's pretty nice, just sorta wishing I'd got a smaller one instead :3
Easy solution: request one of the higher quality ones! They're a bit smaller, have better color, and don't have the white border.

btw I really like the placement of your sticker. I don't know why it didn't occur to me to put it on the bottom of my laptop. I'm going to have to move mine. ^_^;


File: 1538034379293.jpg (11.43 KB, 547x206, FB_IMG_1538033870078.jpg)



File: 1538216468285.png (403.1 KB, 699x622, Leorio.png)

Seph, I ordered one about 2-3 weeks ago to be sent to Europe. Is it ever gonna come? -.-


File: 1538355520498.jpg (1.31 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20180930_214925461.jpg)


File: 1538398053627.jpg (257.99 KB, 1394x929, R3Yrh7V.jpg)

thanks arisu!


How's the situation looking on those High Quality™ Stickers™? Got any left?


Yeah, I'm interested, too. Would be a cool thing if there are still some of those stickers "in stock".


Same here! I emailed but haven't got a response yet, think we may have missed the boat


We still have about 40 left. Next round will go out at the end of this week. Thanks for being patient, Alice. ^_^


I ordered one for Greece about 4 weeks ago and got no response. Then again I used FlowCrypt for gmail. Any progress? Or should I send another e-mail? Maybe I should use different encrypting software?


File: 1540192021305.jpg (23.05 KB, 500x375, Booby.jpg)



Sorry for the long delay everyone! I haven't checked arisuchan's email since the beginning of September so if you made a request since then (we received 12), you haven't been forgotten!


File: 1540224466819.gif (604.27 KB, 500x375, 1539725280975.gif)

Thank you, Seph. It's no problem.


Seconding that question. Where to cop the melting Lain? The text in the corner says "from the wired" but that still isn't bringing up any results.


So has anybody here received some high-quality stickers lately?


Are there still any left


Hey i had an idea for a sticker. I am fucking stupid and dont know were to post this, maybe alice will like, i think it is soykaf tho. (newfag, if you couldn't tell )


Just pointing out that when I read this post earlier today it had an image, now there is none? Board Software acting strange probably.



Not the person with that laptop, but I found it. It seems to be available on redbubble


i deleted it because it was soykaf


File: 1546555068413.png (143.32 KB, 844x621, Screenshot 2019-01-03 at 1….png)

idk someone might like this, im dumb so im just gonna post it here.


File: 1546615731712.jpg (229 KB, 1120x2016, 20190104_120938.jpg)

i got some stickers today. i can sell/give some out if y'lall want


this looks nice. I like it.


>Are there still any left
Yes, we still have some left!

I've just been really busy and haven't had time to check the arisuchan email for a bit. I'll try to get to it as soon as I can!


File: 1546732595881.png (161.51 KB, 831x621, Lains-Second-Navi.png)

thanks took 10 minutes



where can i buy these stickers?


very nice!




File: 1547755635785.gif (954.49 KB, 444x309, 1393734214362.gif)

More went out, I have a teensy weensy few left in case some get lost in the mail. Pretty sure that happens a bit, but I have no way of checking whether or not thats something on my end, an address error, or a post issue. At one point I accidentally posted some letters internationally with insufficient postage so that was my fault (because I am very smart and good at math) but in THEORY I've now sent a letter to everyone who sent an email asking for one. Please wait warmly, I mailed them a bit ago but it could still be weeks before they show up.


artist of this sticker here. Happy people are buying this still and look forward to the diecut version.


File: 1548803739609.gif (5.29 KB, 88x31, Mine.gif)

you could do a 88x31 banner with the typical 90s design with the fake 3d (pic related) because i have a website with buttons linking to other websites i like but all of them banners have that design except yours and it looks kinda weird, just a suggestion.


File: 1549018379193.jpeg (1.47 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

I've received mine last week. Thanks, Seph.

Greetings from Berlin.


Hey I'm from Berlin too.
Did you post some of the events in Berlin on ?
I think if we find some other arisuchan/lainchan users we should meet-up.
At the CCCB maybe?
If you're interested i'll start a thread on /r/ or /feels/.


Yeah, I'm the one who has opened that thread and also posted some events there. Thanks for considering a meet up but as of now I prefer to stay anonymous.



how can we buy these stickers please? they're awesome.



Yes you can buy them on redbubble.



I'm possibly a scatterbrain , but I don't find these "Laintel" stickers on Redbubble (maybe because i'm in Europe actually ?).



Me neither, can someone just repost the link?



File: 1550702557853.jpg (1.63 MB, 3264x1836, 20.jpg)

Couple of those beautiful pieces made it to russia west. Will dump picrels once i do anything better than the usual 'thinkpad with a sticker' soykaf.


eagerly waiting for bear with a sticker selfie!


Just don't hold your breath you schmuck


if i want to buy a few of these where can i email you? i'd love to negotiate a price if ur willing.


sorry for being away for a while. if you email me at laintel at cock dot li i can ship some to you


Mine got lost in the mail…
Are there any right now? If yes could you please send me some again?


They can take a REALLY long time to arrive. I got mine in the end of January, and the envelope was dated September 8.


>Are there any right now? If yes could you please send me some again?
We're out at the moment, but we will order another batch and do another run if we receive sufficient donations.

We may try a different size this time to mix it up. We'll an update if we do.


File: 1556107512299.jpeg (199.63 KB, 1688x1243, stickers.jpeg)

They arrived today in the mail.
Thank you very much :)


How do I acquired these


Almost finished with a new sticker.


File: 1556608482848.png (288.33 KB, 2280x2280, arisuheart.png)



Are you >>2233 ?


No but >>2233 Seph and any other admins are welcome to use the sticker design with credit.


Wow I really like the simplicity, esp with
ngl I might order some stickers of these


That's pretty neat


I agree with that.


Hey fren, I sent you an email to catch up on those sweet laintel stickers to see if you still have any since we last talked! Thanks fren

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