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Kalyx ######

File: 1507817868870.jpg (96.01 KB, 1024x512, mr-robot-volme-2-inside_10….jpg)


What was everyone opinion on season 3 ep 1 on Mr.Robot?


Didn't even realise it had started again. I hate waiting for episodes, so I'll be waiting until nearer the end of the season before I start.



I check it out, and they're not going to the end of their idea. There going to try to probably make some kinda of propaganda about how giving people freedom is actually bad.

I'm piss because it's gonna work, normal person are sheep and there going to follow the hype train, instead of thinking for them self.

If i was able to see this in the first episode I'm pretty sure some people will see much more.


is it still wannabe fight club? imo it never surpassed the pilot episode


I really liked Elliot's rant about how they commercialized f - society


Ima watch it because I like me some entertainment. Plus it's fun to watch.
I predict it's going to be a big flop though.


Did anyone ever mention that there was a german film Whoami 2 years before Mr Reddit and it even has the same mental disorder/fight club/le haxor culture premise.


I wonder why arisuchan doesn't have any mr robot inspired anon names


Just finished it, thought it was good, and very interested in the rest of the season. Immediately after watching I thought oh soykaf, are they going to do some stupid time travel story line? but after reading a bunch of forums, I think a lot of the fan theories are true, and it will eventually turn out to be simulation theory, White Rose knowing the truths to it all, and that is why they are able to 'correct' everything


because its fucking soykaf


better than Hackers (1995) tbh


it doesnt even have a 1% as good soundtrack. and the hacking is way less realistic.

i hope you dont screw like you type


It was a different chan but I came across this movie in a Mr. Robot thread. If you like Mr. Robot you should watch it. Even if you don't like Mr robot its still a good hacker movie.

I was actually kinda disappointed in this episode. [sp] I wish they had done something better for the Washington township reveal especially cause they built it up so much. [/sp]

I hope that this is the actual premise cause that'd be much more interesting and make a lot more sense than [sp] time travel [/sp] I also think it'll fit the theme of the show better. Also I would love to see how white rose's time thing works into it.


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Looking forward to it, I’m thinking this season is going to be back on sci-fi form. I think season 2 was too ‘mindfreak’ in intention after season 1 establishing itself as a hacker/sci-if drama.


I hope that Darlene is a critique on those slacktivists you get on Facebook. You know all
>Oh yh I totes wantz 2 start a revurlution!

But when it actually happens

> OMG did u noe that reberlution meanz society changes? Y r the fbi getting up in mah grill? Won’t does bad dueds frm China plz leave me alone even tho I squealed? ;__;

Darlene was already my least favourite character and I really hope we don’t get a whole season of her whining about starting a revolution not just being a hack, then a party and then rainbows instantly.


I like Darlene, but pretty much this. The world goes to soykaf, and them we realize that maybe it wasn't as bad as we thought.



That's actually what they want to TV series to show. It a sort a propaganda to show people massively that rebellion is soykaf. When the truth further ahead.

They didn't commit to there a idea until the end that what happend when some big corporate take control of the relevant media/show/series/book etc.


Autism. This new season is pure autism.
Tries to be relevant because technically the show is still set in 2015/2016 by including Trump/May criticism but just uses the same set of insults every media is using rather then something interesting. The creator of the show has his ass so far up his head I highly doubt this show will have a 4th season. I had zero interest in a third season seeing where the 2nd season went. Nobody really gives a soykaf if the hacking is real or if you've hidden a bunch of messages (for a fucking dumb prize, mind you), but that was their focus for S2.
1st Season is good, Fight Club copy but good
2nd Season is trying to make something work, but has a incredibly predictable plot twist that makes the season feel pointless
3rd Season is the creator trying to save the show because he knows he's written himself into a corner with this plot so now he introduces sci-fi elements into a show that wasn't supposed to be sci-fi.


