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Kalyx ######

File: 1505425419297.png (2.9 MB, 1920x1080, Chaser Screenshot 2017.09.….png)


What video games are my fellow Alicesotians playing now? I'm currently on this game called Chaser( It's a decent FPS, but the voice acting is subpar. There are a lot of weapons in the game and with some guns you get an alternative firing mode(such as having a nade launcher on the FAMAS). Level design is okay, not the best, but it's nothing I can complain about. The story line I just have no clue what is going on at this current moment because I'm a quarter of the way in, but it starts off with you discovering you've lost your memories when you wake up on a space station and it's being attacked. The thing you will notice when you start playing is that this is a sci-fi video game that uses real life modern weapons.

If you're a fan of late 90s/early 00s FPS games I could recommend this if you get this cheap(and need something to hold you over till you play/get a better game). Keep in mind that I'm currently still playing the game and have not reach the ending yet. According to howlongtobeat( this game is averaging at around 15-18 hours.


File: 1505457660813.jpg (119.4 KB, 586x598, vaporwave_eevee.jpg)

I'm just now getting to playing borderlands 2 on my ps3 lol, and playing wipeout pulse on my psp when I'm out the house; and I'm always playing some iteration of pokemon. Right now I have a nuzlocke run in platinum, a canon playthrough in pokemon X, and a vanilla(ish) playthrough in emerald.

For the record, pic related makes me roll my eyes, but it's a fairly appropriate post.


File: 1505458751403.jpg (210.13 KB, 1280x720, arma3_dlc_zeus_screenshot_….jpg)

I've been playing a lot of Arma 3 recently. Started a weekly game of Arma 3 with about 10 friends using the Zeus real-time editor/game master function (see image). It's a lot of fun and leads to an infinite variety of game types including counter-insurgency, conventional war and spec ops stuff. We even had one where I had two players in on a plot to cut the rest off as 'loose ends' in a false flag conspiracy meant to frame the Chinese for an attack on a US carrier.

It's definitely the most fun I've had in a video game. 10/10.


Are you RPing with that? I've seen people play RP servers in ARMA, but it seems people moved onto the GTA RP servers since modding got more advanced. Is the ARMA RP scene still healthy?

Borderlands on PS3. THE FRAMES! Do you collect physically for your PSP collection or do you just have a PSP with CFW and pirate?


File: 1505493596713.png (68.52 KB, 235x209, pikalain.png)

I happen to have wipeout pulse and a number of other games on UMD but also have cfw on there for all the reasons one would. I feel like cfw on the psp is what cemented it in the handheld hall of fame more than anything.


I only have a PC collection, but I've always liked the handheld consoles. I liked them more than any home console for sure. If I had the money I'd have a nice 3/DS and PSP/Vita collection. Do you have a big collection or do you just buy your favorite titles and pirate the rest?


Arma has always had a healthy RP scene via the Cherno Life and Altis Life games among many other more niche game modes. We're not going to full RP with "get a backstory and stuff". I just ask the players that they act as if they were really there and don't act like it was a video game.

This helps to keep the players acting with some self preservation. I tend to just shoot them if they play like it's Call of Duty and run out into the open or separate from the group.,


fuck you man you left us on that beach to die.


File: 1505570423956.png (480.7 KB, 541x640, 2275989-box_eye.png)

play this


I have. I even beaten it if you call getting the game to "loop" and having to replay again as beating it. It's a good game and I plan to replay it again some day to see the other endings. Do you play the multiplayer for EYE? I'll play with some Alicesotians in EYE if we set up a date to play online.


Do you highly recommend buying ARMA? I'm kind of intrigued cause there are so many mods for the game and it has a very healthy modding scene that keeps coming out with content. The only thing with ARMA though is that it seems to never come down in price so I'll have to wishlist it till I see a sale.


There's a sale everytime a DLC is released which, unfortunately for you, was just a week ago. So you'll be waiting a while. On the bright side it does usually come down by 50% or more.

Whether I recommend it or not, well, I'm a huge nerd and have collectively put about 3 000 hours into Arma 2 and Arma 3. So while I'm considering suicide while trying to reconcile those numbers, I think it says something. Plus, I know I'd only have ever put a tenth of that in had the mods not been there.

The Arma 3 campaign catches a lot of flak from people but I thoroughly enjoyed it, that being said, we've also established I'm a huge nerd so make of that what you will. The mods are insane, everything from Crysis nanosuits, Cold War, Star Wars, WW2 and huge volumes of gameplay mods that add awesome game mechanics incluiding crazy realistic medical systems or a kind of parkour mod.

