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Anyone got any podcasts to recommend? Let us know about them, and include a short description, if you don't mind. I'm running out of things to listen to.

I'm still loving the British History Podcast most of all. It's mostly chronological and tries to get into all the detail. It sounds dry but it's super listenable from episode 1.

Science Vs has been my new kick. In my opinion it's a better spiritual successor to P&T's Bullsoykaf than that Adam Ruins Everything show. There's an old feed and a new feed though, so try to find both if you end up liking it.


i like Science Vs, but haven't heard of P&T's Bullsoykaf and can't find it. are you saying adam ruins everything is bad? i haven't heard it but heard good things about it

i mostly listen to podcasts that tell (often fictional) stories rather than ones that provide "news" or articles in audio form, basically audio drama, mostly because i listen to them before going to sleep so its nice not having to focus 100% on listening to them.
here's a list of some of my favorites:

within the wires - same publisher as nightvale. only 1 season (10 episodes), and tells a story from the point of view of a woman recording "relaxation cassettes" in what you appears to be a hospital. takes place sometime in the future and has a very nice aesthetic to it. very relaxing as well. highly recommended

the bright sessions - a very millennial podcast about a therapist who's patients are super heroes. pretty easy to get hooked on, and the characters don't seem awful, but its quite slow and im not sure how i feel about the story arc they've taken

mabel - the only podcast to ever actually make me afraid, if only for a moment. the story is about a care taker who's looking after an old lady in her house, when something's kinda off. the entire story is told from the perspective of voice messages which is kinda cool but quite gimmicky. though the manage to kinda get around it as it goes on

wooden overcoats - a "sitcom" centered around a funeral home, that's more comedy than dark humor. voice acting is superb, and the story's enjoyable, and actually had me laughing at times.

kakos industries - do evil better. evil has taken over the world and this business is the epicentre. told from the perspective of the ceo doing announcements, its enjoyable but the segments are fairly standard and the stchick does get tiring kinda quick, all around pretty average and very easy to listen to, but the music is fantastic and is mostly why i keep listening to it

if you're looking for things that are less fictional/drama related, id recommend

lore - scary stories from history that can't be proven or disproven, really well narrated

invisibilia - focuses on the invisible forces that govern our lives. super interesting

myths & legends - literally the title, but i really like how the narrator ties them together, and doesn't focus on one particular geographic region

mystery show - tries to solve a mystery that can't be solved using the internet. super fun to listen to, would recommend this quite highly, though its only got 6 episodes and 2 are pretty meh, the highs are really good



> are you saying adam ruins everything [tv show] is bad?

It's alright. Adam himself rubs me the wrong way. It's hard to explain why, he's just a little too blagosphere-2.0 for me or something. Science Vs is a bit funnier to me, and I think it tends to come at questions from a more interesting angle.

Thanks for the list of fiction podcasts. I've been meaning to check out more. All I listen to now is Beef and Dairy.

I love Mystery Show and Myths and Legends too. Is Mystery Show canceled though, or just between seasons? They haven't updated in forever. It got tons of attention when it was published.


BBC Radio 4: In Our Time

Amazing analysis from the top academics in the US/UK surrounding virtually every topic thinkable.

Mega64 Podcast

Is what it is but I've been listening so long it's just tradition at this point.

Hamish & Andy

Hilarious Aussie radio hosts.


Linking to some rss links so youcan throw them at your podcatcher.


Reviews and actually reads US's congress laws and law projects. Sounds boring but it's actually pretty chill.


World news, events and modern history to more or less keep up with politics. The jupiter broadcasting guys make some interesting linux and BSD podcasts too.


A doctor that reads all nutrition-related medical papers that come up in the US and makes videos, articles and this podcast.



On your recommendation, I started listening to Mabel. I'm only a few episodes in but I'm hooked. Feels like it's going to be houseofleavesy. So many podcasts start weak because they're side projects or whatever, but this one starts really well.


I really like
its a true crime podcast that interviews the original investigators, etc and tells a really nice story.



I love In Our Time. The presentation is very "traditional BBC", but the quality of the guests and the sheer variety of topics is fantastic.


i'm trying to get into podcasts at the moment actually, right now i have the Intercepted podcast (run by the Intercept) and Chapo Trap House (post-sincerety communism) lined up.

what are you using to manage podcasts? i'm using newsbeuter/podbeuter at the moment; newsbeuter is a terminal feed reader and lets you queue podcasts for downloading with podbeuter in one go.



If you like those two, you should check out District Sentinel. It's sort of a M-Th daily headlines version of the Chapo vibe. Today's will be weird though because 420


Tales From the Afternow is a good audio drama from Sean Kennedy of rant media fame. He recently released some new stuff, a series of stories read aloud that tie into his Immersion 208X universe.
Tales From the Afternow:
Ambient Reports 2087:


I've just been sampling a couple different podcasts
The Anarchists Podcast:
Has 4-5 personalities who weigh in on news events and give analyses. I've listened to about 1 so far, but it was interesting. I liked the variety.
The Ex-Worker:
Crimethinc. is a "post-left" anarchist group that was established around 21 years ago. Their show doesn't follow a regular release schedule but it seems very produced. Perhaps too produced? Their interview with a J20 organizer was interesting, regardless.
It's Going Down is a new group meant as a digital hub for anarchists that also provides many anti-fascist resources. Their episodes are usually 2-person dialogues with an IGD rep and someone from another area of organizing. They have a weekly release schedule. I like it because of the fast release schedule and simple format.

