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Kalyx ######

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My friends and family stopped liking my posts. I'm 91 years old, and that is a death sentence for me. My mind is not yet gone, but if I don't keep getting Likes, I have little value in society. No role to perform. I'm just sitting here sucking oxygen.

I remember when things were different.

>Nurse walks in.

>"Mr. Alice?"
>I knew it. They're finally going through with it.
>They're treating me like a baby in here. Google colors. Primary colors.
>Even the blanket has red, green, yellow, blue. Primary colors.
>"Mr. Alice?"
>I say, "Yeah?"
>"It's time for your injection. This one's going to put you down for a nap, okay?"
>Yeah right. I'm not going to wake up again.
>"Oh, you were born in 1990?"
>The wireless speaker in the room pumps out Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind.
>Needle goes in.
>"This will sting a bit."
>Am I going to wake back up?


>I just watched Black Mirror and wrote a fanfic on it: the post




I have no mouth and I must scream. No seriously.

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