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Kalyx ######

File: 1493274030106.jpg (1.15 MB, 1200x1200, a3366014855_10.jpg)


Hello everyone,

I am quite new to all this Cyberpunk, but I have always had a thing for it through my whole childhood and teenage years, well even today, when I am a grown up. My question is for the people of .jp, do any of you have some kind of Cyberpunk style music? I did find a few through many searches, but they don't quite have the cyber style over it.



File: 1493277877180.jpg (120.78 KB, 500x413, 1455412080658.jpg)

Some more popular obviously cyb-inspired stuff incoming

2814 (the only full album here, one of my favs):

Blank Banshee:

Honestly if you like ambient even a little, most of the stuff on dream catalogue is quality:

It's diverging a bit more, but I've also been really in love with In Love with a Ghost recently:

There are a lot of widely different styles of music that somewhat fit the aesthetic, do you have some more specific examples of stuff you are into musically.


I've been listening to this one a lot lately
Here's a nice one with the word "cyberpunk" in the title
the author is a regular at 8ch/cyber/ where he spams his music
This next one is my all time favrit, play it while you hack the gibson, maximum profit
This stuff is good too, demoscene music, incredibly high quality, also good while you craft your spooky shellcode


File: 1493292239720.jpg (1.45 MB, 1280x1279, how_to_destroy_angels_welc….jpg)

Atari Teenage Riot (founders of the Digital Hardcore genre):

Cyberpunks Are Dead!:


Revolution Action:

Start The Riot!:

Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture:

Deltron 3030


Positive Contact:


Love Story:

Nine Inch Nails' Cyberpunk concept album Year Zero:


Full Album:

How To Destroy Angels' singularity and information-age based concept album Welcome Oblivion:

The Loop Closes:

Full album:


File: 1493293761052.png (518.61 KB, 800x801, Divtech - Machines Of Deca….png)



Not sure anything I recommend will fit the bill, some things that put images or feelings in my head that come to mind at the moment.

1991 -
Xander Harris -
Autechre -
Nomad Ninja -
Satomi Taniyama -
Smackos -
Aleksi Peraelae -
Young Male -
Oobe -
Sand Circles -

Actress' new lp AZD has some nice moments on it, not very atmospheric though, more of a club-pleasing release by him (

Yves de mey - 'frission' even further removed from (


I love all of these, its a feast for my ears.
Close this world, open the next.


Danger does good french house, it reminds a little of 80s-90s cyberpunk
Might the most cyberpunk MV I've seen. Directed by the same guy that did Akira

Others mentioned ATR, they're fucking good
IMMUNE// disappeared from the internet, but I think they're back under "Halo Acid" or someth



In the right mood Surgeon is very rewarding -

sinister techno bent -

His labelmate Regis is also quite good -



Oneohtrix Point Never's most recent album was pretty heavily cyb inspired:

Amnesia Scanner:

Fatima Al Qadiri:


The single most cyb song I've heard is "Sleeper In Metropolis" by Anne Clark.


> Clock DVA
Lemme hug ya.
And you forgot (did you?) Digital Soundtracks. One of the /cyb/est things I've ever heard.
> Cycom
> Delta Machines
> Sound Sweep
> The Operators

Also I can recommend early Front Line Assembly.
> The Initial Command (album)
> Mindphaser (from Tactical Neural Implant; the entire album is pure winrar, but this one has good visuals as well)
> Caustic Grip (album, harsher sound)


>Digital Soundtracks
i've gotta give that one a shot. i mostly just listen to their earlier stuff. what would you even call this genre? post-industrial maybe?


I'd call it post-industrial, though some classify Clock DVA as post-punk.
In my opinion post-industrial is a bit too broad for such music, as it may include both EBMers like Front 242 and FLA and "softer" sounding artists like Clock DVA, late Cabaret Voltaire or Netz.


Front Line Assembly and Front 242 are pretty good. Bit outdated now but still cool to listen to. Also check out the units, although I'd say they're more synth-poppy. ←- Front 242 ←- FLA ←- Units


Welp. Someone already recommended those bands. Apologies. You all have good taste btw :)


File: 1494338139050.png (54.75 KB, 256x256, 1475868874271.png)

While not exactly cyberpunk per se, I used to listen to a lot of psytrance and experimental hardcore electronic music. The kind of thing the DJs would blast at the renegade rave in a vacant warehouse or under a highway overpass, at least at the parties I found. Personally I believe that chiptune and breakcore/lolicore represented a unique manifestation of wired culture back in 200X. Classic psytrance also emminates a distinctive vibe. To name a few artists in particular, DJ Sharpnel, Kenta-EZ, T+pazolite, and Betwixt & Between, DJ Kurara, loffciamcore, and Kobaryo are all pretty sweet.

Here are some links (Solar Quest - Acid Air Raid Classic Psytrance)

Party on~


The name kinda speaks for itself, electronic and punk. I think a lot of underground electronic music would fit in the whole cyberpunk genre.