I've been listening to Democracy Now like a podcast:
Democracy Now is largely considered progressive and mixes news reporting, interviews, investigative journalism and political commentary. Releases every weekday at 8:00 PM.

The Bernie Sanders Show:
Bernie has a podcast now. The last episode was short, which was nice.



> congressionaldish

I've been listening to this show for a couple months. I really want to like it, because it seems like a useful concept, and she's on the right side of a lot of issues. But she just says some really cringey stuff that's hard to get over.

This week she was going on about "coal can't ever be clean, just try rubbing it on your hand. it's dirty." Which, as arguments go, is about on the level of "it snowed today, therefore global warming is a hoax." Then, a couple weeks ago, she was having an on-air panic attack, while discussing Puerto Rican independence activists and worrying she'd be tortured in a jail cell like them because she had a podcast.

I'll probably give it a few more episodes, but I hope this isn't the norm.


Not much anymore, just comedy. Comedy bang bang used to be a weekly thing for me but i fell off a few years ago. Andy Daly podcast project was pretty great, Spontaenation, Duncan Trussel, and Superego aswell. Many more I can't think of lost to time


An odd one, but I've been listening to this podcast by a Gnostic church, it's called The Lectern.

I'm not spiritual at all, but i am interested in what other people believe, and these people are pretty different. For those not in the know, Gnosticism is the other early, extinguished, Christianity. The believe the creator god of the old testament was malevolent, and that Jesus broke through from the spiritual realm to save us from him by teaching us how to transcend the physical realm… Or something.

So this church has a podcast with lectures about those texts, and historical theology, and they also invite people to talk about other oddball religions to talk about views that they share. It's a lot of fun to listen to, I feel a bit like an eavesdropper, into a secret society.


I have a few I frequent, which may or may not appeal to you.

> My Brother, My Brother, And Me

Comedy advice podcast featuring three brothers who answer emails and Yahoo Answers questions. Will either be charming and hilarious, or abrasive, depending on your listening preferences. Justin and Griffin McElroy are both contributors to Polygon, and their brother Travis worked in theater and live production.

> The Adventure Zone

Same folks as above but featuring their father; they play a D&D-ish game; focused more on improv than rules. I've never had a history with tabletop gaming, but this piqued my interest in it as a broad introduction. As the podcast goes on the tone shifts from being loose and lighthearted to emotional and engaging. I was pleasantly surprised.

> Caine & Rinse

A videogame history and postmortem show; enjoyable because it tends to take a slightly more measured, pseudoacademic approach than most video game podcasts, and the participants usually speak in calm, reasonable voices. Structured like a "book club" for games, which is a nice way to go back through older titles you may have missed. Got me to try Bloodborne.

>The Joe Rogan Experience

Don't be put off by Rogan himself if you aren't a fan - although I will say, he grew on me - he often has very knowledgeable guests outside of the usual stand-up comedians and MMA folks. For better or worse, he'll have people from all political, religious, and, er, intellectual persuasions, which if nothing else is a good way to get a read on some of the folks that have been sensationalized in other media. For the lainchan crowd, a lot of what he says and the bizarre logical leaps he makes may be incredibly frustrating to listen to.

>A Life Well Wasted

Essentially "This American Life" for videogames. Ran circa 2011-13 if I remember correctly, so it's a little dated now, but the production quality is excellent and it explores some cool ideas.

>Dinosaur Park: The 1986 Tabletop RPG (For Ages 10 and Up)

A very funny podcast produced by Australia's own Sanspants Radio (who make a number of excellent, very funny content), featuring a Jurassic Park-like island that has fallen into disarray, which the players must then navigate through. Doesn't take rules, common sense, or basic human decency very seriously. Also, it's only 13 episodes long. The sequel is also very good but is a Patreon exclusive.

Anyways, I know I have some soykaf taste but I hope someone can enjoy at least one of these. Found some great stuff in this thread for myself!


>"coal can't ever be clean, just try rubbing it on your hand. it's dirty."
I'm pretty sure that was a joke.
>worrying she'd be tortured in a jail cell like them because she had a podcast.
I can't judge over that, it's a personal trait.


can anybody recommend a decent writing-related podcast? like, things for people who write.

tried this one:

but it ended up being completely genre-fiction-oriented and run by three mormon guys, so it's pretty limited scope despite such a long run and all the titular topics.

>A Life Well Wasted
oh, remember that one; only grabbed a few episodes, but was definitely nice


This is a great week to start the Social Engineer Podcast. The guest tells a story of when he accidentally hacked the wrong bank. Pretty entertaining, check it out.


I hadn't listened to Myths and Legends since the first few episodes. I picked it up again because of your post reminding me of it. It's much better than it used to be, he's really loosened up.


It's amazing how prolific the McElroys are. I love those two shows, plus Sawbones.


Every week I listen to Pure Decking and Defensive Security podcasts, mostly security and technology. Does any anon have any other similar podcast suggestions?


I use gPodder on my Winblows box at work and PocketCasts on my phone.


I listen to Dead Robot Society, Grammar Girl, and Helping Writers Become Authors.

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