I like it because it's a nice reminder hacking has always done by those resisting fascism and authority. And I get to watch all the triggered altrighters



You do realize that the core of the show as more thing related to the alt-right then anything else right.


Oh yeah I forgot how much Trump hates capitalism. I think you're watching a different show bb


Honestly why do the alt-right think everything is secretly in support of them?

The first series was anarcho-socialist if anything, trying to redistribute capital simply by taking it away from the corporation that owns it all and thus setting up an equal playing field.

The expectation being that without being shackled with debt and bills the people take back society for themselves instead of it being owned by the ultra rich.

The most important quote for this point is Elliot saying “I don’t give a soykaf about money”, you will never hear someone with alt-right views say that.


The alt-right is composed of a minority of opportunistic wealthy individuals and a majority of mediocre middle-class power-projecting into the big bad monster the former pretends to be. They can't even decide if they hate the State or if they love it, and in general, all their arguments are misunderstood or distorted on puporse leftist notions.

Just like historical fascism. Heh.


Well the cyberpunk vision of the future is starting to happen. People are actually believing that corporate types know what's good for them and cares about society at all levels.

While believing politicians are all corrupt, only interested in themselves and what happens at their own social stratum, sees people as walking piggy banks and wouldn't know what 'real life' is anyway because they all grew up living off of daddy's bank balance.

The irony is huge but it's hardly surprising, first lesson of business is how to sell black as being white.


This is supposed to be a reply to >>1350


It's true, people play lip-service, claim they don't trust Google or Microsoft but still jump on their last gadgets or browsers. Add the unrelenting assault on Net neutrality, the future Chinese behemoths to come, or the fact companies obviously don't want the gadgets they sell to use generic ports and structures.

Whatever the road we are taking, we deserve it.


The thing is, I'd totally live with it if the world suddenly started resembling Blade Runner or GitS or some soykaf. But I know it won't thanks to the whole post-Apple design and Google's "If people don't recognise it as a computer then they won't realise how much access we have to their lives" philosophy

Now the future is going to be soykaf and not at all aesthetic.


>The new Google logo retains the rainbow of colors but sheds the grownup curlicues: it now evokes children’s refrigerator magnets, McDonald’s French fries, Comic Sans. Google took something we trusted and filed off its dignity.


Exactly, and tech advertising likes using music with ukuleles and triangles, this sort of music
because it makes them seem harmless and playful.

They're aware that their branding is going to be attached to a lot of stuff just through the scope of what they do, so it pays to make them seem as least threatening as possible. Microsoft failed because they already had the stigma of trying to create a monopoly in the 90s so no matter how many ukuleles, flat designs and depictions of hipster friends laughing while taking selfies on the beach people are still going to be freaked out over the idea of having an MS phone, a MS watch, a MS television and a MS refrigerator.

Google has no such stigmas and any businesses that could possibly reveal how obtrusive Google is have now been re-branded and quietly owned by "Alphabet". I suppose their marketing team realised that people might one day start asking why the fuck is their internet search engine dealing with their healthcare.



Don't assume my political spectrum just because i see the show having a lot of value coming from the alt-right.

if there one thing i hate more then the fed is probably someone trying to put a lable on me.


Next time don't write like a caricatural Trumpbot. Also you may also want to describe those values that are supposedly shared by the alt-right.


You're so unique are you? Because I'm afraid you don't sound any different to what I usually see on the wired.


File: 1508446319657.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.21 KB, 469x357, tZGr6o8l.png.jpg)

Let's get back on thread and talk about this new episode cause god damn. Joanna's death was fucking brutal. I think they must have watched I am number 4 because that emoji scene on the train reminded me a ton of the movie. I also like how they did the new day to day life of Elliot. We'll see if He successfully throws a wrench in Mr. Robots plan

Next weeks preview looked like we're gonna see Tyrell during the time he was "missing"
I was a little worried after the premier that this season wouldn't be as good but god damn now I'm pumped.