Aïsha Devi - Kim & The Wheel Of Life

Crystal Castles - Fleece

And if you want something a bit harder:

Mr.Gasmask - Starsystematic

Limewax and Thrasher - The Expensive Squat Party Anthem

This thread reminds me of the time I was in Prague and visited the Cross Club. The whole place was like a sci-fi movie set, here's some video of it:


fuck yeah Regis and Surgeon, all my teenage years

>Jeff Mills- 31J56-4

Electro is usually full of weird scifi synths somewhat cyberpunk

>Dj Stingray - Aqua Team 2

>Der Zyklus - Biometric ID

>Photodementia – Fotografische


>some kind of Cyberpunk style
honestly depends on what you're interested in.
There's many musics that are related to cyberpunk in odd ways. Of course you have all this punk-derived stuff, but what really captures the ideas in my opinion are reggae and grime.

Dub is the original punk, basically, it's all about the diy ethos, I mean, the very concept originated with misusing mixing desks. Just try to look past the juvenile DUDE WEED LMAO aesthetic associated with much of it due to people simply not understanding patois.

Instrumental grime is also really interesting, it always felt very cold and futuristic to me. Also the Asian influences you get in some are really cool.


Musically, I originally come from the rock & metal side. And although electronic music is deeply connected to cyberpunk(& I grew to love it), especially its punkier side (I see Atari Teenage Riot ITT, Death Grips probably here too, Archive as well), I feel like the cyberpunk potential of rock music is often overlooked.
So, I'll post examples of rock-derived music that feel pretty cyber to me, mostly post-rock, shoegaze and noise rock, that, imo, embody very well the "low-life" side of cyberpunk premises.

Astrobrite - ultrablast (shoegaze)
Bardo Pond - tommy gun angel (shoegaze)
Big Black - cables (noise rock)
Boris - pink (noise rock/sludge/drone, Boris in general)
Buckethead - welcome to bucketheadland
Godspeed you ! Black emperor - the dead flag blues (post rock)
Haken - initiate (prog metal)
Les Thugs - waiting (punk, noise rock)
Melt Banana - the hive (noise, punk rock)
Metal urbain - panik (experimental punk)
Nihternnes - in life and death (atmospheric black metal w/ cyb feels)
Nothing - get well (shoegaze)
Pelican - australasia (post-metal)
Set fire to flames - sings reigns rebuilder (post rock)
the jesus lizard - nub (noise rock)
unsane cracked up
Voices from deep below (shoegaze)

Could quote many more that fit my idea of music in a cyberpunk time, even though the music itself doesn't appear to be referencing/showing it, from Dinosaurjr to Fugazi, hell even sonic youth, but this sentence is prbbly not very clear so Ill stop there.


File: 1499974004333.jpg (32.68 KB, 400x400, Leftfield-Leftism_(album_c….jpg)

Leftism is a great high-energy proto-electronic album from the early 90s, and 1 song features in "Hackers" so I guess that makes it cyb :)

Great music to hack the gibson, skateboard or gaze at the city from a rooftop to.


File: 1500014164932.jpg (197.71 KB, 500x500, artworks-000218123860-udzu….jpg)

yea i dont think this stuff fits the cyberpunk "aesthetic" that gets thrown around a lot nowadays , who decides cyberpunk has to be dark and gloomy.

hardcore anime music is extremely "cyb" in the "real hacker soykaf" sense of stealing samples from multimillion dollar anime studio productions (va's get paid the most in the industry, esp when they sing) and fucking them up, ie vocal cuts or distorting this entirely commercial product that is essentially merchandise into something of their own

cba to find more rn


File: 1500014499900.jpg (Spoiler Image, 619.33 KB, 2048x1536, P1010804_eff.JPG)

an anisong dj's bedroom studio


Nine Inch Nails just released a new EP, and I think this track (and its music video) is pretty /cyb/.


File: 1511013863170.jpg (266.13 KB, 900x900, 6hcOvexi0Kc.jpg)

Some experimental or post-rock or lo-fi or I don't know
Dysphoric/depressive electronic music from /ru

Alice, how cyb is it on 0-10 scale?


File: 1511030753730.jpg (201.09 KB, 723x1062, cad1d7d43d1e2209c59062550f….jpg)

I normally enjoy what this russian weeb does but this album feels really boring and repetitive.

paranoid hallucinations in a club/777


is machine girl cyberpunk?


File: 1512383286527.jpg (122.3 KB, 1024x576, neon bombarder.jpg)


Industrial bands like Ministry. Electronic music such as early Acid House. Hardcore punk that was coming out of DC and NY. All the harder sounding music of the early to mid 80s when Neuromancer and all the other Cyberpunk novels were being written and heavily influencing the writers.

The least cyberpunk music in the world is weeaboo vocaloid soykaf.



File: 1512819971878.png (310.81 KB, 600x600, Tactical Neural Implant.png)

Classic cyberpunk album.

>Front Line Assembly

>Tactical Neural Implant


File: 1512981603867.jpg (177.29 KB, 1440x1080, Android Lust.jpg)

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