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Blade runner 2049 is out. Let's do this.

Just coming back from it. To put it shortly: fuarrrking amazing


Mhm. Bet it's full of hollywood cliches


Seeing it in IMAX tomorrow at 7. Mostly excited to see the visuals as I imagine the story will be lackluster.


Seeing it this weekend. It's got a 94% on Rotten Tomatoes (But so does standard capesoykaf Hollywood films) but I've heard good things about it from friends who are into cyberpunk. Kind of excited.


Oh soykaf. Glad to hear that OP liked it.



Visuals are extraordinary, no doubt about that.
I expected disappointment from the high hopes I had, because every critic in my country was more than enthusiastic. Even the "classy" ones that are never happy, and the ones coming from tech/infosec journalists. Not only the visuals are fantastic, but I found the story to be pretty good as well. It's a real follow-up of the first and just not a blockbuster with references.
Particularly enjoyed the soundtrack too. Felt like Zimmer listened to my obscure ambient cyberpunk albums and decided it lacked the soundscape of an orchestra. Speaking of which, >>1259 links dead already


I've already convinced myself that I'll hate it, I'll pirate it when it hits bluray.


Director understands cyberpunk. 2049 touched me in a way I'll never be able to describe to anyone. Hit really close to home. Cried in theaters like a baby.


all the talk about the music and soundscapes, no doubt fueled by the late arrival of Zimmer, but what I enjoyed most were the moments of quiet. even with all the nods to the '82 film this stands well on it's own.


Great movie. Going to rewatch the original dub soon.

Of course it's failing box office: (be aware of a million trackers on this soykafsite)

I hope they kinda expected that. Like, you make money with bluray and merchandise too, right? That worked out for the original as well.


I watched it alone and it was an intense experience. If I was to list the best movies to come out of the 2010s, this would be very high on the list. If I was to talk best sci fi/cyberpunk films of the decade, I feel like this would be my number 1.

The story and characters were done so well across the board, but I think out of everything the movie hit me with, the relationship between K and his virtual girl got me the most. I think that was done incredibly well and because of my lifestyle, it hit close to home in a way.


Overall, I found the movie to be quite enjoyable. The visuals, as you would expect, are top-notch and continues the tradition of the first movie. The music was a departure from the original, with more haunting sounds to signal doom and gloom rather than being noir-like.

I also appreciated that the movie had time for slow parts and did not prove to be an action blockbuster according to the trailers. It made the parts wtih action a lot more impactful.

The plot itself wasn't terribly special, but I think it had a lot of things going on that ultimately led up to nothing (or intentionally left out to be used in a sequel). The original wasn't complex in it's plot, even coming down to the end. They should have kept things simple.

I think that being connected so closely with the original hindered it. It was as if the movie was torn between wanting to be its own thing but also having ties to the first movie. The movie was its best when there was very little to connect it to the original beyond the general atmosphere.


File: 1507490279641.gif (316.37 KB, 500x224, Blade Runner.gif)


It was intense. It was good but I'm rewatching Blade Runner because it makes me feel unique in a way 2049 could not.


Just came from movie theater. I was honestly impressed.

It felt like Tarkovskys S.T.A.L.K.E.R met Hollywood in a good way.

Very, very slow paced for being modern hollywood movie. Plot wasn't that great but who cares when aesthetics were just through the roof.

Very similar to the new Ghost in the Shell. Plot sucks in both but everything else is stunning.


I expected them to put out an obnoxious explosion-fest filled with out of place references to the original, but they actually put love and care into this film and it honestly even stands on its own.

It felt so nice to have a film with a pace slower than breakneck speed where you actually had room to breathe and take it all in.

Also the hologram gf was a cool as heck-o idea and that syncing thing was RAD


>those whacky weird building-sized hologram ads and Zero-fauux street decorations were stunning


Going with the rest of you guys here. The movie never felt like it wanted to indulge itself on anything besides scenery, which isn't necessarily a flaw. The violence had reason, consequence, and was shot tastefully. They may have indulged in the plot a little, putting too many branches on the central theme too quickly, so that you might not have enough time to fully digest one subplot before the next one demands your attention, but maybe I'm just a tiny-brained fool that should go see Pacific Rim instead.



