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>Tales from the Afternow is a series of audio plays from internet radio station Rant Media, each one of which is approximately an hour long. Each "episode" focuses on a different aspect of the Afternow — either something that currently exists in the Afternow, or an event in the past that shaped the Afternow and the people living in it.

Welcome to the future, ladies and gentlemen - a future set some time after now. Government as you know it is a distant memory. In this world, everything is copyrighted, licensed, and strictly regulated by a multinational corporate agency known as the World Licensing Organization.

If you're lucky, you were born in a corporate arcology, where - in exchange for your loyalty to the company that owns the arcology - you will receive a standard education, the appropriate amount of nutrition, and a tolerable job. If you're unlucky, you were born on the fringes of an arcology, in a toxic wasteland populated by scavengers, organ pirates, and assorted criminals and terrorists.

And if you're extremely unlucky, you got kicked out of one of the corporate arcologies.

In this world, unlicensed information is pornography, sharing is theft, books are derezzed, breaking your licensing agreements is punishable by death, and even time itself is copyrighted.

And yet, in the midst of this Crapsack World, there exist anomalies. The best-known - and most wanted - of these anomalies is a man known as Independent Librarian Dynamic Sean Kennedy the Sixth. Utilizing hacked recording equipment and illegal technology, he broadcasts information back in time to the present day, so that the people in his past can at least prepare for his future.

These broadcasts are the Tales from the Afternow.

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