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Kalyx ######

File: 1563474781824.jpg (44.53 KB, 720x405, 471A2929-F52C-4DD7-AF2A-C1….jpg)


Kyoani was set on fire today and a lot of people are dead or injured.
Here is the fundraiser to help them recover.


File: 1563479860600.jpg (37.85 KB, 650x366, 5LYzTBVoS196gvYvw3zjwOdNdl….jpg)

I wonder why that guy did it, sadly I coudn't find any interviews with the culprit or something other than the fact that he is 40 years old


File: 1563480870221.jpg (429.96 KB, 964x948, 8hwJkGsSNQU.jpg)

he made a thread on futaba.
>can I get into news?
that's all he wrote.


File: 1563482253282.jpg (400.36 KB, 1088x1120, 1357955484340.jpg)

And nothing of value was lost.


Except VAs and other people who work on projects outside of kyoani. One studio, especially one this large, getting fucked up, affects the entire industry. Edgy "anti-weeb" retards should fuck off back to twitter or pol or whatever.


File: 1563489243083.png (258.7 KB, 358x339, 1496885386726.png)

Anime is one of the worst types of cultural fast-food and the future of its industry has little to no importance, and KyoAni is no different from its competitors in terms of lazy content.
The only tragedy here is the loss of human life but given how it's converted nowadays into #prayfor units it doesn't have any meaning to talk about it on the internet anymore.
If anything, this event highlights how sloppily fire safety is taken in Japan outside of the big city buildings, but as it is an actual matter with technical outreach instead of crying on the loss of the bug-eyed visionaries while virtue-signaling with big numbers donations, it probably will not be mentioned.

In the end, writing stupid old memes on the Internet while Dan Kim and his lookalikes are gasping for air because he lost one of their dealers is no big deal.


Uh huh, keep babbling, glitterboy. The exact same could be said for video games, movies, tv shows, pretty much all contemporary novels, etc. None of it is "important", but you only feel the need to be elitist with nip stuff, which you know next to nothing about, because it makes you feel superior to other "losers". Of all the things you could call animation, especially of that caliber, lazy is not one of them.


>you don't know anything about anime!!
lmao I wouldn't have found this website then

Okay, I'll say it clearly and shortly. KyoAni is garbage, anime is mostly garbage and even the most crappy American reality-tv shines next to your delusional 20-minute escapism pills. Slice of life with bright colored samefaces to hide the misery and your endless eight (lmao) aren't "great animation". Even basic 90s shows like Pepper Ann show more imagination and creativity than Haruhi, Lucky Star or any big name except Nichijou. Not that KyoAni is as bad and fake as other slideshow studios such as SHAFT, but whatever. I'm done, lick your wounds doggo.


If you're talking about the actual work and technical skill involved, no, ugly soykaf like pepper ann or doug does not compare to even a below-average kyoani show. I myself am not a fan of most of kyoani's work, but I realize this and I realize their importance. You do not because of your obnoxious 90's fag superiority complex. You really think reality shows are better than the little bit of cutsey, light-hearted escapism which at least has a bit of character development and charm? Are you that desperate to feel above others around you?


Surely the fact that you dislike their work does not mean that they deserve to die?



Guaranteed replies


link please? this thread surely has more details now?

Thanks for the thread lainon. Sad day. These people who died in this silly selfish incident made more for the humanity than thousands that die every day in shootings and the like..


I couldn't find the original thread, but this is the most recent. It's possible that the original was deleted. Apparently the perpetrator might not wake up.
I don't even like k-on, but I bet one hundred years from now, people will know about it if they still know about anime.


File: 1563572767368.jpg (198.91 KB, 692x828, 1563560515531.jpg)

mainstream /b is filled with haters and soykafposters as usual.

Apparently (if we to believe this poster) The guy(barisaku-kun) was a railway otaku who thought that kyoani stealed his term(barisaku - baritone saxophone) and became fed up(not quite sure on this, please correct me..) with anime-painted trains.


File: 1566176098344.jpg (117.25 KB, 1200x858, d9c.jpg)


Where did they hurt you my friend?

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