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I do a daily bible study 7 days a week and a nightly bible study m-f.
Night M-F: 7:30PM CST-US

Its lofi, mostly takes place in terminal, music in the background, Dramatized NIV audio, arch linux, 900x540 res, and some nice music idk, i think this is the right board to share this…. sorry if i got it wrong.

Tonights Schedule ATM(more to be added):
Lords Prayer
Luke 4
Shine On Sweet Jesus - The Flaming Lips
Satan's Temptation of Christ Explained: A Verse-by-Verse Study of Luke 4:1-13 - True Riches Academy
Luke 5
Him - Lily Allen
Frustrations of a Worldly Christian - Joel Stevens
Luke 6
Luke 7
Lords Prayer


Huh, that's pretty neat. Maybe I'll drop by sometime. Mind if I ask what got you into doing a bible study the way you do? Like you said it is weird and very different but it seems cool to


OPPS Night M-F: 9:30PM CST-US


Uh I dont like talking out loud, and a voice told me to do bible studies. So i worked with what i had and my computer is rather low resources. So i threw it together and it just sorta came out that way.


Special schedule today gonna be airing new movie after study!
Bible study time 1pm CST-US aka 20 mins, bible,music,fun
Lords Prayer
Job 34-35
It Was Jesus - Johnny Cash
Equality by C.S. Lewis Doodle
Matthew 15
Just a Little Talk With Jesus - Loretta Lynn
The Ontological Argument (The Introduction) by InspiringPhilosophy
Job 36-37
Lords Prayer
Airing: Paul, The Apostle (Movie, 2018)


your streams keep getting flagged for copyright and the audio muted

i don't really have a solution other than stop using twitch but i thought you should know / have it pointed out here


ya they mute the auido of the saved videos but the audio is good during the stream… youtube its even worse rather than just muting portions they refuse to upload it at all
Bible Study startomg in ~30 mins aka 1PM CST-US
Lords Prayer
Job 38-40
Peter Kreeft - Faith Works (A Solution)
The Flaming Lips - Shine on Sweet Jesus
Matthew 16
Finding God (Finding Shakespeare) by C.S. Lewis Doodle
Bruce Springsteen - Jesus was an only son
Job 41-42
Lords Prayer

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