The thing that usually puts people off are the controls. But these days there are about five presets going from Arma 2 through to COD-type so you'll find something that works. Just don't expect it to be smooth like COD. In some ways I actually like the clumsyness though. It slows everything right down and makes firing and moving a more methodical, active decision, rather than a reflex.


currently enjoying the danganronpa series on vita, about to finish UDG and then move on to danganronpa 2.
I have Persona 5 for PS3 but I can't really be bothered playing it yet, I've got like 15 hours in though.
And my long time pc favorite is Stepmania (in the form of openITG)


File: 1505684850571.png (1.97 MB, 1920x1080, Chaser Screenshot 2017.09.….png)

Last JRPG I remember beating was the rerelease of Tales of Symphonia on the PS3. Enough JRPGs coming out for PC now that I may pick up a few during sales. I know all the danganronpa series are on PC and I'm looking forward to playing a good VN game. How much you like danganronpa now?

Stepmania reminds me of that youtube video of the angry guy that keeps punch his wall and slamming his monitor into it.

I forgot to keep taking recent screenshots of Chaser. I'm half way through the game now


Haven't played videogames for a month and a half.
Usually I play dota2 on the PC and am playing slowly through Yakuza 0 right now, and doing another playthrough of Bloodborne.


File: 1505976596175.jpg (688.97 KB, 2048x937, images.akamai.steamusercon….jpg)

good taste. confusing mechanically and lorewise, bound to cause migraines in some, but still one of the best amateur projects to hit steam, and that's saying something.

I was attempting to 100% it at one point but grinding levels for class related achievements took hours, and I ran out of podcasts to listen to while doing so.


File: 1506307949986.jpg (584.95 KB, 1134x759, G-Man_end_2.jpg)

Don't really play a lot of games, but I've been re-playing half life and it's just amazing, and I am no videogame expert, but Half Life is fucking perfect, the amount of love and creativity putted into it is incredible.


I rather like Danganronpa, I'm about to finish the second game soon then watch the anime, and whenever I get a second vita (no hacks for newer games) I'm gonna play the third game.


It really is, there's a reason HL (And it's sequel mind you) is rated among the best of all time.

This might come off as heresy to some, but the fan project 'Black Mesa', after over 10 years in development has maybe hit a state where I would actually say to newcomers to play it over the original. I base this on a number of factors, but mainly due to the original's more tacky portions that are cleared up magnificently in Black Mesa. The Portal Maze, the platforming sections, the tripwire sections etc., and most importantly Xen.

Xen isn't actually in Black Mesa yet because they've delayed it numerous times, I expect this is because Xen in the original was kinda' trash, especially the last boss. As soon as Xen comes out and Black Mesa is a complete package, I'm hoping they tackle the HL1 expansion packs too.


File: 1509025431421.png (156.53 KB, 1080x1080, Osu!Logo_(2015).png)

Lately I've been playing a lot Osu!


File: 1509052525775.jpg (437.36 KB, 1920x1080, rising.jpg)

Okay, I bought it thinking it'd be another Steam purchase I'd regret, but wew

how can a game be so fun
how can a game make cyborgs look so unique and cool

Even the difficulty is perfect. Sure it's edgy af but I'd rather have edgy shounen fun than your cliché DXHR tryhard melodrama.


Dude Half life is fucking genius. There's a guy on youtube who goes through the original code and picks out kinda secret or cut parts of the code. EX: he finds a script for smells in the NPC's and for the bullsquid so they run and eat dead things.
Some of the stuff in there was pretty awesome for it's time


Lately I started to play some rogue-likes. I got addicted to Angband, but I like Nethack and ADOM too. I'm thinking about learning how to play Dwarf Fortress. Any other ASCII games that are worth checking out?


one of my favorite games of all time. 10/10 soundtrack too. Too bad the challenge goes away when you learn to block and use offensive defensive


your legs are ok


Lately I've been playing Dragon's Dogma on PS3 but I just downloaded Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch so I'll start that soon.
I had it before but it would freeze so much, but I heard the PSN version has less issues.


File: 1510123254964.png (157.21 KB, 1601x914, hOOQFoi.png)

DC:SS is a cool dungeon crawling roguelike with an absurd amount of options for race, class, and gods.

Cataclysm:DDA is a roguelike zombie survival sandbox that I would highly recommend, even if you're burnt out on zombie survival games. The current version is 0.C but play the git release, it has advanced a lot since the last named release. Pic related is a map of a mega city that the world gen made.


Those two are probably not ASCII, but still something I'd recommend:
Caves of Qud and Unreal World


I can't stop playing Age of Empires III. The dutch are wonderfully broken, they really never intended to balance this, did they? Barely even need villagers after a point, just more banks.


