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File: 1493140909436.jpg (66.31 KB, 620x372, hyperface.jpg)


ITT: Post /cyb/ clothing with practical applications such as anti-surveillance, techwear, etc.

This image is part of the Hyperface project. The Hyperface pattern works by feeding facial recognition algorithms a fuckton of false-positives in order to obscure your face, and can be worn in many styles ranging from bandannas to t-shirts to hats. Some would consider it a new form of civilian camouflage.


File: 1493141103501.png (88.26 KB, 700x420, 885.png)

CV Dazzle, a classic. Makeup patterns and hairstyles that work to break up the continuity of a face in order to mask it from facial recognition. Unfortunately, what hides you from machines makes you stand out to regular people. Still interesting, nonetheless.


File: 1493141236067.jpeg (25.5 KB, 660x330, Thermal-proof-Hoodie.jpeg)

Stealth Wear, anti-drone thermal-proof clothing. These will hide you from thermal imaging.

>Items are fabricated with silver-plated fabric that reflects thermal radiation, enabling the wearer to avert overhead thermal surveillance.


plenty of tactical soykaf is IR treated as well so that it doesn't stand out under night vision which I've had a chance to test out with some gen3 nods. A lot of brands do stuff in everyday colours so you don't stand out being the only person in the crowd wearing multicam.

not gonna save you from thermal, but not all adversaries are going to have true FLIR and a lot are just using IR cameras or NOD's


So the drone can't see my tits, but everything below that still lights up like a beacon?


IIRC the material was very expensive to produce, so you could buy a full jacket but it was expensive


Pretty sure that pic is to demonstrate how effective the material is but those drones can be pervy af tho.

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