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I have recently finished things such as Land of the Lustrous and the Nier and those two things became easily among my favorite in their respective mediums. Upon finishing them it made me wonder how else to find new media to enjoy and become a fan of when I dont know where to look and how you guys find things to enjoy and become fans of yourselves. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.


Like in music: label, artist, genre.


If you really feel like digging, try looking at pastebin and github for some [curated] lists. I'm pretty sure you could find some nice gold nuggets. g luck


look at the other things done by the people who made things you like, and find people who like what you like and see what else they like.
I'll use land of the lustrous as an example too, I looked it up on youtube and found this video:
then looked through some of this guys other videos and saw he did one on made in abyss and konosuba which I also like, so I know if he recommends something (like gantz O) it's worth checking out.


Some of my favourite things I got into completely at random; I've downloaded music because I liked the band's name or album art and the music stuck with me for years. I've looked for a particular song and found an unrelated one with the same nane by a different artist, that sort of thing.


google specific phrases in quotes.
youtube music reccomendations.
look into movies in the background of YTMVs.


I misread that as in NieA Under 7, and I thought to myself, hey, that's on my watchlist, it's associated with the character designer from Lain.

Honestly, I really just look at lists of anime, in particular the "recommend" section on MAL at the bottom of anime I already like, or the favourites on the user profile of someone who rated an anime I like highly. Sometimes things really stand out to you, and you know you're going to love them just from the name and cover, that's how I felt about Haibane Renmei and Windy Tales. If it looks good it's probably good and if it looks really good it's probably really good. Sometimes things are a bit disappointing, but it's hard to find something you aren't glad you watched.

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