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Kalyx ######

File: 1493664847314.jpg (363.74 KB, 730x510, cupnoodle.jpg)


I need to broaden my horizons.

What are some new dishes I should try??


File: 1493679424546.jpg (201.29 KB, 1120x630, drink_gallery1.45b6c66bcf9….jpg)

>What are some new dishes I should try??
Why even eat? Soylent is the only way to fly.



it's more expensive than actual food. bourgie sf bullsoykaf.


I heard soylent gives you man boobs



i still steal a bottle everytime my rmmate gets a new batch tho X_X


File: 1493805879567.jpg (55.75 KB, 755x492, sb-golden-curry-chukara.jpg)



I've been living on a diet of Golden Curry variants for a few weeks now.

Made with potatoes, carrots, onion, and meat like the picture goes well with rice.

Made with meat and onion, without potatoes or carrots, and the onion strained out before adding the curry paste; thinned with the use of dashi and soy sauce makes an excellent noodle broth.

Straight up curry sauce works well with katsudon.


pizza with goat cheese and honey. I don't care if it ain't cyberfunk enough



Anything with fermented soy can do that. It contains a testosterone inhibitor. Guys looking to eat anything soy-based would be well advised to stick to unfermented soy products.


buy a bag of frozen tilapia at the grocery store. it keeps forever and it only takes like 10 minutes to cook. rice and beans is also really easy (especially if you have a rice cooker), or anything involving potatoes. i've been trying to eat more meat these days though; red meat when i can afford it, otherwise chicken.
yeah, i really like it but i'd never pay for it because >>343 and >>344.
i second this. soykaf's great.
that sounds truly bizarre.


>buying individual bottles

This is understandably more expensive than groceries, but buying the monthly tub of powder is cheaper.


You're truly bizarre, the key is to have the right balance between cheese and honey so it doesn't taste too sweet, it's marvellous.
It needs fresh cream instead of the tomato sauce though maybe that's why it sounds weird


Cream instead of tomato? That sounds odd.

Honey and goat cheese sounds pretty good though.


File: 1501435013785.jpg (99.76 KB, 540x748, 1485477056388-k.jpg)

Burritos are cyb as fuck.



Who ramen noodles here?


Spirulina mixed with cabbage or kelp? Compact, simple to grow organisms that provide a lot of nutrition, with spirulina providing a lot aside from vitamin C.

Also, consider how simple flour-and-water recipies can be easily modified to use just about any source of startch and flavored liquid.


Is Pocky /cyb/?



Fermented Soy is what's good and healthy for you and minimizes the estrogen content. Miso soup, fermented soy sauce, natto beans.

Unfermented soy should never be eaten - tofu, soy milk, etc.


Someday a lot of us will meet and I will cook an amazing yule feast for my fellow lainons.


Is Spirulina not just a miracle scam superfood? I found a guy on youtube who seemed trustworthy but he shilled spirulina and another type of algae, I forget the name. I know spirulina has high protein percent, but wouldn't you have to eat an expensive and large amount of it to get the benefits of the extra protein?


is taco bell cyb or is that too mainstream?


for this, dearest nameless friend, I shall wait with baited breath and great anticipation.


huh forgot about that thread
where I live about half the pizzas are made with cream instead of tomato sauce, Italians would probably cringe hearing that but it's really good to be honest. It works well for pizzas with multiple kinds of cheese, they get mixed up with the cream


A variation of Spanish tortilla having white beans instead of potatoes (these are cheaper, but you'd need a lot of olive oil to cook them) is the cheapest way of getting great nutrition I know of, and it's pretty quick to prepare.

You just cook the beans before-hand, mix them in the beaten eggs and fry everything with just a little oil.

If you have leftover meat, sauge, or any vegetable, you can use them and it's great, but even without any of this the combination is very tasty.

A lot of cheap food options I've tried really made me feel sluggish or felt harsh in the intestines, but with this I could even walk several hours or make physical activities when I had to.



Eat this weird site:


For anyone who is worry by this, soy in could femenize you(and make you grow man boobs) but only if you have low testosterone and ingest it in extreme quantities, like in >>1203 page, hell a cup of spearmint tea has more phytoestrogens than any soy product.
Also you may note the word phyto on the paragraph above, basically it's plant estrogen, kinda the same as animal estrogen but since it's designed for plant it doesn't work as well and may even inhibit real estrogen when consumed often


File: 1567340422611.jpg (49.73 KB, 500x408, 1261759381_pelmen.jpg)

Russian dumplings. Eat them with butter or sourcream + dill.

First couple of times only eat the ones prepared by hand(your friend with experience or an restaurant). Only after that you can try factory produced dumplings: some are good, but all of them are different from handmade dumplings.


Grow crickets or mealworms, they're cheap and nutritious and you will probably be forced to eat them anyway in a few years. The future will be an upper class that eats beef, pork, fish etc., a vegan middle class, and a lower class that eats bugs.


Also ultra upper class, which eats human flesh.


This is pure pseudoscience nonsense. The body doesn't just blindly take hormone precursors and manufacture them into hormones willy-nilly as you eat them with no regard for any kind of balance or control. Your body has systems for hormone regulation.

Thinking you can just ingest precursor chemicals (once again, not human estrogen but precursors) and your body will become feminine makes about as much sense as thinking drinking a lot of milk will make you cum more because it looks kind of similar. Or thinking that it will make you grow extra teeth like a shark because it has calcium. No, obviously not.

I swear almost all food awareness and activism and diet stuff is totally insane and made up.


I didn't pay attention to OP header.
My apologies for offtopic(try subj, though).


>thinking drinking a lot of milk will make you cum more because it looks kind of similar
eating zinc will make you cum more in case anyone was wondering about that


Finally a use for my pennies.


So I saw your post and actually made the kroppkakor. They were delicious, but making sure the outer shell toughens up is tricky. Im going to use more flour next time.

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