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Black Mirror season 4 is out. Cyb enough for a thread a far as I'm concerned.

So, watched it all already ? Favorite episode ? How does it compare to the previous seasons ? And so on

As for me:
Just finished watching the last.

Overall found it good, because it's fucking Black Mirror alright, but it's the season that has the least impressed me. Like physically. After almost every season 3 episode, save for San Junipero, I wanted to scream/screamed into a pillow. soykaf was physically affecting me. Here I felt the unease you can expect, but far, very far from the previous seasons.

Since I'm in a talkative mood, a quick ep overview
Ep 1 : They blew the "trapped in virtual reality" card already + Futurama already made an episode like that, but was rather fun. The whole "hey were on the internet now" felt clumsy though Ep 2 : Like 1, we see the actuality references, scenario felt predictable though, save for the ending, but the tech had many better development possibilities than family drama. Ep 3: Saw it coming with the pet ! just feels like an ordinary thriller with techy elements but eh, liked how the ending was shown ep 4: Hands down the best of the season : fun, emotions, and it managed to create a real little alternate universe, far but not too much, really loved this one. Ep5 : Enjoyed this one too, the black and white felt nice, as well as the almost absence of dialogue and explanations Ep 6 : Pretty cool too, references were appreciated, wish we had more stories about the items though, the doctor pain dragged on for too long imo, but the progression up to the twist was nice

your turn


File: 1514953071259.png (1.71 MB, 1428x1078, space-japan1.png)

Only seen episodes 1 and 4. Was so disappointed that I don't think I'll be watching the show anymore.

The episodes I watched seemed like an entirely different show. The first (and second/third) seasons seemed to be focused on representing a darker twist on our societies current relationship with technology (the show's name IS dark mirror after all); the two episodes from season 4 that I watched seemed to only speculate about digital consciousness. In no way did either of them really reflect any aspect of our society, good or bad. The first was a twilight-zone-esque speculative narrative about a single man who'd discovered the ability to clone someone's consciousness from their dna and the fourth was simply speculating the possibility that data from a simulation could be consciouss.

I actually liked the episodes I watched though, from a craftsmanship standpoint. And this is the opposite of me saying the episodes were boring. I loved the premise for both episodes, but I can find cool stories anywhere. After not seeing a trace of the quality that initially interested me in the show, the very thing that I feel separated black mirror from other shows, I am done with it.


I only watched the first 2 episodes of this season and gave up. It was so boring compared to the first 3 seasons and I especially hated the ending for episode 1. I came to this show because I didn't want stupid happy endings.
This used to be one of my favorite shows but I don't think I can finish season 4. 6 one hour long episodes, none of which have the same charm the original had.

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