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Tool & Progressive metal thread.

Your thoughts on Tool's effect on current progressive metal and the music industry in general?

I personally think that the band brought to light a new genre and paved a path of music defined by the theme and aesthetic of Alex Grey's psychedelic and out of body art and dark / deep narratives pushed lyrically and musically. These combined created an amazing blend of emotional while still upbeat progressive metal.

They also do very well with album composition, such as the difference between Lateralus and 10000 Days. Where 10000 days covers and narrates dark and more serious themes, Lateralus covers lighter topics, and Aenima is just crazy all around. Maynard keeps such a good balance of humor and intelligence while keeping the albums melodic.

Tool is a band where you don't listen to just one song, but more so entire albums to thoroughly enjoy the work of Maynard and the band.

Although very popular and lyrically dissected by everyone, I think Stinkfist is a great song that can seen relating to a cyberpunk theme. Myself and maybe others somewhat have an addiction to the cyber world, something we need more of.
"It's not enough. I need more. Nothing seems to satisfy." and "I can help you change tired moments into pleasure. Say the word and we'll be well upon our way." we find our escapes here, away from the real world. The internet and the culture of cyberpunk shows "love" to us and changes our weary, bored moments into something meaningful or pleasurable to us.

What are some bands and favorite songs of yours that relate similarly to this genre or theme?


File: 1540225058853.jpeg (14.1 KB, 474x474, apeofnaples.jpeg)

I used to hate Tool because my older brother would listen to it all the time and talk nonsense about it.
I love Tool now.

As for the other bands I would recommend Coil a lot (Ape of Naples being a must hear album)
I don't really know why they are similar but to me they are, please look up the going up song and the easter eggs behind it . Its cool


Tool is probably a good start into Progressive Metal, especially because a ton of other bands within the same genre claim to be influenced by them. So far, I haven't had the chance to listen to much of their stuff but in what I heard, the innovative use of odd meters are especially nice to me. Tools music really sounds like the stuff you need to actually sit down and listen to with nothing else on your mind. That's a quality that not a lot of music has, even within Progressive Metal.

I can really recommend the stuff Karnivool wrote. It's not as rough of a thing as Tool but they are in my opinion unique in their way of creating layers of atmospheric sounds, at times building up to gigantic walls. "Sound Awake" is a masterpiece of an album. If that doesn't get your Prog sense tingling, "TesseracT"'s "One" is really good, too.


Not listened to tool a huge amount but i know that justin chancellor (the bassist) went to the same university as me. I think he dropped out tho lol. I would recommend Swans if you havent listened to them as they seem vaguely similarly as theyve made music resembling metal and are very progressive, as well as having albums thst feel very cinematic and seem to have a vague narrative to them. There is also a cyberpunk esque feel to some of their music, specifically on Soundtracks for the Blind
>Tool is a band where you don't listen to just one song, but more so entire albums to thoroughly enjoy the work of Maynard and the band.
This has been my approach to music in general for the last few years. I almost exclusively listen to full albums, typically whilst not doing anything else. Might be quite obsessive but i get more out of it that way i feel
Coil are one of my favourite bands and they definitely have a cyberpunk vibe to them id say, as well as throbbing gristle who are like the original cyberpunk band, or atleast one of them


I've been a Swans fan for over half of my life and I would not call their music "progressive". Progressive rock usually refers to music based around lots of key changes, modulations and in general, complexity. Swans take very minimal song ideas and layer a lot of different sounds around what remain fundamentally simple structures. It isn't "metal" either. Extreme metal as we know it didn't exist when they started; it was influenced by them a few years later (check out Godflesh for instance).

> I used to hate Tool because my older brother would listen to it all the time and talk nonsense about it.
They have some of the dumbest fans of any band on the planet. Second only to Phish.


Thanks for this post and for exposing what little i know about genre tags lol
Music really isnt my area of expertise
Also i am aware that swans arent metal which is why i said they resemble metal, would you agree with that?
In regards to godflesh, i like them and justin broadrick in general a lot. Been a fan of them for about a year now

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