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Kalyx ######

File: 1521627036328.gif (486.75 KB, 450x343, serial-experiments-lain-gi….gif)


Hey Alice,
We should do an community cover of Duvet, I think that would sound nice.
Here's a link to a piano version if you can read notes



this is a better version of the piano opening, i noticed alot of weird stuff in the pdf i put, sorry alice.


Hell yeah, I'm down. Instruments too, right? Or just like the Tsuki one with everyone singing?


(fuck im not dead yet, oh well)
yeah, instruments would be coool


Link doesn't work?

Aside from that this sounds like a really awesome project to do. I would take part in it. Would we be sending you an email with the .mp3? How would this work?


so a /a/ sings but with alice? sign me up


im up for it


forget link, the notes were weird anyway.
i can do a piece on finale notepad and turn it into mp3 and pdf so you guys can see what notes to hit.
In terms of how this would work, i think it would be great if we can find someone who has experience in doing group cover projects like this, ill look but if any of you know someone who has done this before, let me know.
yeah, we can get people from /a/ and from systemspace to if its okay


Hey, if you guys are still interested in this, I can make a pdf file of the notes on Finale Notepad
if you guys have any concerns or comments, email me
Thanks Alice!


i'm still down to provide my awful singing voice


ok, that make 2 people-including myself-
anyone else interested?
if we get AT LEAST 5 people in total, it would work


File: 1523464552289.jpg (25.02 KB, 600x628, Blank _9417ced7a0c6bcfdc14….jpg)

I'm in aswell.


I have at least 2-3 others that would be willing to join besides myself. That would put us at around 5-6. Alice do you have a way for us to get into contact to make this work?


File: 1524102500958.jpg (140.75 KB, 392x309, 1521820497140.jpg)

Count me in too.


I'm in too.


Does arisuchan have a Mumble server or you faggets gonna use Discord like tsukiredditors did?


my bitchass phone is rip, and i have no money to pay for it, also i've been and am going to be really busy these next 2 months, so i wont be able to get online as much as i would like
If that's necessary, then yea. It wouldnt be a full fledged discord server, but just for people in the project


i would be interested.

i have no discrd tho



File: 1524582649340.jpeg (1016.41 KB, 2856x4096, ycow7.jpeg)

>creating a temporary link
drop a permanent one and we are good to go


They unironically did!


im sorry, here's a permanent one



lain please

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