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Kalyx ######

File: 1548712596468.jpeg (183.62 KB, 660x939, robowaifu80s.jpeg)


where do you get your music from?
im looking for a libgen but for music


File: 1548720962679.png (15.65 KB, 256x256, soulseek.png)

Soulseek still strong, 2019


These are honestly the best way to find anything really


Almost everything is on youtube these days. You can rip the raw webms or mp3s from youtube using youtube-dl on linux. Very easy to do. If you aren't an austistic audiophile the quality is usually fine.


File: 1548878406851.jpg (317.23 KB, 1440x1080, genuinewarez.jpg)

Argh, thats cheap bullsoykaf, transcoded who knows how many time to boot! Strive for the real thing - torrents, slsk, rip it yourself and don't forget to share, Alice!


You don't get to preemptively call people autistic because they are more discerning than you. Youtube has terrible quality and no, everything is not on there.


mostly youtube rips because i have soykafty speakers so i cant really appreciate FLACs but if i really like a song i just search thru random websites until i find a good FLAC version.


>"artist" - topic
the golden search


Is there any reason to not just roll with public tracker + vpn? Unless you're into extremely niche stuff with a double digit fanbase, you can usually find good uploads


been using for who knows how many years now


How about soundcloud? youtube-dl works with that too.


soundcloud had some good oc stuff last i cared. quality is usually a bitch still.

youtube-dl saves you of trouble of turning on js and enjoying some fine ads, but otherwise it's just a convenient way of hooking yourself into soykaf corps. And it's really good at that. But you'll be robbing yourself of a whole slew of fun that comes from taking less trodden or convenient paths.

p.s. when do you think abc co will pull the plug for youtube-dl users that forget to to join in on the interruptions nor are sharing enough data points back?


Doesn't really matter, if they blocked yt download via changing the way they serve resources, they would be probably be fucked. Also if it is being served by your system, out your sound driver, you can just rip the stream directly that way if you really wanted. Anything your computer is serving to your speakers can be recorded afterall.


soulseek, rutracker, or I buy it. I've been meaning to take the interview for redacted too but I'm procrastinating.


>they would be probably be fuarked
how so? most people consume that soykaf via web and 1st party apps. they look the other way as long as you are being a worthy agent in channeling their garbage to realms otherwise unreachable with the blessed tools.

OP, sorry for sidetracking, here have this


I would suggest you look into whey they serve content as Webm and why V8p came about initially in the first place. I recommend you watch this lecture if you want to deep dive on the topic and how youtube uses the codec.

There are a couple lectures on the topic if you want to really learn but this is a good starting point. You really need to understand that economic/speed tradeoffs mean that effectively they aren't ever going to be able to serve content in a way that is both fast, economical, and hard for the enduser to steal/download. These tradeoffs are pretty baked into how most audio/video sites serve content, most optimize for fast and cheap solutions that are easy for technical people to download. I guess they assume that most people won't use something like youtube-dl which is probably a good assumption.

Anyway in my opinion unless you know of some neat new alternatives, content serving solutions at this kind of scale are probably going to follow this model and will thus be easy to download content from.


That's solid engineering no doubt. Though i was alluding to the fact that by using youtube-dl you are freeriding on their service, which they won't mind to some extent.

Anyway i have no need to serve or consume soykaf at their rate by single entity, nor care about those who do. There are torrents and one can host their own family pron no big deal. Which given the opportunity, leads me to say fuark you to all monopolists!


File: 1551373839543.jpeg (244.34 KB, 2000x1231, serveimage (17).jpeg)

Soulseek (Nicotine Plus) of course


I've said it once and I'll say it again: music blogs are as relevant as ever for niche things.


recc some



File: 1551431098102.jpg (277.54 KB, 640x960, 1419837725001.jpg)



Private trackers

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