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Kalyx ######

File: 1494581206545.jpg (323.34 KB, 1506x1024, rear.jpg)


It's an established fact that the botnet wants us to starve, and with even pizza being non-free it's hard for a cyberpunk to sustain his/herself in the meatspace. You can't survive on stims alone, and traditional food is just a waste of time.

So how do cyberpunks get their calories?


Kind of soykaf but pretty interesting take on meal substitutes.

I kind of like the idea, working long hours for the man doesnt leave much time for escapism. So i wouldnt want to waste too much time preparing food.


File: 1494594653534.jpg (428.22 KB, 1120x630, coffiest_gallery2.6f3c4042….jpg)

Worth noting this video is old and Soylent has gone through major revisions of it's recipe since then.

Stuff like the Fish Oil has been removed.

I really like Coffiest, which is the Soylent 2.0 mixture with some added coffee and L-Theanine.


File: 1494601334759.jpg (170.11 KB, 940x626, RC-Chili-Beans-940x626.jpg)

Dried protein: beans, lentils, peas
Grains: rice, wheat, buckwheat
Flavours: MSG, cumin, cayenne

Occasionally add cabbage for fresh nutrition

I honestly don't find cooking these things time consuming, just requires planning:
soak protein night before, simmer protein in pan whilst doing something else, add grain in at end.


Nice to see the meme here.

I disagree that traditional food is a waste of time.
It's an expression of human creativity and intellect.


Is this all you eat? Does it get boring?


>It's an expression of human creativity and intellect.
Agreed. Or more really, it's an expression of culture.


Soylent is too goddamn expensive, even the roll your own versions. The scale to support it isn't there, and until it is it won't beat out rice, beans, and multivitamins.


As scarcity looms, we can probably expect more and more people replacing seafood and beef with cheaper meats, and eventually perhaps animal cultivation will be nigh impossible and most meat will be soy. Rice and beans will never die until we do, though.



>Rice and beans will never die until we do, though.

Actually, rice is one of the crops most threatened by climate change. Most rice strains grown in the world, and almost all of those grown in eastern Asia, are very sensitive to temperature. For example, most strains in eastern Asis need several weeks of temperatures under about 33 degrees (though this varies slightly by strain) at the right stage of growth to germinate. No germination, no crop harvest. And on average, we're only a few degrees off from that temperature in the most densely-populated areas that heavily rely on those rice crops.

I think a lot of people who don't take climate change and carbon emission reduction seriously just don't realize this point. It's not some hippie-dippie gaia-worshipping gotta-save-mother-earth-maaaaan tree-hugging crap. It's about food security for humans. It's simple self-defence.


Oh, good catch. Thanks for correcting me.
So, then, what's our stable and reliable source of calories come disaster?



>So, then, what's our stable and reliable source of calories come disaster?

A lot of people a lot smarter than me are working on this very issue. I'm no biologist or farmer, just a nerd who follows the news on food security issues.

A lot of the work in the field (no pun intended) is about trying to breed hardier strains of current crops that can handle higher temperatures and wider humidity ranges, since higher temperatures and more extreme cycles of drought and precipitation are the two main results of our climate change trends.


I drink the blood of drunk teenagers in club.


A E S T H E T I C ! ! !


do you get drunk with their blood?



I try to maintain a keto diet with intermittent fasting

eggs are cheap


Dumplings, easy to eat and make.



i recently started interfasting + keto

suprisingly im less hungry than when I used to eat 3 meals a day

all the other supposed benefits like longevity excite me


Pocky is all I need. Strawberry Pocky is really healthy because strawberries are fruit, and doctors always say to eats lots of fruit.


Keto here too. Full from one meal a day and my body fat dropped dramatically.


it's usually just culture, but you can make it more than just that.


tbqhwy that sounds like the kind of thing that's gonna come back and bite you in the ass p soon.


I eat chicken tendies, oatmeal, noodle cups, some fruit, and fast food.