I've been playing Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup lately, new to roguelikes.. never last longer than 15 minutes/floor 3. :(


for me, in new games like that, its often helped to read a guide, wiki, tutorial, et cetera. I havent played that particular game, but many games of this class are in fact quite complex, and its very difficult to realize what is happening and play effectively if you dont have some sort of jumpstart in the lines of a tutorial.

This is like, just about my favorite game evaaar, gosh. So much one can do.


Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead is a good, zombie apocholypse game.


This last month I've been on a Neotokyo binge.

It's a FPS mod for CS. It's art style is pretty overtly Ghost in the Shell. However it's pretty good even if it's deathly hard to get into a game.


File: 1513112638182.jpeg (47.82 KB, 524x524, vg zork.jpeg)

Lately I've been playing Zork a bunch. It's still as incredible and frustrating as it was in the '90s. The game is still available to download from Infocom if anyone wants to check it out:


I don't play a lot of games, but I just started System Shock on the advice of a friend. Pretty awesome cyb game available on Steam.

Otherwise, I occasionally enjoy older FPS. Any alices play Assault Cube? Free, fun, and runs on pretty much anything.


I used to play it all the time, but I stopped for a bit, and when I came back, no one was playing it anymore aside from maybe a 4 person OSOK server

I never really go t all that far in this, Not much farther than after I go under the house


i've been playing alot of Etrian Odyssey, (the second one to be specific), it's a really hard dungeon crawler on the DS with music in the style of pc-88, it's great. i'm a veteran, and i still have trouble with the game sometimes…


File: 1515411343437.png (611.53 KB, 1368x770, cia.png)

any open world games with cyberpunk aesthetic besides deus ex games?


File: 1515478036516.jpg (77.29 KB, 640x400, ac_mines_CTF_SMG_large01.jpg)

I recently started playing some AssaultCube again. Pretty fun and runs on almost any hardware, plus linux support.

Been meaning to check out Urban Terror again too…


File: 1515483805907.jpg (42.5 KB, 317x448, DMC3FrontCover.jpg)

pic related
Went back and started playing the Devil May Cry games again.


File: 1515566931300.png (274.75 KB, 465x434, rule_of_rose.png)

Playing through Rule of Rose at the moment–a game that has kept my interest piqued for years now but had never got around to playing. Since I've kept kicking the can down the road so long, I've decided I'm doing it "right" and playing it on my old phat PS2; of course I'm not paying like $200 for the damn game so it's installed to an HDD connected to the console with the usual FMCB/HDLoader setup.

Thinking about it, I actually got an FMCB-loaded memory card and a PS2 network adapter just to play this game. Somehow I think the game's worth all this trouble, though.


>PS2 network adapter

What's the functioning use for it on this game in this day and time?

I'm very interested in trying out this game and I have a network adapter.


>What's the functioning use for it on this game in this day and time?

You need a network adapter in order to connect an HDD to the PS2.


Also, forgot to mention, you will probably want to get an IDE-to-SATA daughter board to modify your network adapter with so that you don't have to resort to buying an old PATA drive. You can get them on ebay pretty cheap (~$12) but they all come from China; meaning, you'll be waiting a few weeks for it to arrive.

Polite sage.


Thank you, I didn't realize. Other than burning the games on DVDs I've only done util booting the games from my flash drive.


File: 1515978469238.jpg (431.22 KB, 3840x2160, p5.jpg)

Persona 5! I've been playing it since Christmas and absolutely love it. It is my first Persona game, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn't played a game in the series before. I've got The Last Guardian lined up for after I finish Persona.


I've only been able to play mobile games lately. A roguelike called HyperRogue has caught my eye. It's got a unique premise, which is cool, but there's also just the fact that it's chock full of Stuff to check out. Anyone else know any good mobile games (don't say Pixel Dungeon)


I want to get back into warframe, but everytime I download the game I remember how slow and grindy the game is and I uninstall it. How is the game holding up now? Are they adding support back to linux?


That game is amazing. It makes me wish that more game genres were willing to experiment with non-Euclidean geometry.


I'm mostly playing a racing game called "Nitronic Rush", it's pretty fun. Other games I play include SuperTuxKart, Quake III, and Minecraft. >>1127


Persona 3 Portable, Disgaea 2 DHD.


File: 1535277812720.png (2.28 MB, 1320x1053, Kenshi.png)

Playing Kenshi. I have to say this is some top-tier open world RPG game. It's a 3D adventure mode from dwarf fortress and I'm absolutely worshiping this.


This is very tempting, is it worth the steam price? This is definitely appealing for someone who's played a lot of Mount and Blade as well.



