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Kalyx ######

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I got into this about a year ago, but got through the second season last month. I'm not sure if I'll see season three, I think I liked S1 better.
Is anyone else watching this show? Should I keep going with it?


op, what is this thing? you've probably gotten a bit further in by now; is it worth watching?

also that OP is very BBC


it's a TV show I kinda like. The premise is that Tatiana Maslany is several clones - she plays about 14 different characters in total, the main one being a british con artist with a punk aesthetic who gets wrapped into a conspiracy after she steals the identity of a woman who turned out to be her clone. It kind of has a cyb vibe.

>also that OP is very BBC

sorry, didn't mean to shill for BBC there - I pirated the whole thing, I swear. I just dl'd the first intro I could find, and torrented everything I've seen so far.

I haven't gone any farther past season 2 yet though, I don't think I'm gonna, at least not until exams are over.


no, just meant bbc-esque style in the opening / intro. they're kind of distinctive, seems like.

also, sounds pretty interesting! might take a look after exams too


wow, you actually totally sold me on this show. one of my friends has been trying to sell it to me for a while now, but she didn't explain it very well. this sounds so sick, im going to watch it soon.


whoa, thanks. I didn't include much a description cuz like, I didn't want to spoil anything. once you take a look, tell me what you think!

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