I did that once as a wild teen. Some girl cut her hand and I licked it off.


that's hot
was it in club cyber


I'm eating a lot of ramen with tofu lately, it's good and very cheap


Did you see what he ate in the movie actually? Looked like cold mom's spaghetti to me.
>Fish Oil has been removed
Bad, there are no plant substitutes for it, as humans have accustomed to consuming fish for last 100k years and you really need those Omega-6s to fire up those neurons
>added coffee and L-Theanine
So now it's basically a corporate slave version of dog food. Work fast, Die hard.
I think, we should stick to "whole foods" memery, as our organisms are not yet accustomed to eating heavily processed stripped down ingredients. Are there any soylent-esque designs that take this in mind? Granola or mixed oats is the only thing I can come up with.
One can cultivate algae like spirulina or room fly larvae at home right now. Great protein sources with lots of vitamins.
>It's about food security for humans. It's simple self-defense.
Stop dumb people from breeding
Modern food preparation is neither culture or creativity expression, it is just plain kitchen slavery. Leave that off to machines or servants whenever possible.


>modern food preperation is kitchen slavery

I dont know what kitchen you're living in, but it sure isnt mine, my friend.

food preparation is, as with all things, what you make of it. if all you do is rote and unoriginal, perhaps that's what you get. but that doesnt mean all of us are going that path.


>Bad, there are no plant substitutes for it
>flax, hemp, chia, walnuts, pumpkin and avocado don't exist


Instant noodles, tins of tuna and tins of soups. I'm a single male. Most food packages purchased in store feeds two at a minimum. And I'll eat it if I make it. Because I don't like waste. Noodles and tinned tuna and soups store forever so I don't have to keep making pointless trips to the store. Once a week I'll nip in to refill of some fresh fruit and veg… and maybe grab a loaf of bread, milk, steak and eggs for vitamins, calcium and protein.

I hate cooking. You waste all that time preparing something you can demolish in a few minutes. Tuna, lettuce and mayo sandwiches for lunch. Soup and noodles for dinner. Occasional steak and eggs.

I drink far too much coffee though. When I still drank alcohol, I used to drink a particular drink that's popular in Scotland and Ireland called Buckfast. Crazy high caffeine content in that too. I've had severe heartburn for years. And smoking doesn't help. Vaping doesn't provide the nicotine kick I need. So it's coffee that has got to go.

I fucking hate trying to provide my body with a healthy and balanced diet. I want a machine body that needs fluid changes every X number of operating hours. It would be so much easier.


your body is a machine, chances are that an artificial body wouldnt be less of nuissance since it emulates a biological body.



It's a meat machine. It's got redundant parts that serve no purpose, remnants of evolution. A proper cyborg body would be an upgrade.



Just buy Huel


The problem with solutions as Soylent and Huel as meal replacements is that we gain pleasure from eating. It wouldn't be mentally healthy to live of these solutions. Just as a single meal replacement time to time.


File: 1540303866418.png (661.16 KB, 848x900, ibp3dxZy2Vys4F.png)

2018- I have full access to a magical screen that gives me whatever information, communication, entertainment, and potential for industry I can think up or find- but I can't afford groceries.


>It's an established fact that the botnet wants us to starve

I totally disagree, I think it wants to make us all fat, by making chemically engineered junk food cheaper and cooking less practical etc


Damn, aren't you folks worried about getting Hepatitis or something?


Hepatitis is a risk. Starvation? That's a dead certainty. Which would you choose?


"Dead Certainly" only occurs if you have nowhere enough food. There are plenty of foods that don't carry such a risk of blood-borne pathogens. In fact, just about every food in the world has less of a risk of Hep than literally drinking strangers' blood. It's not as if your only options are "drink the fresh blood of some stranger at the bar" or "starve" now is it?



Further, the nutrition problem is not solved. Things like soylent/huel/whathaveyou are noble efforts in making reasonable singlefoods, but I imagine they just build on the work of things that have been going for quite some time (meal replacement shakes for weightloss, or that they give to elders who sometimes need outside control over their diets, for example).

By comiting to use soylent you comit to use one groups feelings about what nutrition probably ought to looklike, and though maybe those are savvy and wise people, its quite possible that they arent.

I'd rather to at best use these for occasional meal repplacements in the same way one might use a packet of ramen soup.


File: 1540573974727.jpg (66.53 KB, 1024x576, i r serius vampire, this a….jpg)

I don't know how to explain myself other than to say, mine wasn't the sort of post that required any sort of serious response like that.