Came out the cinema and everything felt visceral.


I think part of the idea is that the plot comes second to the world building
With anything /cyb/ like this, the plot exists mainly as a tool to demonstrate how things work in the world
As for the plot being hard to follow in some places, I think that it will probably be better on the second than the first
I am almost in love with this movie


I loved the visuals and thought that it was good as a film as well. I liked how in the end K seemed to decide that there wasn't anything noble about throwing his life away for this revolution he'd found out about (because presumably if he had he would have just killed Deckard) and instead decided to choose his own goal. He's still a martyr but his cause was of his own choosing. He reunited Deckard with Deckard's child just as he had been trying to throughout the movie, the only thing that had changed was he realized now that he wasn't the child. Still, he seized tightly onto the only thing that had given his life meaning, adapted his actions to the changed situation, and went through with it.
tbh the fact that right up to the end Deckard was calling him Joe fucked me up. Even in his great act of defining heroism he can't entirely shed his mass produced identity
Also he looks like christ in the end with the wound in his side kind of like how the white haired replicant in the first movie looked like Christ with the nails through his hands.


I don't think that's true. The best cyberpunk works use the setting to tell a character story that's relatively zoomed-in when compared to other science fiction. It's not about the holograms and the society, but about the people who live on the ground within that society.

the scenery is just that - scenery. The setting just helps immerse you into a tale that's distinct and aesthetically unique in comparison to other stories. Indulging in the world is necessary of course and an enormous part of what makes cyberpunk great, but if you ask me, at the end of the day it's all about the characters, just like every great story.

If you just want a world you can make a video game. If you're making a story then you're making a story


Gosling always dies :/


I didn't go to watch a movie in a theater for like 5 years before this one. I'm thankful to the several Alices who praised it in this thread and convinced me it wasn't just another milking out of an old cult franchise. It was a wonderful experience. Not only did they manage to get the sense of grandeur and aesthetic of the first one, but they also build together a convincing world based on what cyberpunk is nowaday. The self-referential is also well done. The few things I didn't liked (some tearful moments, Jared Leto's role) are overwhelmed by everything else.

There's everything I want to see in a movie.


>people on this site unironically like this film
howdy ya there, fellow /r/lainchan users :)


Just because a film receives a wide release does not necessarily mean it is bad or even mainstream. Paramount Pictures has been taking a lot of risk with smaller projects this year. mother! should have stayed in the art house and they gave that a wide release as well.

I personally enjoyed it like many of the other alices in this thread. I feel like a lot of cybperpunk film & literature goes out of its way to try to be cyberpunk. They throw in the tropes and set dressing but it never feels 100% coherent. The original Blade Runner, and its new sequel, don't have to try. They are cyberpunk. The world is lived-in, the grime is believable, and set dressing is cool but still has a unique and entertaining story underneath.


M8 disliking something expressly because of its mainstream appeal is dumb as hell. Most of the critiques in this thread have been pretty nuanced. No one in here is drooling over corporate dick just because Paramount released a feature film with a neon/noir color scheme.


I didn't expect to enjoy it, but I did. More so than the original, even.
Literally had to get up and tell a dude in the cinema to turn his phone off though which kind of sucked. What is wrong with people?


Saw it just recently, the visuals and audio were amazing, worth it for that alone.

But I don't understand the praise of the story. It seems the original bladerunner benefited from having fewer characters, as each had clearer personalities, motivations and relevance to the plot. Leon was criticised for being a bland character in bladerunner, but most of 2049's characters fail to be more memorable than even him.

Seemed like there was going to be a significant waifu theme to the film, but said waifu was extremely shallow as a character and went nowhere.


I had a 15 year old kid that took his girlfriend to see it. He would not shut up through the entire movie. I don't mind a bit of whispering here, but this kid made no efforts to quiet himself whatsoever. I shushed him myself 3 or 4 times and after a few minutes he'd just start up again.


The only reason I got up and asked the dude to turn his phone off myself was because he was an adult. If it's kids chatting in the cinema I don't bother telling them myself because they usually just think they are funny or tough if they continue, or if I have in the past I get up and walk over to their seat to tell them.
It's best to just get a member of staff. I've had kids thrown out of a movie three or four times by doing this.

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