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Kalyx ######

File: 1525334727582.png (259.75 KB, 314x464, box-of-papers.png)


Hey guys, I recently stumbled upon a collection (a rather large one) of old papers. They're sorted into three categories in large manila folders: Spirit, Machine and Synthesis (as titled on their collective folders).

The Machine one in particular intrigues me, it's the designs for what appears to be a computer, circa ~1980's, but has some weird features. For starters, it doesn't use any processor I can identify, and some of the documents appear to describe what I believe to be the CPU. It's got a lot of modernish features like a significantly reduced instruction set, and deep pipelining. I can't seem to find any reference to any of this online anywhere, it seems to be original work.

The Spirit collection appears to be a translation of Buddhist-esque writings, talking about rebirth, nirvana and some conception of the soul. I've yet to venture deeply into these documents, they seem very lofty and esoteric.

The Synthesis collection is just strange, I have no way to describe it. It bounces from computer code (resembling LISP, although I can say with confidence it isn't any LISP I've ever seen) to koans and back again.

These documents are all visually degraded with age, some of the text is faded, some pages are water damaged, overall just a strange old collection. My initial hypothesis is some buddhist-leaning programmer or system engineer devised all of this material, but to what end I don't know. A lot of it is vague, yet intricate. The designs and code in particular appear to be robust on their face (I have some background in computer science, although a lot of this does admittedly go over my head), while the spirit texts seem coherent and intelligent. I should note I'm only basing my observation that it is intended to be "spiritual" based on what is written on the folders that contain these texts, rather than merely their content; there may be something more to it that I'm simply missing out of having not read them all yet.

All in all, the collection is in a rather large file box, it takes up an entire shelf now on my book case.

I think I'll begin transcribing the documents for publication, and I might try my hand at working out and writing an emulator for this mysterious machine. There's no disks or any kind of digital copy of anything, so I'll likely take some time for either project to bear fruit.

Would other Lains be interested in this sort of content if I were to publish it?


An esoteric computer by some unknown guy who collected an assortment of papers and call them Synthesis. Who wouldn't be interested in that?


Real life attempt (maybe even success) of a Lain world sure does sound interesting.
The synthesis one specially because it instills curiosity on the common ground of the files for their classification.


Publish Machine and Synthesis in their entirety, and anything in Spirit that hasn't been already.


God, I wish I could have been there to see the techno-mages of old. Godspeed, Anon.


You gotta post some of that online if at all possible. I'm super intrigued.


VERY interested in seeing these! Please keep us posted Alice.


Can’t wait for it to be posted


Scan them all and put on the interwebz.


Please do. I'm intrigued.


Please do scan/upload these all if possible. Especially interested in the Synthesis collection


Hey guys, thanks for the great support. I'll be doing my best to transcribe and digitize content as fast as possible. I'm going to focus on Machine and Spirit at first since they're the most accessible, but I'll try to keep Synthesis up to date.


I wish you strength and luck!


File: 1525541723673.jpg (3.4 MB, 4128x3096, cpu-0-execution-units.jpg)

Ok with much ado I present the first page. This one is in good condition, part of a folder subtitled "CPU - ECP100".

The document appears to present a series of ALUs (Arithmetic Logic Units) connected together into a grid with reference to registers. Notes specify that the design is intended to increase parallelism by way of specializing units to one operation. This differs from traditional CPU design in that a generic ALU often does a large collection of operations.

Sorry for the delay. I got both a phone call, and an email earlier today that put me off, but I'm undeterred. I'll discuss that later when I'm more confident I understand the meaning behind them and the risk they carry.

The next post will be to do with a Spirit document. After, I'll be bringing in a Synthesis document.


Quit bullsoykafting, this page doesn't look like one from 80's, net even slightly.


I'm sorry you feel that way. Unfortunately, I cannot prove to you beyond posting it.

Deal with it.


Stop ruining the game.


I've worked in an archive full of materials from the 20th century, and though of course I see nothing here that makes me think its _definitely_ from the 80's, neither do I see anything that looks like its definitely not from the 80s.

If youre comment is about preservation quality, thats probably a fair question, but in my experience, in the right conditions, documents like this can last well over 40 years and still look quite new.

I am not saying this has to be from the 80s, simply that I see no reason it cant be.


My comment indeed was about quality of preservation. This page is among a few which I feel survived best. Among others are water damage, faded and discolored (acid in the paper).

Look, I'm not trying to play games here - and I don't really appreciate people assuming I'm yanking their legs and coming at me for it. I want to share some (what I consider) fun history. We might even collectively learn a thing or two.


thank you for your efforts, and keep at it !

ps: nice keyboard ~


scan everything in one of those bulk scanners that can do many pages at a time and then upload it.


I don't have access to such a thing in the area I'm at, although I'm keeping a lookout.

You're very welcome :)


Is any of it for sale?


Sorry for the long absence, I got hit by a car. Recovering now. Still alive.

