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Kalyx ######

File: 1525787120031-0.webm (5.17 MB, 720x480, allahu akbar kino.mp4.webm)


Did you watch the latest episode of Kino no Tabi? It was set in the land of the Arabs and was a commentary on natural rights versus female genital mutilation.


I think you're reading too much into it.


opinion utterly disqualified


What difference does it make that it was streamed on Crunchyroll? Is this like when people complain about tumblr filenames?


File: 1526679828107.jpg (167.6 KB, 1079x498, Smite-Achilles-UGP-PCLaunc….jpg)

my issue with crunchyroll is the Flash requirements. but im not that other alice that mentioned crunchyroll


> remake
Did you watch the original? Did you read the books? How can you eat such hot garbage which the remake undoubtedly is?


Also the original celebrates 15 years this year. It's a nice time to rewatch it and give it appreciation it deserves.

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