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File: 1523760441677-0.jpg (339.47 KB, 1405x2000, bomber jacket girl.jpg)


Hey guys just a quick question i thought you might know this
Why are bombers cyberpunk? Why are they used in that aesthetic, especially on girls. I'm looking on some movies that were made like 10 years before ghost in the shell anime, and there already a girl cyborg is wearing a bomber jacket.

Can you explain? Where does it stem from? Was it natural flow, or did some protocyberpunk movie have bomber jacket on a character? Like I said, it has to be before like 1986 at least, because even B movie of cyberpunk category have bombers

Also, bomber jacket pockets are not even that practical to be honest. The outer ones at least. Inner ones also, you will drop things from there all the times.


Bomber jacket was popular among punks and cool kids during early 80's.
Since "cyberpunk" genre is basically cool kids with computers, boomer scriptwriters did 2+2 and made it into their soykafty neon noir B-movies. Same as Mr Reddit wearing a hoodie and bastardized Goy Faux lookalike mask. Hoodie is a symbolism for being shut-in NEET and sensitive person among hip redditors and original le Ingognito Person mask is patented by Warner Bros™, so they made a totally-not-that-mask as a symbol for bashing evil capitalist trumplords and hacking the planet.


Did punks wear bomber jackets? I thought it was more of a skinhead thing.


skinheads, also punk music, antifa, just your regular fashionistas, mods - it's all a huge clusterfuck that will have overlapping societies as you know, young people, seeing, mingling, mixing (yesterday i was a skinhead, today im antifa, tomorrow i might be something else haha but my wardrobe is same + only a number of garments are cool)


On a practical standpoint, bombers jackets have few advantages.
Such as being warm, but not too thick, so you can wear them in sunny mid-season
without sweating like if you were in a Spa.
They should have a arm compartiment and inner pockets. Pockets are useful.
If of good quality, they are durable and sturdy.
Also has pleasing aesthethics.

Durable, practical, useable. This is why they are popular in the cyberpunk scene.


despite current take on the subj, back then, there was very little difference between punks, skinheads and many other subgroups (source: i was there). don't get me wrong, not a question of philosophy, but rather all came from the same socioeconomic background. the scene was a poor people thing. that was before cheap soykaf from china, looking a particular way required actual effort since couldn't buy punk fashion at a store, so we went for cheap, bargain items that looked weird and out of the ordinary. now you have this crystalization of style, where punk looks "this" and mods look "that", but back then same item could and would've been appropriated by a person if it could be integrated and somehow personalized, just because there weren't that many sources to get bargain clothing. bomber jackets specifically weren't sold at a department stores, they were exclusively military surplus items: they were cheap, rugged, functional and worn exclusively by misfits and dregs, including former military who for whatever reasons were still clinging to that one defining moment in their lives. so if you wore a bomber jacket back then, you'd personalize it of course, you know skinheads would wear it straight, go for a cleaner look, punks would fuck it up somehow, spray paint it, but whatever you were, you stood out and it was obvious that you weren't some kind of ordinary 9-to-5 person.


>mr. reddit
>goy faux
>leingognito person
>evil capitalist trumplords
woah, calm down cowboy, you might suffer a mild stroke!


File: 1527136699151.jpg (26.44 KB, 500x575, 54d95c7b0e6ff_-_esq-marmot….jpg)

personally i prefere softshell jackets like pic related. great advantages for all seasons except summer, indestructible, dry, warm but not hot, won't make you stick out in public.


/pol/ slang meshes surprisingly well with cyberpunk poser slang.
> I wish these boomer shazbots would quit putting chems in my soycaf, man


That Anon is right, though.


It was sort of like that here too. Not so many bomber jackets, a few, but definitely lots of military surplus. I'll never wear those crappy surplus combat boots again though. The day I switched to something else my lower back problems vanished. 17 was pretty young to have back problems!


Honestly, I think bomber jackets fit into any genre that takes place after the bomber jacket was invented. You can put it in post apocalyptic stuff, plain contemporary stories, dieselpunk, cyberpunk, biopunk, military sci-fi, etc. The bomber jacket's rule of cool transcends genres.

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