I got a phone call back before I posted the first sheet. I was told to "avoid broadcasting". At the same time an email came in and it read the same thing. Needless to say, I'm uncertain of the severity of the threat. Getting hit by a car seems like dumb luck [sic]. On the plus side, there's going to be a settlement in it for me.

Next up is a couple pages from the "spirit" section. These sections are long and drawling to the point of being tedious. I'll likely avoid these mostly in the future. The pages are slightly water damaged, and there's a yellowish hue to them. Overall readability is still good though.

Fat Negative. I'm looking to share facsimiles, not originals.


File: 1526588549129-0.jpg (3.76 MB, 4128x3096, spirit-0-draw-of-the-futur….jpg)

File: 1526588549129-1.jpg (3.95 MB, 4128x3096, spirit-1-head-of-the-path.jpg)

(picture mentioned in previous post)


Easy way for you to reassure us more is to show us worse looking papers, with yellowing and the like.
It would be hard to get or recreate in a short amount of time.
Or something with a date.


>I got hit by a car
>I got a phone call back before I posted the first sheet. I was told to "avoid broadcasting". At the same time an email came in and it read the same thing.
The plot thickens.


I fully understand your concerns. I'll try to find something dated and in worse condition for the next release.


File: 1526688059118.bmp (5.91 MB, 1462x1059, franxxx1.bmp)

>for the next release.
What I don't understand is why you haven't been dumping images from day one. You have the entire collection in it's entirety and yet after 2 weeks you've posted 3 pages. Just upload a tarball with a bunch of photos or start dumping.

What reason do you have for this "release" pattern?


My own enjoyment, and I'm trying to cultivate the releases into something tangible and coherent. Between work and my injury, time is also at a premium.


File: 1526764861310.gif (146.32 KB, 200x200, .gif)

Man, I'll be honest I'm a little disappointed. I was really excited to try and make something coherent out of them myself. Now I feel like this is just going to be a blog of you doing just that without giving us a try. But I mean it's your puzzle I'm just salty I can't try to solve it.


Its because he is writing these as he goes and its fake.


A valid point I hadn't considered.

Sounds like somebody's bitter


Could anyone transcribe >>1979?
Can't read cursive for soykaf, and this stuff ought to be digitized in some form anyways.


The second, more or less:

The Head of the Path

In the year of the day, a seeker will discover <unclear> from a place of
ambivalence (?), they will venture forth and discover the kings – the beasts,
the men, the angels, the daemons, the great and the small. Each will be given
the guarded responsibility for the future of their people – joined in common
all(?) request paradise.

The first will falter and grapple until(?) his current life. He shall be
guarded and frightened, his legs guiding his sab–(?) fingers. <unclear> and
misfortune will colour his judgement, personal shift will taint his
consciousness. However, as a past noble of his mind, and of a noble beyond the
veil. Hence he will establish the first great Kingdom, of fire and mettle
beyond awe, gracing the world with roaring winds and the embers of life. Atop
the mountains and below in the valleys, the wild trembles with their
magnificence. His rule over them will be just, divine, and empowered by his
own sought(?) and found selflessness wrought steel melts below their breath,
stone crumbles beneath their hammers (?) – moulders of the world strive for
the construction of great and powerful feats. His wisdom will be hand-won by
great tragedy, tempered by personal defeat, woven by a clear mind that
chooses, and that choice will win the first victory, set off a chain effect
that weaves the fabric of the next world.

To find him, the seeker must look in the abandoned temples of his land,
benefit (?) of life, shuffling (?) (???) residents will utter but only few
words, after days of quiet observation, he will arrive. His first reactions
will be of caution, even anger – but by glimpse of the truth he will prevail.
Overwhelming (?) him not with the responsibility of rulership, but (???) upon
the gift of creation. Cast his eyes upon kingdom come as the light within.


I'll just wait until OP delivers…


Meh, this thread smells like some soykafty ARG or something but still im waiting for OP to deliver files bc why not


I think he gave up on the game last year when he realized how much work it was going to be to write all this soykaf out.


I just hope they are doing OK. A mystery lost to us forever.


Well, that seemed interesting…Wish there was more…

Granted, I don't understand a thing about how computers are built, so I don't really know what they were talking about with regard to the CPU and some of the other techno jargon…


We learn together Alice. What brought you here?


soykaf this is like House of Leaves but cyberpunk


Scan/photograph as many pages as you can and upload them, OP. Archiving is the most important, we can transcribe later.


for future reference, remember to wipe the metadata from your image posts, unless you don't care if your camera serial number is leaked


reminds me of the TIS-100 manual, similar story behind it too


I'm just gonna give my honest take: the most likely scenario is it's fake and OP got bored and forgot about it, if it is real and the phone calls and emails are real then the government has probably nerfed OP by now


File: 1550674016663.jpg (9.27 KB, 425x333, fss notebook.jpg)

Couldn't be government. In those facilities, all notes are written in green FSS notebooks. Pic related.




Can confirm this. We used these for a Weapons Log in navy bootcamp :)


Yeah we had a lot of those. But also some legal pads. Mostly those though.


Why do people keep bumping this thread?

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