File: 1541383106690-0.jpeg (69.25 KB, 620x412, 030999A1-031A-4777-B4A5-1….jpeg)

I could go for a Neo Kobe pizza right about now.


I wish I didn't have to eat, most of the time it just gets in the way and feels like a waste of time.

If I could photosynthesize like a plant I honestly would.
>optimal energy without any filters placed upon it, straight from the sun.
>never have to worry about nutritional mixes again, only one nutrition, SUN.


How is it different from standard pizza? There must be a reason they give it an extra mention.


The most schway way is to cook your own food. Knowing how to turn cheap and stolen ingriedients into superb dishes is how you keep the dystopia at bay. Burritos are unironically cyberpunk as well. Quick, high protein, travel friendly, and delicious.


File: 1550700241289.png (922.56 KB, 1368x706, cool i guess_002.png)

haha be careful man

I eat ready meals like kebabs and soykaf
I've eaten weird food ever since I was a kid and I'm sure my metabolism can be okay with anything. I like canned foods. Like the fact that it never goes bad is really amazing.
Also bread like some cibata or whatever and butter with scheese


It feels satisfyingly cyperpunk to eat cheap convenient foods. But usually I try to eat healthy {mostly paleo + dairy}. Though for a several months when I wasn't just poor, but dirt poor my diet consisted of roughly 90% milk. Milk cant be beat when it comes to calories & nutrition per $, And as a bonus my poop turned yellow!


Plus the healthcare industry needs a unhealthy populace to make their buck.


You can fill a burrito with crushed corn chips and then use the chips bag as a crisping sleeve. Wrap that in several layers of paper, put it in a microwave, and a few minutes later you will have a kind of cheap air fried chimichanga.

Basic rules for putting metal in a microwave:
1. Keep any foil smooth and regular.
2. Keep the metal away from the metal surfaces of the microwave.
3. Monitor the cooking process for arcing.


I access the Farm Fresh kiosks. They disburse foodstuffs in precise portions with caloric intakes listed on the wrapper. Its prime.


> Milk cant be beat when it comes to calories & nutrition per $,
beans and rice are orders of magnitude less expensive for the nutrition.


i'm pretty sure lab grown meat is the most cyberpunk food, and i can say with 90% confidence that it will be seen as the cheap and low life version of real meat as soon a mass production starts in say 10-15 years. It may taste signigicantly worse than natural meat, or it may just be percieved to taste worse because of cultural stigma against eating it since it's cheap. At first they're going to market it as "artificial beef" and the like, to make it seem like something we're used to, but there's no reason to stick with meats we can get from animals, I think the real synth-meat is going to be a chimera of all sorts of cells to make a hunk of soykafty protein slop and honestly I can't fucking wait.


It'll be better if they don't try to replicate real meat flavour. All those soy and gluten "meat substitutes" taste terrible and this probably would too. Tofu and other soy products taste better when they are made into their own thing rather than trying to copy animal flesh. If we're growing protein in a vat, the possibilities to season it are endless.


i feel like it will be a very long time until it is less expensive than plant-based alternatives.

i like some of the meat substitutes, but then again, i never really liked the taste of meat.


How viable is it to just live off carbs, meat and vitamins.
I feel like this should cut it - though, I'd probably need to eat a metric ton of vitamins to make up for no veg so probably not financially worth it, i don't know.


Have you ever tried that "beyond meat" thing? I'm basically a 100% carnivore with my diet and the texture and taste of the substitute was spot on. There is no way I would have been able to tell that it's not real meat unless I was told so beforehand.



Eating is easy. There is canned food, fast food, easy vegan diets with beans, plant oils, etc. There is soylent also, and those new lab made meat. People find a way…

What I don't like about this 'super food/meat substitutes/soylentesque stuff' is the producing philosophy (and all this 'easy to make' diets).
"In a world with a rapidly growing population, and rapidly diminishing resources, we all need access to nutrition that is cost-effective and easy to consume. We’re pro-GMO, pro-sustainability, and ready to change how the world thinks about food.[…]
After extensive research, we chose soy because of its bioavailability (i.e. it’s easily absorbed by the digestive system) and because soy takes fewer resources to produce than other proteins."-Taken from the soylent website.

Making food that uses less resources, is cost effective and easy to consume is actually the same principes of the food industry for decades lol, nothing new.

