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This movie is a little arthousey but I think a lot of people here might like it. Granted it is slow paced with long periods of silence. But daaaaaamn, is it ever gorgeous and creepy and haunting and downright Kubrickian at times. Trailer:

And it has an absolutely amazing score.


The inspiration for this is kind of funny. The director remembered being a kid back when you had to go to the store and rent tapes if you wanted to watch movies at home but the R rated ones were off limits to children. He used to look at all the covers of the SF and horror flicks they wouldn't rent to him and imagine what they were like. He carried this imagery in his head for 30 years and this film was what he finally made.

That should explain why it's 10% story and 90% sensory..


Now that makes a lot of sense. He's clearly someone with both a vivid imagination and the ability to bring it to life.

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