File: 1508463807852.jpg (36.6 KB, 300x203, mr-robot-season-3[1].jpg)

Elliot's scitzo turns into multi personality disorder


They pulled that soykaf last season. With Tyrrell I hope they wouldn't ruin that joke now.


What does everyone think of the OST?

I really like the 3rd season's sound track.


I think they used a more acoustic version of whatsyourask.m4p this last episode
but I can't pick it up again


File: 1510374020337.pdf (525.06 KB, Employee_Forms[1].pdf)

E-corp employee forum


Also, has anyone actually used the Ecoin thing?


File: 1510461787582.gif (1.89 MB, 500x459, v4JjRQ3.gif)

I have. I think its a free swag thing. I haven't gotten it in time to actually get anything though.

>Episode 5

DUDE that was awesome like for real. The whole 1 shot thing and the riot. god damn dude. I'm happy they didn't do a season break thing like i thought they would. I'm pumped for the rest of this season. Like a ton of stuff happened this episode and we're only halfway through.


What did everyone think of the last episode?

Elliot saved the building!

only one


I didn't like it, Predictable would be the sentiment i had when i watched the episode.


Enjoyed it. Not as much as the 5th, sure, but it was still good imo. It opened a new box of questions for the end of the season.
The inner struggle, even though it was not extraordinarily original, was pretty fun. And the ending was more interesting than I expected. All in all this was a pretty ok "make the story progress" episode.


Thought it was the best episode of the series, truthfully.
You really predicted that? Really? I don't believe you, at all.


Agree. The fight between Elliot and Mr. Robot was a bit too much for me but overall a solid episode after the phenomenal ep. 5



I didn't predict that 71 building would collapse

I knew in my guts that eliots didn't save soykaf. it's was predictable. The way the episode was going like it was a finale of a season i knew something was going to happen that would fuck everything he did.

I don't watch tv even less tv show.
As a viewer it's not fun to have that feeling that what you're watching is probably crumble to dust. So no i didn't like and yes it was kinda predictable.


Eps 5 and 6 were both superb.
It restored my faith in the writers.
It saddens me to think, however, that the most likely course of action is that they'll end up stretching the series just to milk off more money.
I like things that end, and I don't like cliffhangers all that much. I dislike series mostly because I don't get the option to see it through to it's end, and even less because I never know WHEN it's going to finish.


I totally agree on this. I hope they don't just drag it out. However I feel like they actually have a plan for this series, especially with how much it's escalated in the past few episodes.

That being said I hope they can actually pull it off and it's not just, "Let's do super intense episodes and never follow through cause we like money".


Honestly I'm starting to lose hope in whiterose. I destroyed all those buildings and killed millions because you made me ask twice It's too over the top for me.
I did like, however, the pointing out to Mr. Robot that his revolution was all for nothing, just a quick buck for rich people to keep being rich. It points out the flaws of an ideal revolution, to the fact that the revolution you were expecting isn't or ever going down like how you want it to be.


Exactly. I used to like WhiteRose, now I think he/she is just throwing a temper tantrum.


Well, where the fuck are we at now ?
Are there more episodes this season ?

Father/daughter out of nowhere ? Seriously ?
Found the episode intense and pretty good, until the bloody mess of the ending.
Doll face & Leon should have killed everyone in the barn & just let the series end there


I thought it was an ok twist, it explains why he seem to care for her.

the sudden kill each other at the barn was bs


We all saw that part coming indeed.
So now what? Next season is taking down the DA? And what the fuck difference does it make if he reverts the hack? I fucking knew they were going to stretch it. At least I hope it's as good as this one.
Also what's with the drug dealer guy at the ending? what the fuck relevance does he have?


he did kill Elliots girlfriend.
Maybe they're gonna bring Elliot back into the consequences of his one more time. It was a theme this season and if writing was gonna get sloppy it'd just become Elliot getting soykaf on for all his actions forever.


>soykaf and not at all aesthetic.
unironically, this is what hurts

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