Nature uses a TON of resources, humans eat a lot and soykaf a lot. We are not efficient machines.
Nature works in a very not efficient way.
The smart thing about it's inefficiency is that all the waste is used in other ways, fueling other living beings.

I think both humans and it's creations (cyborg parts, robots, machines, buildings, cities, the internet, AI) should focus more on the whole energy/food production process, rather than only the eating part (the daily need).


companies are more likely to overcharge for it due to the infrastructure costs (beef cattle don't need a lot to be happy, while lab grown meat needs HVAC, an energy source, etc). It'll probably be marketed as a well researched alternative for satisfying dietary needs ~like never before~, and hylics will lap it up.


I'm in Singapore right now, which is- one of the most cyberpunk places really- in spite of the greenery and clean streets- there were damn robot drink vendors autonomously roaming the casino I visited last night. And out here, I get my calories by cheap cheap cheap food vendors and hawkers you can find everywhere– and mcdonalds haha. A lot of Tiger beer and Pocari sweat too desu.

I do need more calories.


File: 1555995181569.jpg (178.16 KB, 1500x1125, gyoza.jpg)

I've been addicted to microwaveable Gyoza. They come in big bags and aren't terribly expensive. Somehow it's a real comfort food for me, and I always want them.
You can pan fry them a bit afterwards if you want.



what is this ?


this looks pretty cool actually. Where do you get this? Asia market? I've never seen this.



I've gotten premade dumpling/gyoza type things like in the photo from costco before



you clearly don't understand how plants work. light only provides energy do cleave and make chemical bonds. plants need CO2 from air and it's the easyest part, because you need nitrate, potassium and phosphate (macronutrients) in large amounts and a dozen micronutrients (magnesium, calcium, iron, cobalt, manganese, etc-etc) in small amounts. and if you have those on hand, then you need proper humidy and temperature in the air and temperature, pH and ion-concentrations in the soil/hydroponic system. oh and if one of the aforementioned ions present only in small amounts, all other ions will be used in an amount relative to that so one missing and you might end up growing 1/10 as tall with mini leaves and die a month later. oh and god forbid if there's a toxic ion present like lead or mercury, you can't choose not to "eat" it, like if your mouth was always open and food was falling into it, and you end up retarded or die.

the dystopic future i see is total-synthetising basic nutrients. fats and carbohydrates (including sugars, starchs and fibers) are easy to total-synthetise from air and oil-derivates or synthetic hydrocarbons made from methanol which in turn made from carbon or carbon-dioxide. peptides are a bit harder and less economical but still very doable even today, if fertile soil will be extremely pricey or nonexistent, total synthesis will be economical. especially if by that time cheap and clear nuclear fusion energy will be present.

also if not total synthesis: microbes are much more suitable for large scale - large density industrial processes than plants. for a plant: you have to sacrifice squarekilometers of area for 40-100cm of height and you can't build anything on top of it. for a microbe: you can create a factory with many reactors on top of each-other, for 20-40-60 etc stories high and maybe the same underground. or if not microbes: even mushrooms would be better because they only need light for only a very short time and you can build farming areas on top of each other.


The people saying they hate cooking or even eating… do you live alone, or with people who don't pool resources? An Oxford study last year suggested the leading cause of sadness outside of illness (mental or otherwise) is eating by yourself. When I lived with people I enjoyed cooking. People would get excited when it was my turn and that was rewarding, and when it was not my turn the surprise factor was inteteresting. Now I have no one to share that with and it's been that way for a long while. Cooking is now a chore rather than a hobby or artform, and eating is something I do so I don't feel hungry later and oh yeah, I guess because my body needs nutrition or something.


this is a really good point. Making/eating food as a group is really great.


I exist off mostly instant ramen and black tea because bread and water's a bit too depressing for me


>An Oxford study last year suggested the leading cause of sadness outside of illness (mental or otherwise) is eating by yourself
It doesn't really suggest that.

>getting enough sleep was the most important factor determining whether people feel like they are living well.

