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What is your view of an ubersmencht in the contemporary world?
Ignoring the surrounding culture and focusing in the question: how could a man be perfect itself?

Some may answer that only by living an illusion it is possible to reach perfection, fulfilling thyself with power;
Others may say that only by eliminating your own body it would be possible, replacing thyself with the precision of a machine;
And others may seen it as meaningless.

Lain is an example of being which became perfect by becoming part of the wired and latter, the world.
I'm curious about the opinion of this board about it.


The Superman isn't a perfect man, just a super man. Humans who "justify the existence of the human race". Depending on your philosophy that could be humanity right now or an unachievable fantasy


Honestly, I don't think that true perfection exists. You may have someone or something that fits someone's personal idea of perfection, but there will always be flaws even if we can't see them yet.


zarathustra, in modern times it's hard to say ted kaczynski in his writing, but I may disagree if I actually knew the guy.

i try to live up to their ideal every day but really I'm just an egoist.


All I know is drugs puts me into an alternate reality and I want to stay here.

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