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File: 1504429898905.jpg (8.54 MB, 4134x5847, Evolve&Decide-Today_ OZ_20….jpg)


Hey lainons! Earlier, I've seen how some of you are fond of digital hardcore so I share the dates of the coming Australia tour of Decide Today (breakcore) and Evolve (hiphop). This thread also serves the purpose to discuss the music of both, Decide Today & Evolve, and also chatting about how you've experienced the gigs that you've attended.

(I don't know what's the stance of the lainchan staff towards social media pages like FB, so I've changed some links. You have to replace the 'zuccbook' part.)


Evolve 23 (US) conscious hiphop, Realicide Youth Records

Decide Today (US) Cincinnati post-REALICIDE anarcho breakcore

Fri 22 Ipswich @ Coronation Hotel
Sat 23 Brisbane @ Betty's
Mon 25 Brisbane @ 4ZZZ radio
Wed 27 Nimbin @ Ponyland
Fri 29 Sydney @ Pyrate House
Sat 30 Adelaide @ Enigma

Sun 1 SA @ Port Noarlunga Footy Club
Tue 3 Melbourne @ Make It Up Club
Wed 4 Melbourne @ Tago Mago
Thr 5 Bendigo @ Musicman Megastore
Fri 6 Melbourne @ The Tote Hotel
Sat 7 Hobart @ Brisbane Hotel
Thr 19 Newcastle @ Hamilton Station Hotel
Fri 20 Sydney @ Valve Bar
Sat 21 Blue Mountains @ TBA
Mon 23 Ipswich @ Tone Town Music

We can SCREENPRINT and STENCIL your shirts anywhere that allows it. Bring shirts for free printing. Screenprint ink & spray paint donations accepted! It's like this…

For promoters…
A3 tour poster download
A4 flyer/lyrix (double-cided)
LOGO files download

Contact =


When will Divtech come to Europe again?


File: 1504636766439.jpg (135.53 KB, 960x960, realicide.jpg)

This is actually off-topic because David Divtech isn't with Robert Imhuman (Decide Today) this time. Divtech plans touring the US East coast in late October, though. I don't know when he's going to return to Europe.


Oh soykaf, can't wait for east coast tour. Hope there's a Philadelphia date


Sorry, I just really liked the Divtech show last year.


File: 1506058859316.jpg (69.16 KB, 666x888, 1506058589305.jpg)

Robert & Colin have arrived today. You can check them out @ Coronation Hotel in Ipswich.

Here's the FB event link:

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