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so the other day I tried to get a good feeling about what Lain is really about seeing how I already feel as if reality is fake is it so hard to believe that we are in a computer ourselves? I don't mean to get all "Matrix" here but anything is possible it really does make me wonder.

I signed up for the TSUKI project back in January and just now the gates closed.
it's nice to find other who might believe me about this theory.

I think the world is just a bunch of nerves and wires because of all the "glitches" I see often sort of like de ja vu when you know something has already happened but never did or the feeling of waking up from a dream that felt to real.
Things keep changing for almost no explanation and it's really starting to bother me.

does anyone else experience a "glitch" in they're life every now and then? I'd love to hear about them in the replies if you have any.


I will admit I started thinking "le matricks" when I saw the thread but honestly I've had this kind of thing happen in the form of deja vu. No, it's not like seeing static interference or some soykaf like in the movie. Every now and then, I'll dream about some situation that seems very unlikely for me - at least in the snippet of context that I can recall. It could be months or years later, I can never tell.

While I am conscious and this particular moment comes up I get that unmistakable feeling of deja vu, something is very familiar and I swear I've seen this before. What terrifies me is that the thing is still happening and I am like outside of myself watching it happen and I cannot change the outcome. It is like watching a movie where I know what will happen next but I am just an observer. It's not that I don't want to butterfly effect anything but it's like I'm not in control until the moment passes.

This has happened enough times to me that I can describe it now. Before I would shrug it off but the amount of time I've spent in this state keeps getting longer and longer to the point where I know exactly what words a person would say next as if my life was scripted.


I was really excited about tsuki but soon after I joined everybody fucked off into a discord clique which completely ruined it for me.


File: 1499068696262.jpg (93.36 KB, 1512x1072, zXYRXqC.jpg)

Being a hard hater of discord its really annoying. I was hoping to get into Tuski, but fuck it.

>Why do you hate discord lain?

Its propitiatory soykaf.


Detached and dissociated autonomous moments like that are very common for me. Maybe once or twice a week, rarely a couple times a day.
In my case I know it's drug abuse, from months on end of chemicals like PCP. But you've described it very well.
I'd say it's like viewing a recording in true 1st person with your own 5 senses.

It's worse than deja vu because it's both 'you' and 'not you now, but still you', so to speak. Even though you act normal as you would, not like some drunk or anything, it's still very, very unsettling.

After a particularly long moment when I finally regain some semblance of self control, all I can do is close my eyes and think 'holy soykaf', and wonder when it will stop. If it ever will.

Surely it has something to do with the NMDA receptors and can be treated through diet and natural repair. I don't really know.


They're larpers, only in it for the edge factor.


What do you mean, LARPers? Are there real life activities? I thought it was only online.


I presume that he meant larpers as in people engaging in make-believe, people in it because it has an aura of coolness. Not actual live-action roleplaying.
Non-literal usage of "larping" is pretty common.


I've seen it used to mock activists on the streets but using it to criticise online groups is just stupid.


It's not really criticizing them, it's what some of them are doing. There might be some people who actually believe in the project, but some might be "LARPing" in the same way that kids go on halfchan's /x/ and talk about how they fought demons in the astral plane, etc. In the way that they pretend it's real and tell others that it's real, but any onlooker knows that they're making it up.

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