Boy, this is coming from a guy with 400+ hours on M&B and various mods, you wont regret it. For 15 $ it is well worth it's price and last patch was 0.99 4 months ago, meaning that version 1 is very close. This patch has a LOT of features and overall a very steep learning curve. Only negative is that 40% of the map is locked behind an invisible wall since it is not finished yet. Also, you have to grind a little bit (imagine M&B grinding, prisoner management, stats, gear, money, exploration) but it is very enjoyable and soykaf can hit the fan really quickly, making grinding exciting and not monotonous.

Also, many ways to play. You can basebuild, play stealthily, solo whatever you feel. I've been exploring the whole map for like 30 hours I've been playing without building any bases or doing any research, just a squad of 7 dudes roaming the wastelands and exploring dungeons like a raid party.

Also, indie devs.


Devs just released some update.
Last quarter of the map is getting released on the 17th of September.
That means that the game is almost feature complete.


I was just about to post about the 17th of sept update. Yeah, game is hitting version 1 very soon.



Whoa! I've owned this since release and had no idea. Glad to see it's still moving along, really unique game.


Some of the videogames on my backlog that I wish to play here and now are:
Sea of Solitude
Beneath a Steel Sky
Gemini Rue
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
Far Cry 2
A Mind Forever Voyaging
Radiant Silvergun
Sin and Punishment
Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Katamari Damacy
Forza Horizon 4
Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War
Mizzurna Falls
Anyone played those?


Daytona USA


There are some PS2 games that have active third party servers.


Catherine is one of my personal favorite.


I've mostly been playing TF2 and most of my retro collection mainly the Saturn.

good thing TF2 is still active….


Heh. My plan-to-play backlog has reached 13.5kb of plain text.
Feels bad man.
On topic: Far Cry 2 is my favourite of the series; some puzzles in Gemini Rue are frustrating and counterintuitive, tho it pays off in the atmosphere and plot; Damacy on psp was nice and relaxing.


I'm hoping to finish a playthrough of Arcanum. I really enjoy how you're not restricted at all and the game allows you to break the game for fun.


Been playing a lot of Joint Operations (novalogic)
also really cheap on steam atm very fun to play


File: 1552012142936.jpg (89.48 KB, 720x789, TGM.jpg)

Started grinding Tetris The Grand Master last week.

Gonna be a looooooong journey

Kinda want to find a Tetris Worlds copy. Love that game, weird graphics, weird voice acting and weird tetris modes. And the artwork from Roger Dean also.


bayonetta is a godsend
thanks allah for bayonetta


Kenshi is fun, do you know it? I also play a lot of APB Reloaded.


i saw a youtube video about it.


Due to the Final Fantasy sale on PSN, I picked up FF IV, V, and VI. So I'm currently working my way through Final Fantasy VI.


I'm currently playing Atom RPG.
Fans of the older Fallout games would feel right at home with the controls.


I'm surprise people don't speak much about the Roguelike community. It's really cyberpunk and probably the best free software game in the market.


We had a decent discussion about it for a while over on the other chan. Instead of reproducing my comments here, I will link that thread:

The Short Version: The development community is small, passionate, and theory-oriented.


File: 1564449832187.jpg (159.06 KB, 1920x1080, ss_e885cc65fe08be7717f0ae0….jpg)

Reciever. It's a simple FPS where you roam through generated skyscrapers. You have to carefully walk through to avoid being killed by some robots and collect 11 tapes to win. The challenge is that you have to manually perform every action with your gun, with about half a dozen keys for every mechanism on the gun. It's pretty fun, rough around the edges, but the fact that the gun is so unwieldy makes for a good survival-horror tension, like tank controls.


How do you play that? Do you have an arcade machine or use an emulator?


File: 1564494201255.jpg (102.35 KB, 640x578, gkNBvz9.jpg)

Receiver is one of my all time favorite games. After playing it for a while, pressing only R to reload in other FPS games feels dumb.
The atmosphere and story of the game is incredibly impressive considering that the entire game was made in seven days for a competition.

The tape recordings are pretty eerie stuff. I love it so much.


I'm playing Chaser right now, just finished the underwater level. I'm having quite a bit of fun, I love this generation of FPS game.


Infra Arcana


I have similar experience. The game is good though.


Tracks - The Train Set Game. I'm quickly running up against its limitations after only 3 hours. It's very comfortable but gets dull fast. It's much more fun to do this same activity in Garry's Mod or Minecraft.


Quake with Arcane Dimensions mod. Check out screens and videos, it is amazing.


How do you find OpenTTD?



How does everyone here manage to play games without getting bored? I often binge on one game for around a week before dropping it and do nothing for the next month. I hate not being able to get into games, and I'd rather do something rather than nothing. I want to start a bobs and angels playthrough of Factorio but I'm afraid I'll drop it less than halfway through.


What I meant is "how do you like it?".


eh, i'm basically the same way. my solution is to either play games that are easy to pick up and aren't story-heavy, or just play multiplayer games.

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