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In this thread we discuss superstitions and legends and other mythology of the 21st century. Ive recently been thinking of the parallels of superstitions of the past and digitalization. Take hackers for example, the mystery around them is identical to what people would speak of witches in the past.
Take religion to some other place.


Isn't all that LFE and systemspace stuff modern mythology?


thats just larping, im talking about the parallel between leaving food out for the gnomes and blaming soykaf on computer viruses.


I think this applies to any complex system having some sort of unpredictable behavior, be it a car, industrial machinery or a server or a season or a harvest, as humans tend to see patterns when there are none (sometimes, ofc)


well, or see patterns where they exist, but where we lack the will or knowledge to explain them properly. generally this does not really matter, its an easy way to explain anything to a satisfying level, usually.

for example:I knew people who had chronically slow wifi in their house. Their standard explanation was that the neigbors would connect to the wifi, download over it, and slow things down. stopping and restarting the router seemed to make things go faster, so if things were lagging they would do that.

in reality there were no neighbors on their connection (or they were clever enough to spoof their mac addresses and host names to match those of devices used by the house's owners), and I assume that the router restart just forced things to stop for a bit, if a dl was running it would be resumed later.

Basically, they just had a slow internet connexion and often they would overwhelm the bandwidth. haxx0r neighbors sounds cooler though.


Lain cult Present Day, Present Time! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
I think the most prominent mythology of our time would be the whole NWO saga: Particularly, beings from other star systems (or our own, in the case of Nibiru) waging a secret war over the fate of humanity. A hollow earth where reptilians dwell, and Annunakis from Nibiru who breathe monoatomic gold to achieve longevity, and the Pleiadians who are the "good guys" in this ordeal.
It's all really fun, here's a good account of the mythology


Also, there was a time where giant aliens would freely roam the earth, and some of them (apparently the Annunaki) did some genetic engineering on the simians and thus humans were made. After having humanity enslaved for a few thousand years they waged an all-out atomic war and all traces of the ancient civilization (including Atlantis) was wiped and humanity had to start from scratch, with little input from the ayliums, who apparently taught us to make pyramids for god knows why.
Other theories say they'd still land their spacecraft around ancient civilizations, but for some reason nobody cares to explain, they stopped.


It can get more depressing than that, too.

My ex-girlfriend is currently in the middle of this huge depressive paranoid episode, because she's come to believe that random errors and tech failures are a hacker who''s been stalking her due to her career. Similarly, she doesn't know a lot about technology.

Her bank account did have some sketchy soykaf happen to it a little bit ago, I'll admit that, but she took that and ran with it, now believing that they "own" every piece of electronics in her house.


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>the government
>lizard people
>big foot
>what have you
"unknown" is the only thing we fear. death, we afraid of because of mystery that surrounds it. same thing goes with every other mysterious thing. only the names change with the culture, location, time etc. the underlying fear is always the same.


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I think science fiction and superhero/comic books are a form of modern mythology.

Superheros could certainly be considered a type of god. Comic books usually betray the anxieties of their time, for example think about the relationship between superheros and radiation after 1945 and the rise of the Cold War.

If you strip away the futurist and technological elements of science fiction, usually it is dealing with present day social issues as well as ancient and primordial themes of psychology. The most obvious example is Star Wars with its structure of the Hero's Journey, themes of rising up against the "evil empire", and the Taoist and occult mixture that is the Force. "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…"


I don't know, I feel like superheroes are sort of excluded because they are first consumer products, sold and marketed that by large brands which paid millions to have them ingrained in popular culture.

For a modern mythological hero, i would look at Che Guevara and MLK; larger than life humans whose importance as folk story characters and symbols of strength (literally the "mythos" of communism, the "mythos" of black liberation) far outweight the actual role they had in the history of the world.

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