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I was re-reading Idoru, and the idea of a "media fast" caught my attention. So I'm going to try a variant of it, for the entirety of 2018: No movies, no TV shows, no youtube, no streaming services.

Anyone else here do something similar? How it turn out? Did you keep it up after whatever you set as your own first timeframe?


Try something harder: no chans and no books


I think it's a really good idea, OP, but IMHO you should try to stay away from chans, news sites and (if you have some) social network too.
The interesting thing for me is the idea to avoid everything that is volatile and gives you something new every two seconds. Youtube, imageboards, TV series, reddit and social medias can be an example, cause with those at your disposal everytime you are bored you'll probably open one of them and it really kills your thinking time. Movies or longforms, on the other hand, can be ok, because they force you to mantain your attention on a single thing for a big amount of time and to reflect about it (as long you're not watching "Transformers" or reading "The 100 best meems of our recent history xD uwu").
And if you are part of that superior kind of people who like to type random things in search engines and lose theirselves in the beautiful ocean of the Wired, well, dunno if you should let this happen or no. Sure it is more interesting than random youtube browsing and sure you can find really unique stuff, but i think it is still part of those "volatile" entertaiment methods that you're trying to avoid, so for this last point think carefully by yourself what you want to do about it.

I hope you succed to reach your goal, lain.
Good fortune!


I don't really watch videos other than the occasional anime or documentary. I've tried lowering the time spent on imageboards by not visiting them before 8 pm but I don't follow that strictly enough. I thought about just stopping altogether but I would be very lonely without them.



Arisuchan is the only even-slightly-social website I ever use. My project last year was to cut ties with all social networks and all social media (even pseudonymous ones like reddit). It was a great success. Pick a non-arisuchan social site, and I can guarantee that I'm not on it, and haven't been for a year or more. It's been rather eyeopening; when family and friends have to actively text/email/call me instead of just tagging me on facebook, it really shows who actually cares about me.

And I mostly agree on the news front. I do plan on being more discriminating on what news sources I read. But I'm not doing a blanket personal ban on them. I do like to know what's going on in the world. One of my plans is to focus on long-form audio podcast documentaries from various public broadcasters around the world. For example, those in the style of CBC's "Ideas".

One type of news that I'm definitely cutting out entirely is Verge-style "tech news". I'm just plain done with that consumerism nonsense. Who the hell cares what Amazon or Apple or Google are doing or selling? I'm just done with that.

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