>our new analysis re-confirmed sex life satisfaction as the second most important factor for people to feel like they are living well
>Those who strongly agreed they had ‘enough time to do everything’ were 8.1 points better off
>Everything else equal, someone who ‘never’ sits down to eat alone had a living well score 7.9 points higher than someone reporting that they ‘always’ ate their sit-down meals alone

Also, saying that the it "suggests" is a bit strong for their study
Though the study does use that word, it immediately mentions why a causal explanation is tenuous.
The study states, for example, that people who eat socially are much more likely to be retired and much more likely to be in a relationship, where as people who eat alone are much more likely to work a lot and be sick.
As such, it is very possible that eating alone doesn't unhappiness so much as these other "hidden variables" do.

Maybe, it suggests that the 4th leading correlator with sadness outside illness is eating by yourself.


Do you have any opinions of your own on the subject though?


Anything can be fun if you do it with friends!


I'll take that as a no.


File: 1557384089407.jpeg (97.19 KB, 650x437, prx.jpeg)

By make, do you mean heating pre-made dumplings or making them from scratch? Because heating them is easy, but making them is hard


As a professional cook that live alone, I can confirm this.
Cooking for other people (or even better, cooking with a team of people) is waaaaaaaaaaay better.

Multiple pratical reasons for this, besides the "oh cooking with friends is fun YAY".
1.Usually recipes in books or in websites are not written for a single serving, but for 3-4 servings. So you have to think about storing the food and re-heating the next day. That's not that bad, but I dont have a microwave, so each time I have to eat I create more pans to wash.
2. Cooking as a team is much faster. If you give clear instructions to your friends, a dish that would take 1h to make alone will be ready in 20min.
3. Buying food for multiple people (providing they will split the bills with you) is cheaper.
4. Cooking for other people creates more responsibility. When you just think about yourself, and your survival/nutrition/etc, you get a little lazy: "nah I guess I'll order some pizza" "nah i'll just eat a little sandwich for lunch and I'm ready to go". When I lived with 4 people in the house, I cooked like full meal with Rice, Beams, vegetables, salad, meat etc etc and that was quite normal. Now I'm eating cheese sandwiches all day lol.


The cost of food is kicking my ass. When you're sharing and people get paid on different days and go shopping on different days, you hit all the sales. You can also buy the biggest bulkiest items which are usually more economic too. I have to fit everything in a camping backpack and walk for 25 minutes to get home so I end up buying the smaller items.

Then because I don't want to cook every single day I make a huge pot of something and leave it in the fridge and pick at it for a week. It's good for a day or two and then I get tired of it. I get the cheese sandwich syndrome too lol, but I make sure there's stuff to go with it; mayo, mustard, pickles, avocado, artichoke hearts, as long as there's a variety.


>Stop dumb people from breeding
This is a really stupid way to stop dumb people from existing.

>have accustomed to consuming fish for last 100k years

[Citation Needed]


File: 1568583588225.jpg (51.07 KB, 640x640, cart.jpg)

> Buying food for multiple people is cheaper.
What are you buying?
Fresh vegetables usually cost per pound, so it doesn't matter how much you get.
Most other things (grains, legumes, frozen food, spices, etc.) last a long time and so you can buy in bulk.
What else do you eat? i can only think of meat and bread as exceptions right now.

Just buy the bulk items.
It might be annoying in the short term, but then you save on trips later.
You can get a cart like pic related to make it easy.
Also, if you have some food at home already, you can afford to wait on buying an item until it goes on sale.


> Just buy the bulk items.
Yeah I really hate these easy answers. It's not that simple. I don't buy packaged or canned food unless I have to. You have to understand that things are different n other countries or even parts of the same country. I've lived with 12 people, six people, and alone. It gets harder and more expensive the less people there are and your diet becomes less diverse.

>You can get a cart like pic related to make it easy.

Yeah sounds great for when there's six inches of snow, not to mention the hills around here.

> if you have some food at home already

Not always, no… I have in fact gone hungry several times in the past few years without enough money to even buy a loaf of bread. I make all my own meals from scratch and never eat out with very rare exception. (Next question before you ask: no I don't pay for internet).


Rice. Just lots of plain rice. If you have the dhamma in your heart, even plain rice is enough.


Soylent is ridiculous. So expensive. And not even slightly innovative. We've had meal replacement shakes available for decades, like ensure or slimfast. Those are just the most common ones you can get at walgreens or whatever—there's much more developed bougie versions out there. But soylent is the most bougie. It's a luxury bay area meme version of a diet shake.

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