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Help me fix this shit.

Kalyx ######

File: 1535344366512.jpg (142.82 KB, 1024x678, 28130012-1024x678.jpg)


What would be /fa/ equivalent of Arisuchan ?


File: 1535350646325.png (233.74 KB, 620x640, 1c616f122a31ab591ca3b639ac….png)

There is none, there is /cult/ which is kinda close but it misses the target of fashion glitterboyry.


God damn it I keep on forgetting faggot is wordfiltered.


o shіt, i thought everyone was just using that word for fun..
i feel desenchanted


File: 1535351786381.png (547.15 KB, 961x961, 1e67edc0e501a789b918bacf87….png)

Admittedly, glitterboy is a fun word, but faggot is much more descriptive. Blame seph.


Ѕhit man, is nothing safe?


ТВН, idrk what either are supposed to mean.


wrong link >>2167


File: 1535364463822.jpg (129.93 KB, 974x1199, a727229b88239d8ee9b1bdbb7d….jpg)

I feel like it is a failed attempt to appease others, but honestly it doesn't matter much at this point. Seph runs a good shift despite the idiosyncrasies.


File: 1535364691487.jpg (33.2 KB, 500x500, rothco.jpg)

So back onto the topic of /fa/, are rothco style jackets top tier terrorwave?


Is that some kind of fusion of terrorcore and vaporwave?


Terrorwave is what happens when /k/ does fashion.


File: 1535399521897.png (18.78 KB, 656x158, culture.png)

>What would be /fa/ equivalent of Arisuchan ?
Fashion is literally in the description of the /cult/ board. ^_^


File: 1535458350037.jpg (179.26 KB, 706x645, freshcops.jpg)

Rate my recent cop.
Straye - Venice black/bone suede hi-tops.


Do we really need a place to post our cayce pollard units ?


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