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Kalyx ######

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The most cyberpunk music genre off all (maybe? idk).

It's a kinda forgotten genre actually. Usually it receives the 'nu-metal' treatment, for being soykaf music for edgy teens, skidies, etc.
Besides that I think it's one of the best electronic music genres. Atari Teenage Riot is great, their solo works has lots of variety also. Christoph De Babalon is a DnB god, releasing solid stuff almost every year. Shizuo is a breakcore classic. And still from DHR label we have lots of underrated goodstuff like Curse of the Golden Vampire and Sonic Subjunkies.

Outside the DHR label, I recommend the japanese label Fujimi Industry Records (very good DH and also gabber, speedcore and experimental stuff) and the band Machine Girl (best punk band of the 21st century IMO).

Does Alice like some Digital Hardcore? Any recommendations?


ATR is definitively the most cyberpunk music possible. I like to browse D-Trash Record's catalog, they have some fun stuff, although I am not sure how strictly digital hardcore their artists are.


Rabbit Junk is and always will be a guilty pleasure of mine.


File: 1553201776497.jpg (110.5 KB, 1000x1000, uncannyvalleybonus.jpg)

I wonder if Perturbator could fall into this category. The atmosphere in his music embodies the image of cyberpunk perfectly in my opinion. It's way more synth based, but the dark dystopian atmosphere is very present.


Not really, it's retrofuturist dreck.


Synthwave and 80'sish eletro is another take on Cyberpunk music.

But Digital Hardcore is more tied to anarcho-punk, Drum n Bass, grindcore, techno, etc.

They are both good, just different sides of the cyberpunk aesthetic.


Yeah that's true. Guess I've really started to associate synths with cyberpunk.


File: 1553246393638.png (1.08 MB, 620x696, death_grips_steroids.png)


Personally I really like Vein, which is an up and coming grind/power-violence band with quite a bit of electronic influences. The Full of Hell-Merzbow Split was pretty great as well if noise is your thing, although Merzbow took more of a back seat on the album.




This n0thanky0u band has a track called Infornography.
Maybe they are Lainheads lurking here somewhere



I stopped listening to Death Grips after NO LOVE DEEP WEB. I'm not very found of industrial hip hop (even them, I prefer listening to Dälek or B L A C K I E). But I read that this EP and the Bottonless Pit have an electro, digital hardcore feel and are pretty different from the prior albums. Is it true?


Bottomless pit is the catchiest death grips albums, and it draws from a lot of rock, mostly metal, on a lot of the track. And Gabber is a gabber mega-mix the death grips boys threw together, absolute bangers with stefan shouting at you, it got me back into death grips 8/10

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