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Anybody else used to watch a lot of anime but now just stick to manga? I don't know why but now i barely watch anime but i read a lot of manga. What manga do you recommend? I read franken fran, Angel Densetsu and dead tube.


File: 1509178061774.jpg (211.63 KB, 720x1022, 14.jpg)

read mob psycho and akira


File: 1509184005764.jpg (159.29 KB, 1200x879, Shigurui.jpg)

Shigurui is one of the best manga I have read in a decade.
By the same author, Exoskull Rei is pretty cool but I never found the end.
Everything by Akira Toriyama that isn't Dragon Ball. Seriously, these gems need to be dig up.
Sun Ken Rock is okay.

I'd like to find more serious, historical or at least moe-free manga but that would mean I have to learn Japanese, I guess.

I'm not flooding, I'm trying to repost a deleted post. Let me pass, you ugly clunky bot.


Just to add, I know Tetsuo Hara made an historical manga about Nobunaga but despite the art being incredible I can't his character or stories.
Everytime I read about Nobunaga's suicide I think of him dancing and I need to get this image off my head


Yes, pretty much. After reading Akira the amount of anime i watched reduced a lot, except for nostalgic anime, i went on a manga frenzy
Manga has more freedom and is less bound to clichés, it also has no music telling you what emotion you should be feeling at the moment. The problem with manga is how fickle it is; probably the medium with the biggest amount of horrible endings of them all, both by quantity and proportion, because there are more of them being axed than babies being born.

As for recommendations i really, really don't like horror but will name a few things you might like.
>A Drifting Life
>City in the Sea
>Murai (author)
>Saber Tiger
>Short Cuts


File: 1509207990258.jpg (177.25 KB, 1920x1080, 1489567225870.jpg)

I'm just the opposite. I used to read manga all the time and hardly watched any anime, but over the years that's completely revered itself. Now I find myself watching anime all the time and I hardly pick up a book at all, as sad as that sounds.

As for recommendations Akira and Fullmetal Alchemist are my favorites. And honestly, as much as the anime rightfully gets a bunch of hate, the Naruto manga is actually a pretty damn good shounen series


The cliches you see in anime come from manga, and a lack of music is a detriment, not an advantage.


They are magnified in anime, that's why i said "less bound".
Do you also like laughing tracks? It is very hard to have a good soundtrack rather than something generic, specially when you have to produce many episodes so most don't try to be good but mediocre.


File: 1509416934527.png (128.59 KB, 556x437, RKLbYdL.png)

HxH & YYH (only fuck with the tonkobon scans)
Dr. Slump
20th Century Boys
Card Captor Sakura

just a few of my favorites, my tastes are pretty mainstream tho


File: 1509476531821.jpg (17.48 KB, 188x268, download (1).jpg)

My Brother's Husband by Genoroh Tagame is petty good


They're the same cliches because they were in the manga in the first place.

Why do you think movies, TV shows, radio dramas, audio dramas, picture dramas, video games and visual novels all use music?

The quality of music in anime is the highest in the world.


Anime is not a 1:1 adaptation though, it adds a lot of unnecessary things.
Because of people like you who need generic background noise.
>The quality of music in anime is the highest in the world.
I'l just stop replying.


>Because of people like you who need generic background noise.
So all music is just "generic background noise"?

>I'l just stop replying.

The fact that anime has the best music is suddenly not a fact because anime is not manga and is therefore bad?

You're just another tryhard pretentious glitterboy thinking that if you put down anime in favor of manga you are some kind of elite member of an undeground subculture, even though in reality manga is much more mainstream than anime. Go fuck yourself you cancerous piece of soykaf.


File: 1509570450310.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 306.73 KB, 1629x1193, p.txt.jpeg)

oyasumi punpun was very good
I don't really read much manga, but I read that all in one night.
It left me depressed as fuck for like 2 days after though. Although that might not have been entirely the book


> anime has the best music
> fact
I don't even… Do you know what a fact is and how is that different from personal tastes and opinions? So much poison.


File: 1521440982616.jpg (20.62 KB, 233x350, i266532.jpg)

Tokyo manki revengers is pretty good. It's basically about a guy who has a crush on a girl who dies from gang violence. He gets sent back in time and has to join a gang in order to save his waifu. It's good so far.


File: 1521457118528.jpg (669.84 KB, 1384x915, nihei.jpg)

I love anything by Tsutomu Nihei, especially Blame!. Check it out if you like SF/Cyberpunk.


I can understand you Alice, I've started to prefer Manga to Anime after a while too.

I would recommend everything from Inio Asano to you, his work is amazing and deeply touching.
I assume you are interested in Cyberpunkish stuff, you should give Planetes and Akira a try.

If you're looking for something to cheer you up I would recommend Shinrayku! Ika Musume and Ansatsu Kyousoykafsu.

Someothers that I like are Watamote, Aku no Hana and the NHK manga.


File: 1523037229067.jpeg (44.46 KB, 512x287, images.jpeg)

I'm reading Appleseed now


Sounds exactly like my friend. As for myself I just feel that anime is a more richer format than manga, animation coupled with music makes for a more enjoyable experience than just looking at pictures.

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