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Kalyx ######

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When you play a vidya game are you looking simply to waste time, have fun or challenge yourself?
What would you say is your favorite in each respect?
>waste time
probably any multiplayer game that you enjoy, its easy to get sucked in as long as you arent getting btfo in game
>have fun
that really depends but its usually a SRPG or a flavor of the month game
usually a shoot em up or danmaku game, i play a lot of touhou
tl;dr thinly veiled recommendation thread


File: 1504757321734.jpeg (33.82 KB, 660x495, 454dc500-0181-4319-9164-4….jpeg)

>mfw I just started playing video games

>waste time

ps1 app games on my phone like FFT or FFX

>have fun

I just started playing Age of Empires 3


AoE on intermediate


i just play touhou project, i don't really like video games


File: 1504778547108.gif (15.6 KB, 750x500, 376.gif)

I stopped playing games because I realized that I used them solely to waste my time and fun wasn't even the main factor anymore. Overstimulation.
Until October 31st I'm on a vidya lent. Afterwards I'll limit myself to only a few hours on the weekend and hope that it's fun again.

Also, October 31st because it's the release day of DUSK. Check it out, it's a cool FPS.


I don't really play vidya purely to waste time anymore, if anything I'm finding the rest of my life and other activities in the wired are taking away too much time from my vidya gaming.

I have really been enjoying playing ARMA3 with a decent sized group, all on comms, all playing semi-seriously. It's good. Bit more thinking and involved than just playing a normal shooter. Starting to get pretty interested in playing Squad lately, and a bunch of friends have started playing Spintires.


so true. In fact I think Im not going to play any vidya, right now!


i enjoy video games so much more when i cut down the time i spent playing them. only downside is that i can't really keep up in any of the more competitive multiplayer games.


I play vidya mainly to have fun and challenging myself.

I'm having fun by experiencing the game itself , its atmosphere, story, and most of all gameplay mechanics.

Challenging myself and having fun are two closely linked notions for me. Usually, when the game is difficult , it forces me to use all the gameplay elements offered by the game and think about all the various ways to beat the game. Therefore, it is much more fun to play.

Some examples in this case are the SMT games. Man, I love those.

> wasting time

Any multiplayer game wil do the trick.


I took a break for 2 months early this year, best decision I ever made. When I returned to them I managed to cut a lot of the garbage I was playing and really focus on the quality stuff.


I play more H3VR than anything since I got my vive,

Running around in the mini arena taking on endless bots with autos is great fun, I love it wayyy too much.


Really varies on what I am up to.

>waste time

Any management game, may it be Dwarf Fortress or shipping stuff around Eve Online. The hours fly by so fast. This and about 1 or 2 Visual Novels per year.

>have fun

This would be some oldschool platformer. Valis or the more recent Shovel Knight do the trick. I suck at them so ultimately there will be me cursing at my TV for hours, but once you beat them it was worth it.


Danmaku are great or anything you need good reaction times for like Osu!


maybe you just need better friends?

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