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Kalyx ######

File: 1503071056869.jpg (204.43 KB, 1600x900, 46363663464.jpg)


have any of you seen this film? what are your thoughts? if you haven't, it's on kissasian currently. I feel like you all would like it, since Lily is comparable to Lain in a way.

I've been listening to the OST pretty frequently after watching it, and i appreciate the effort that went into the soundtrack, and making sure Lily actually had a discography of her own.


have, mmm. lily is love.

and salyu has done a lot of tunes since, if you're interested, though they're in a pretty different vein pop-y stuff and one brilliant kinda 渋谷系-influenced cornelius-esque album (but so good with her voice, if you can imagine). just look for Salyu × Salyu

also, if you're interested in lily, will prob like other sunji iwai things. have made sure most of them are up on laintracker. lily most well-known but wouldn't say it's his best


I am pleasantly surprised to see a thread that's all about Lily Chou-Chou. Were there not one, I'd have made it myself.

There's something haunting about the reality of the world we live here and the one we live outside.


The creator of 「 Wired Sound 」posted a video about it last month


Oh wow.. One of the first movies that I watched on the internet.. Looking back on it, besides all the super dark soykaf, I can see why it connected with me. It gave me quite the emotional response, and every rewatch only strengthens the effect. Also, one of the few movies to do internet chatting right.


File: 1547435985229.png (938.58 KB, 1274x720, All.About.Lily.Chou-Chou.2….png)

it has a satisfying conclusion.


File: 1547436611724.png (1.22 MB, 1274x720, All.About.Lily.Chou-Chou.2….png)

apparently, the film's concept was inspired after Shunji Iwai attended a Faye Wong concert.
similar parallels can also be seen between the film's imagery and this MV:


I suppose I have a movie to watch tomorrow morning. Thank you.


I finished the movie. In a year or so I will watch it again. It felt like a movie to watch. Something a lot of people in this community would find worth the experience even if they do not like it. Thank you.



REEEEEEEEEEE spoilers much?

Also this movie is 11/10 one of my favorites of all time.


File: 1551011989852.gif (1.99 MB, 500x300, chungking express.gif)

ye i like the soundtrack but don't like the film. don't like shunji iwai in general. shame because i liked the concept and related to it because of my own love for bjork when i was a tenn
off the top of my head, other than sion sono, kore-eda is about the only contemporary jap director i can stomach
also had (2bh still have) a massive crush on faye wong, all began with watching chungking express


>Chongking Express
looks dread. Would somebody be furking kind enough to shove it onto i2p tracker maybe?


You really do not need any help finding a copy of this. Really.


Wouuu, I did enjoy it! Now you can do it too, at a i2p tunnel near you.

… is there a cine thread around here?


I just finished watching the movie last night for the first time. Needless to say it was very painful and captivating to watch, with flashbacks of getting bullied again. I watched this because of the game Devil Survivor 1. While playing the game I can't help but think that the Japanese have a very otherworldly way of marrying the occult/mysticism with technology and it feels like they do so effortlessly. I don't think I've seen any other culture understand and portray the internet in particular as the Japanese do.

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