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Kalyx ######

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Are there any current culture hacking groups that are out today. The only one I'm aware of is F.A.T, but unfortunately after the patriot act was signed to continue on in 2014 they decided that they have lost. And they're not wrong. As much as it sucks to know that the US government will never release their war powers I just have the urge to try.

I'm starting to create such a group at my university, but wondering if there's any more like them today.


File: 1539838158831.gif (10.55 KB, 300x300, fat_NBC_cooper_300-url.gif)


culture hacking??


Culture hacking is influencing the enviorment around you through to cause change, usually to promote an agenda. For example F.A.T labs would have art projects such as hosing alleries just to spite Pisca photos


>>2263 then with e.g. their Random Darknet Shopper.


File: 1540766778297.png (236.76 KB, 738x455, Untitled.png)

Anti-Face Art
To promote the cause against facial recognition used in the public.


i dont really know if there is any real popular hacker groups anymore but hey good luck with the one at ur uni whats the name of it my dude


Don't feel like name dropping it right now, once I feel comfortable on where we are in members and a project worth while I'll definitely share it. Expect to see some projects that I've been thinking of posted on here for opinions

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