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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1499825218153.png (127.06 KB, 640x448, cbc.png)


Hey guys!

I've built a very minimalistic repository of knowledge from out community.

Right now it contains a collection of recipes from a couple of our users, but I plan to extend it to contains all sorts of guides and advice about trying to live as fruitfully as we can.

check it out!


Great, thank you for sharing it, lain.


Ayy nice work! I will defiantly try to contribute.


I like it!


If they're related to the subject at hand, do you accept text files that are made by other/unknown people? I've found some interesting ones in various indexes that archive sec and tech things from the 90s to present day present time


Your always welcome to send them in! Ill sort and filter them accordingly.


I'm working on theater etiquette if you guys are interested


File: 1499926720834.txt (4.27 KB, beigebox.txt)

does anyone know the date of publication of this
beigebox.txt in DIY? wtf does "modern" mean


That sounds interesting.


oh my god that's a blast from the past.

that thing was published late eighties, early nineties if I remember correctly.

modern in this case probably just means post swapover from the analogue switching network to the digital switching network, roughly the point where blueboxing stopped working.


If you want I can put the document here



Theater Ettiquette has now been uploaded to Lainstyles.


Can confirm still works - if the phone can be plugged into the jack and power on without a second plug it can be turned into a beige box


Getting a 403 on it.


I don't think it works.
>403 - Forbidden


>Q: How should submissions be formated?
>A: TXT files only. No exceptions. (Unless I make an exception)
Can you explain when these exceptions are made?




If the file is interesting enough, cannot easily be found else where, and or is small enough. There usually isnt a reason these files cant be converted to txt, though.


>The Well Cultured Anonymous
Wish I had this in High School


796 here,

lol, the whole beige box thing at the time was a joke, it's just a POTS phone. That's literally just how phones work. It's a DC circuit back to your exchange or to your Private Access Branch eXchange and all terminals are connected in parallel on this circuit share the circuit number; this could be your extension number on a PABX or your subscriber number on your carriers exchange. It was never anything really bespoke like a Blue Box which was a keypad for dialling the full range of DTMF and other carriage tones that didn't exist on a regular handset.

There's a constant 48v DC that drives your terminal; it's caller ID display and associated circuitry, but predominantly the 48v DC powers your microphone, and your 'ring' signal is triggered by a 90v AC voltage placed over the line. Traditionally this would manually drive an armature that would strike an actual bell, now it just triggers an electrical circuit in modern phones. Depending on how much current makes its way back to your location this 90v AC can drive the ringers of a few phones in parallel; too many handsets and none of their ringers will go off.

sauce: actual dog and bone technician; to be honest growing up with all the phreaking stories inspired me but becoming a phone tech really killed the mystique.


What else should I do or you guys want for performing arts? I might do one on orchestra etiquette (both as the audience and as a performer)


What if the file is an image (such as an infograph), or contains images (.pdf)?


Why do apostrophes come out as ’ in the theater etiquette guide?



Firm no images rule. Never seen an infographic that couldn't be explained in a paragraph.


Not showing up on my end. Are you running windows?


What about very lengthy documents, such as The Well Cultured Anonymous? Can those be uploaded as .pdf?

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