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Kalyx ######

File: 1494060041587.jpg (89.81 KB, 850x400, quote-morgellons-is-consta….jpg)


I love the weird little interest groups you get online. I'd like to know about more. A lot of my list will be mental health people (not all of them), but please share any little weird online belief/interest-group you think is interesting:

> Tulpamancers - /r/Tulpas,

These guys are people who are self-inducing multiple personalities (tulpas). They seem pretty alright.

> Morgellons

They believe they have a disease where fibers are growing out of their wounds, and that doctors are just ignoring them. Doctors are saying it works the opposite direction, that these people have delusional parasitosis, they pick at their skin, and then fibers from clothes get caught in the wounds.

> Stolen Valor

These people are mad because there's guys who put on fake military gear to cruise for dates.

> Gangstalking/Targetted Individuals /r/Gangstalking

They believe they're being stalked by large groups of people. Undoubtedly most of them are schizophrenics, but undoubtedly some trolls have actually done this on occasion, on a limited scale.

> Sovereign Citizens /r/Sovereigncitizen

Most online sources are secondhand and mocking. I'd like a primary source. But these guys believe that national laws don't apply to them, and that through loopholes and legal kung-fu they can talk their way out of any legal situation, if they present the right string of legalese.


File: 1494061797743.png (118.41 KB, 936x397, Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at ….png)

ooh finding niche cliques is a personal interest of mine :O image is a gem from the dodge charger owners forum.

>mass shooter fanatics - search for columbine on tumblr or w/e

what it says on the tin. they'll self-describe as 'true crime enthusiasts'. the weird thing is that a lot of these people seem to be genuinely sympathetic to the victims too.

>doxxing forums - kiwi(rip), prettyuglylittleliar(dot)net

lolcow gossip and drama. reminds me of classic /b/.

>drug forums - bluelight, erowid, etc

most people here are already familiar, but i highly recommend spending an afternoon reading erowid trip reports if you haven't.

>unnecessary youtube review communities

good for making you feel better about yourself. i recommend 'subscription box' reviews/comparison.

>jvloggers - youtube

weebs bein weebs

>spiritscience - youtube

comfy vibes for putting you to sleep -_-

i like the tulpamancers if only for their overlap with the chaos magick/occult community. sovereign citizens make some of the best content on youtube.

i've been trying to find more on the contemporary netart community – hard to do because 'being enigmatic' is usually part of the whole aesthetic. anyone know where these guys congregate?


File: 1494072390509-0.jpg (310.4 KB, 1404x1600, elk6Z.jpg)

File: 1494072390509-1.jpg (623.53 KB, 1859x2114, nzpNq.jpg)

>Zoklet Bad Ideas/Shoplifting

Zoklet used to be a forum, in the same spirit of and descended from ToTSE (Temple of The Screaming Electron) that included a "bad ideas" board containing discussion and how-tos about numerous blatantly illegal acts. One of these threads was the infamous "Shoplifting Thread," which was a compendium of information concerning various methods of shoplifting. It contained detailed information on everything: basic techniques, the steps loss prevention must go through to successfully apprehend a shoplifter, security tag detachers, magic bags, return fraud… the list goes on. Users maintained plausible deniability by referring to themselves as "SWIM" (Someone Who Isn't Me)

An archived version of the thread can be found at the following link, as Zoklet no longer exists:

>4chan fake coupon debacle

Around 2009-2010-2011, coupon threads began appearing on 4Chan's /b/ board. These contained fake, photoshopped coupons that would actually scan as legitimate when taken to stores. These threads and their contents spread like wildfire since they could be printed out of a regular printer and were accepted without question at 99% of retail stores (most had a "if it scans, we accept it" policy at the time). Coupons were created and circulated for EVERY PRODUCT IMAGINABLE – food, toiletries, gaming consoles, iPods. In their heyday, they were also totally safe to use, considering stores were not aware of the wider movement going on at the time, feigning ignorance would always get one out of a jam if the coupon were not accepted. "I found it somewhere" or "I won it on one of those online survey-taking sites" were common excuses. And this was all made possible thanks to some dude who figured out the coupon system used by retailers nationwide and released a how-to guide that was subsequently spread far and wide across the internet, until two or so years later he was apprehended by the FBI and stores began warning against these counterfeits.

