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Someone here please recommend me a cyber punk book to read that I will actually finish.
I need to get away from the city and the political garbage for a while.
I will be cross referencing this: and this:

I want a really cool book that is preferably long and NOT ender's game(hated it)
something that is closer to leo tolstoy or dostoevsky but not quite the fast pace of TRON

I know this is vague. I like a big city that you can escape into the shadows for a while like the slums of japan (kind of like tokyo drift)

it doesn't have to be particularly tech savvy or scientifically correct or captivating, but defininetly has to have the chill and mistique of K's apartment, but without the class warfare.

ok, thats it. get to work!

mod edit: the links are legit


File: 1522094600858.jpg (248.34 KB, 1024x1295, hard_boiled_wonderland_and….jpg)

My friend, you want "Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World" by Haruki Murakami.

At first, it may only seem half-cyberpunk, as the chapters alternate between perspectives (alluded to in the title), and one of the perspectives seems like it takes place in a weird fantasy world devoid of technology. But there will come a point where everything clicks and you'll say "holy crap, I get it!".


Burning Chrome
is my suggestion.

i liked it a lot and it's a short story,
but you can read the book that came out after it.


id rather read a book before watching the movie


ok i will look into it. I need a paperback so it could be tough. my laptop doesnt have a great battery


File: 1522344591287.jpg (65.39 KB, 540x960, 1521007301349.jpg)

thanks for the suggestion! do you recommend any ambience for this read? im going to read it from my phone.

hers an image. a lot of people forget that this is still an imagebaord


You should try out Neal Stephenson's book. If you want something 'cyberpunk' you should read Snow Crash, if it doesn't have to be you should give Cryptonomicon and Error a try.


File: 1522373950702.jpg (42.1 KB, 308x499, 51sfVW7xZ8L._SX306_BO1,204….jpg)

I suggest that you read "Burning Chrome", "The Neuromancer", and the rest of The Sprawl series.
They are all written by William Gibson.
None is a film.

idk why you say
>id rather read a book before watching the movie
if you're trying to be random:
i'm more interested in what kind of life you live than what kind of entertainment you prefer.


thanks i will check out gibson if i can find the paperbacks; it would be nice to have a complete series from the same author.
also i am going to try and read murakamis "hard boiled…" if i can get some peace and quiet today. im not sure if i will like this sort of thing though but i will try and stay optimistic


I have only yet begun to break into this book from Murakami (though I am familiar with another of his titles "kafka on the shore") that title cam to my attention after having received much praise on another literature chan/board
though I am 4 chapters in, I will be taking it slow. it is very captivating however I am interested in multiple projects at the moment


unironically the expanse series, OP.


I it's basically a cyberpunk space opera, I was pleasantly surprised and read the whole series in like two weeks.


belter cultura is cyb as it gets.


Snow Crash

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