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I think the general aesthetic of vaporwave is dead. The fact that it used to be this insider club on the internet but now there are vaporwvae videos with millions of views and I have normal people at my school who know about vaporwave. Post your favorite songs


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Of course the same slowed down 80s pop gets old at some point, but there are so many artists with very different styles I don't think this is dead or anything.


What >>1185 says. You got to explore the sub-genres.


Hey, at least youre not future funk


Millions of people knew about Cyberpunk when it peaked in the 90s after the initial wave. I don't think Cyberpunk is dead, either.

Just because a lot of people are onto it now doesn't degrade the quality of some of the Vaporwave albums that are coming out. In a way, Vaporwave is babby's first ambient and the first experience with avant-garde music for normal people, so if it opens up minds to stuff like that, I don't see the harm in normal people encountering it.


cyberpunk is so much more than vaporwave even if you count in its apparent "criticism of capitalism"

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