Pictures related, they're the second version of the coupon how-to guide and an example of the counterfeits it could be used to create. Don't try this at home, however – the coupons are expired and stores nowadays have explicit orders to no longer accept these.


>as Zoklet no longer exists
FUCK what happened???
That place was really cool, remember lurking a few years ago for a few weeks.


Its benevolent dictator called it quits. A few years before that I remember when they derezzed discussion of RC vendors and coupons. It was like they woke up one day and realized that the heat on that stuff was real and their SWIM voodoo wouldn't protect anyone including the site.


I just watches some gangstalking vids, jesus, the idea alone is so creepy


speaking of weird soykaf you can find on youtube:

>sacred geometry - youtube

This is basically the next level of pseudoscience soykaf after spirit science videos. They go on for literally hours on end and it is very easy to get lost in their lingo which is unique to their circle of believers.

>interplanetary climate change - youtube

A group of people who seem to have overlapping ideas with the spirit science guys who think that current Climate Change science is part of a conspiracy to keep the people quiet while the rich build spaceships in Antarctica and head off to Europa which will be habitable because of interplanetary climate change which is destroying the inner planets. Or at least something like that. I can't sit through more than the intro video without laughing my ass off.

>flat earthers - youtube

An extremely large community of flat earthers on youtube who are mostly revolving around what Yash Qaraah said in an interview one time. Videos are all very badly made.



With flat earthers, I can't tell how many people are true believers vs trolls. It's clear the core really believe it. Makes you wonder if any online discussion is ever worth it though, because the more outrageous an opinion is, the more seductive it is


I know a couple of people who are quite active in the Flat Earth communities online who do it purely for the lulz. I also know one guy who legit believes that sort of stuff. Going by this extremely limited, statistically laughable sample size, I'd have to say that about two thirds of them are trolls.


File: 1494490287174.jpg (74.01 KB, 752x423, emoji.jpg)

> Hum sufferers -

people who believe there are pervasive low frequency sounds associated with technological/modern societies that causes a variety of medical issues

> Conlangers -

people who invent new languages for fun. a good example language:


Just some weird conspiracy stuff. Stuff about aliens and how reality is the matrix.



/r/conlangs can be pretty good too


You know it's not a real conspiracy theory if it's hosted on reddit, youtube or any clearnet website.


File: 1509376849820.jpg (28.41 KB, 182x288, wow.jpg)

"["Sovereign Citizen"-styled groups] claims are, of course, pseudolegal nonsense. A judge who encounters and reviews OPCA concepts will find their errors are obvious and manifest, once one strips away the layers of peculiar language, irrelevant references, and deciphers the often bizarre documentation which accompanies an OPCA scheme. When reduced to their conceptual core, most OPCA concepts are contemptibly stupid. Mr. Meads, for example, has presented the Court with documents that appear to be a contract between himself, and himself. One Mr. Meads promises to pay for any liability of the other Mr. Meads. One owns all property, the other all debts. What is the difference between these entities? One spells his name with upper case letters. The other adds spurious and meaningless punctuation to his name. Mr. Meads (with punctuation) is the Mr. Meads who appeared in court. He says the Mr. Meads (all capitals) is the one who should pay child and spousal support.
So where is that Mr. Meads (all capitals)? At one point in the June 8 hearing Mr.Meads said that Mr. Meads (all capitals) was a corporate entity attached to his birth certificate."


Once knew a guy on tumblr who was trying to make a complete grammar for the Matoran language from Bionicle. I'll have to see if I can find his page again.


>implying gangstalking isn't real

You must be naive or just some 3letter agency agent getting paid pennies.


Man, it's neat to see some actual documentation on the coupon fiasco. Chances are I still have some of those stored on an HDD somewhere.

Lucid dreaming community
I registered about ten years ago and the account is still there.


There's a community of 15 yr old kpop/kdrama fans, mostly on Instagram and Youtube that listen to "subliminals", you've probably heard of them, music with a quiet voice saying "affirmations" like "I am pretty, I have my 'ideal face', I am skinny" etc. A lot of them will advertise that listening to them while you sleep will "turn you korean" or japanese, or your desired ethnicity.

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