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Kalyx ######

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Thought I'd make this thread. Here's a pic of my journal, and a piece I wrote. It's meant to be spoken-word.

the hardest thing I had to give up
Pray, wish, or hope
that you won't
lose your identity.

Ask who
you'd be without irreverence or
piety. then imagine losing
that too. Imagine falling forward
abruptly, into
lies or the truth, to slander, to
gain or lose your infamy.
or the slow widening of
a closet door + dissolution of

I'd love to see any pics or excerpts from your journal, if you want to share.


File: 1493812855124.pdf (62.66 KB, Didion, On Keeping a Noteb….pdf)

I'm glad someone collected this bounty. At the moment I keep two composition books: a diary and a research journal. I keep a really broad view of 'research' so most of my writing ends in the second: thoughts on/quotes from things I read, things I want to learn more about, progress on projects, school work, drafts, to-do lists, thoughts on the research process itself. The diary is less well kept and is basically a catchall for the things I don't put in the other: dreams, scraps of paper, notes to myself, things I want to remember, free writing, collages, news articles.


I keep a tiny journal to write down my tasks in, I also used to use it for a self discipline program that I was following but I lost interest in it after a few weeks because I couldn't make time for it. (It would probably be in my best interest to pick up were I left off now that I'm less busy.)

I'd like to keep a larger diary for my thoughts but I'm dreadfully self conscious and I am petrified by the possibility of it falling into the wrong hands and having someone read about my emotions.


I get paranoid about this sometimes and write my notes in code. Then I spent a long time trying to make uncrackable codes in my journal, that are also easy to write in. I know one-time pads are uncrackable, but it's very hard to do that when I'm not a computer


Maybe you could invent your own shorthand, or refer to things symbolically, or include fake journal entries among the real ones? It doesn't obscure the message, but it seems a bit more practical than a OTP.


>invent your own shorthand, or refer to things symbolically
I already do this somewhat, but usually it's furiously writing down exactly what I hear in meetings. I'm a pretty good note-taker in that regard
>include fake journal entries
I'm worried that doesn't give me plausible deniability.. but it sounds fun! maybe I'll try it.


File: 1494079915174.png (5.41 KB, 376x213, tmp.png)

This thread inspired me to start doing this as well. At the moment I use a file on my computer, but Ill get an actual booklet soon

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